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Chapter 98: Speaking of Monsters Living in a Volcanic Area

The bosses were a huge locus and frog.

Killing them swiftly, we advanced to the next floor.

When we entered the first floor, I was astonished.


It was a magma floor.

“…Hey, what are we goin’ to do ’bout this”

“Hmm, the simple solution would be to board Char as it’ll be no problem whatsoever if we cool the surroundings with magic, but that would be boring, wouldn’t it”

“……Is the question whether it’s borin’ really the issue here”

It is.

We came here to have fun, so it’s an absolute no-go to cheat our way through the dungeon.

“Okay, I understand.

I’d be troubled if you ran out of mana again, so I’ll cast the magic.”

I cast a freezing spell.

“Ah, it immediately became less stuff.”

I see.

This is just like the volcanic area of that hunting game, isn’t it It totally looks like those wiggly-wiggly things, which I utterly hated for jumping out at any moment, are going to be around as well.

“Let’s assume that we’ll also suffer locational damage.

I mean, if you step into magma it’s going to hurt.”

“Girl, you really regard havin’ fun your purpose in life, don’t you Even though you’ve got the power to invalidate the effects of this floor, your deliberately goin’ as far as takin’ damage for the sake of fun”

Of course, I am.

“What kind of enemies do you expect to show up”

“Fish, or rather, dragons who can swim through lava, I think.

It’d be funny if they peeked out of cracks or came attacking by leaping at us.”


…If we keep avoidin’ any predicaments by castin’ offensive magic while maintainin’ defense magic, we should be able to cope somehow, I s’pose,” said Sword and took a sword out of his magic bag.

“This one is probably goin’ to work.

It’s also got a cold touch.”

I quickly stretched my neck, taking a look at it, “An ice sword, huh”


…You don’t seem to have much interest in swords, or rather, you’re wrappin’ up everythin’ with that wooden sword of yours anyway, so I didn’t mention anythin’ since it ain’t like you need to gather expensive swords by buyin’ or havin’ them made for you like me and other folks.

But, just like this ice sword here, I’ve got a collection of swords with different attributes to match any potential enemy.”

“Of course I know about it! Even in the other world it was customary to handle it like that!”

…But, it’s also true that you can cover all of it if you got one sword that delivers extremely high damage.

When I started to sing the soundtrack of that hunting game, Sword laughed out loud.

“You can actually sing in such a situation”

“For the time being, avoid stepping into magma! It’d hurt you enough to make you cry out that it’s crazy hot.

Also, watch out to not get hit by spraying magma, okay”


Normally anyone would croak from that, no”

That might be the case, but in the hunting game it doesn’t go as far as dying.

“I’m sure swarms of large monsters are also…ah, how nice that would be.

I have no clue what they could drop, but I’m looking forward to it.

Let’s go then.”

“Sure thing.”

We rushed onwards.



Come to think of it, I forgot the template for zones like this one.

Just as I thought so, I saw a monster appearing.

And here I was just thinking of fire spirits! Salamander! Spotting a blazing lizard, my tension leaped.

“Ooohh! I completely forgot about your existence!”

“I thought you were talking about these guys,” muttered Sword and unleashed a flash.

The lizard turned into particles.


The lizard! The cute lizaaaard!

“Girl, stop admirin’ monsters.

They gonna pop up in swarms anyway.”

He’s got a point, but still!



No choice.

Since they appeared in numbers that made it hard to admire them, I triggered huge hail to fall over a wide area.

“Whoa, your ice magic is friggin’ awesome.”

I blankly stared at Sword.

“No That just now wasn’t ice magic.

Don’t you have those days when thick clouds suddenly gather on a hot day, just to be followed by a hail of ice over here in this world That’s…”

“Ah, gotcha.

It’s alright.

I fully understand that your a very smart genius.”

He didn’t even let me finish all I wanted to say…booohh!



The salamanders were kind of like small fry.

Salamander, huh… Wasn’t there a song with such a title

When I started to sing it while hunting, Sword rolled his eyes at me.



“As expected, they’ve become more ferocious the further down we go.”

The floors were quite huge as well, so it took us quite some time to work our way through.

In addition, enemies as big as floor bosses also started to appear.

I mean wisps…or maybe it’d be better to call them bombs! They’re definitely going to explode, I’m 100% sure!…believing that, I erased them with my vacuum spell the instant they appeared.

“That now was vacuum magic, wasn’t it Why did those monsters disappear despite not being living beings”

“Fire can’t burn without air.”

Sword became dumbfounded.

“…So you use vacuum magic and not water or ice magic against fire magic”

“Water can cause unexpected collateral damage, you know The temperature of the water after getting heated up by the fire and turning into steam goes beyond 100° C.

In short, it’s a temperature hot enough to easily cause burns and since it’s a gas, it’ll burn not only your skin, but also your lungs.

As a result of that, you’d die.”


“As for ice… If you throw a solid, incombustible object at fire, you can consider it to act like a stone or rock, but the fire itself won’t vanish unless you hit its core, you know The rules of magic in this world might be different, but if you want to extinguish a fire as quickly as possible, using a vacuum is the fastest method.

But anyway, no matter how you do it, the crucial part in extinguishing fire lies in isolating the air, the element essential for allowing fire to burn.”

Sword stared at me, completely stunned.

“…Just as I thought, your really incredible.

You can make such great booze.

The wisdom mentioned by the cooks is ’bout this stuff, huh” He suddenly blurted out.


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