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Chapter 93: No Time to Admire Monsters!

“There’s a boss room every ten floors.

And we should expect waitin’ lines on the upper floors,” Sword immediately made use of his wireless communication device.

“I suppose that’s commonplace.

No choice.

Let’s make a stop at the tenth floor then,” I answered while dashing across walls and ceilings in order to avoid other people.

I didn’t plan on killing any monsters.

They’d probably try escaping anyway.



I arrived at the tenth floor in the blink of an eye.

“Was it around 5 minutes It’d be great if we could have skipped a bit more.”

“Well, yeah.

These floors are no problem after all.”

No waiting line awaited us, but the door didn’t open as there apparently were people inside.

“If we keep going at this rate, it looks like we’re going to clear this dungeon by today, but…starting with the 50th floor, it’s going to be uncharted territory for you, so let’s go at a slower pace then.”


…I think we’ll be able to keep up this pace down to the 30th floor, but if I remember correctly, the floors in the thirties were jungles infested by insects, so I don’t feel like it’ll be that easy to get through ’em, you know The floors in the forties were overrun by undead.

Anyway, they stank and I got attacked by swarms of ’em, so they were a major pain in the ass.

I went further down into the fifties as a test, but the floors there seem to be endless plains that thwart any mappin’ attempt.

Moreover, the sight is bad down there ’cause of the high grasses.

All of this made it really inefficient as a solo adventurer, so I pulled back.”

Oh, interesting.

That does sound fun.

“Come to think of it, is there anything we should hunt or gather in the dungeon”

The basics of any hunting game dictate that there’s loot you can only obtain at certain places.

“Parties other than ours usually reach the floors in the thirties, so I think we don’t need to bother until then.

The forties…are quite unpopular.

Folks capable of usin’ light magic are rare, and they run quickly out of mana thanks to the sheer number of monsters.

Besides, the demand for loot from undead is very limited.”

It sounds like it’d be better to simply cut across those floors.

“So, we’re going to play the hunting game, starting with the fifties, huh The standard for plains would be frogs and locusts, I suspect.”

Frogs, huh… If I’m not wrong, those can be eaten, can’t they I don’t want to eat locusts, however.

Even If I’m told they’re a delicacy or some such, it’s impossible for me.

“Now then.

…Oh, it’s open.”

When we went inside the room…a bear


It roared something like that at us.

What’s this It’s kinda cute.

But, just as I thought that, Sword quickly killed it.

“‘Kay, let’s move on.”

He quickly opened the treasure chest and then urged me on.

“…… You call me cold-hearted or some such, don’t you But I mean, even you killed that lovely bear with its adorable pose as it roared “Gaooh!” with one blow, showing no hesitation whatsoever.”

“It’s because I wouldn’t consider a monster as 『Lovely』.

Come on, go, go.

We’re runnin’.”

Why not! Even though it was so damn adorable!



We advanced down to the 30th floor at a good pace.

The waiting time in front of the boss room took us longer than getting there.

Many parties headed back up after that boss.

“Quite a lot of people don’t go any further, huh”

Or to be more precise, it’s all parties who turn back.

But, why

“Things like compatibility with insects depend on preferences.

I’m sure you’ll love them, though.”


That’s not really true, you know It’s just that the things I’ve built look like insects by coincidence!


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