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Chapter 99: Were these Made on a Playful Whim or Something

While taking some breaks along the way, we arrived in front of the boss room.

This time it took us quite a while.

Even monsters like huge, double-headed iguana showed up, and the monsters were generally much stronger than those on the upper floors.

As might be expected, even my stamina was drained by all this.

“Should we just camp out in Char for today It’s a camping car to begin with.

I mean, even I wouldn’t be able to calmly enjoy dinner and a good night’s rest amidst this bloodthirsty, brutal scenery.”

Sword shrugged his shoulders, “That’s…great to hear.

Well, then again I’d planned to sleep inside Char anyway, even if you’d persisted on sleepin’ outside.”

How awful!



Inside Char I set the cooling magic and an alarm for the unlikely event of us getting attacked.

Well, this place seems to be inside a safe zone, so I don’t think that magma is suddenly going to spew out of the ground…

Anyway, the Ryokus were patrolling outside in shifts.

Even though I haven’t even asked them to! What praiseworthy children!

Sword had completely changed his attitude.

He totally made himself at home on the sofa as if having completely forgotten about us being inside a dungeon’s volcanic zone right now.

Meanwhile I sorted our loot.

“At last some magic stones dropped after we came all the way down here.”

As I had been using them as fuel, I wanted some to drop along the way, but they didn’t want to drop at all, as if avoiding us! Thanks to the salamanders and double-headed iguana dropping them for us, I was finally, finally able to get them at the source!

“Well, yeah.

But I’ve still got quite a bunch myself so don’t worry.

Or rather, we haven’t been usin’ them up at all!!”

So far Sword has been providing the magic stones.

…Since I usually don’t encounter monsters, I’ve got no choice but to buy them, but after telling me that I don’t need to buy any since he’s got a huge stock himself, Sword has used his magic stones to cover my needs.

It looks like he’s also left quite a lot at the mansion.

Though he’s also given the maids some money, telling them to put up a request at the guild, if they run out of magic stones.

“Don’t you have them because you need them yourself”

“Mhm Hmm, I do need them, yea, but…since I’ve been told that they’re needed for makin’ swords and armor or runnin’ magic tools, I’ve kept them on me without pawnin’ ’em off.

Even scrap magic stones sell for quite a bit at the capital since the city got its fair share of magic tools, so I brought ’em with me, but I totally forgot ’bout sellin’ ’em.”


“Or rather, nowadays I’ve stopped usin’ most of my magic tools anyway.

If I ask you, you can make much better ones, right So I was going to sell ’em off.”

“Wait a sec! Show them to me before you do that! I didn’t even know that you’ve got so many on you!”

Even though you should know that I’m interested in magic tools!!!

“Ain’t like I got that many.

…Look, this is a magic lamp.

But, the one on your head is much better, right This here is a magic tool that emits water.

However, the released water vanishes after a few minutes, so it’s impossible to drink it.”

He took out one magic tool after the other.

Hmm, I see, I see.

“This is…what was it ‘gain Ah, a magic tool for ignitin’ fire.

This also vanishes after a few minutes, so it’s meaningless.

This one…got an alarm timer.

You made one like this as well.

Moreover, yours isn’t such a huge chunk either.”

They kept coming out of his magic bag like a flood.

…But yeah, now I understand what he means.

These things are all trash, aren’t they

“Were these made on a playful whim or something”

“The creators would break down in tears if they’d heard your line just now,” retorted Sword.

After taking them all out, he tossed them into another bag.


“You’re carrying around quite a bunch of things, aren’t you”

He’s got magic stones, money, and magic tools.

On top of that, he’s also carrying liquor and Char with him.

“I’ve got a magic bag, so yeah… Even when it became somewhat heavy, I didn’t care, and soon forgot ’bout it after gettin’ used to the weight.

But now’s the perfect chance.

I’m gonna pawn these off after we leave the dungeon.”

Guess they’ll be recycled in that way.



It looked like Sword completely had his cleaning-switch flipped.

He took out all kinds of stuff, just to put it away again or sort it into another bag.

“If it’s junk, you could burn it by throwing it into the magma, you know It’d be an efficient way of disposal through incineration.”

“Oh, that’s a great idea!”

Apparently having finished his sorting, he went outside, heading straight for the magma.


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