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Chapter 90: Let’s Try Taking a Request in the Capital!

On the next day, Bennyboy brought the money from the auction sell-out.

“Usually we go with a rate of 6 to 4 or 7 to 3, but this time you covered most of the expenses, so we’ll go with a rate of 8 to 2!”

Thus, our stock of gold coins grew once again.

But, since this money is the crystallization of the brewing team’s hard work, I’ll note it down in the account book and then use it for future financing.

The environment is definitely essential for good liquor, but good raw materials are at its root! So this money is going to be used for obtaining those materials, and also to pay back Sword who has funded the production so far.

“I’ll head back to Ys while stocking up, but what are you guys planning to do”

I exchanged a look with Sword.

“Well, we’ve got a dungeon trip ahead of us, I’d say.”

“It sounds like I’ll be able to enjoy myself quite a bit.”

Bennyboy looked surprised, “Eeeh! The dungeon in the capital! You mean the one which no one has fully explored thus far, right!”

I nodded.

“We’ve stocked around one year worth of provisions.

We’ve also stocked water just in case, but then again, I can create water anyway.”

“Umm…water produced through magic isn’t drinkable, is it”

“Naturally, since it’s 100% pure water.

But, if you put stones and ash into it in advance, it becomes drinkable over time.”

Sword shook his head, “Your right, the water made with 『magic we use』 isn’t drinkable.

But, you can drink the water created by her magic.

When we ran out of water durin’ our travels and no river was nearby, I drank the water created by her.”

“In the first place, do you understand why it’s raining”

When I tried to explain the mechanism behind it…

“No, but it’s okay.

As long as I understand that you can do godlike things, Lady Indra, it’s plenty for me.”

…I got interrupted.

But yep, he doesn’t get it at all, does he I’m no goddess, okay It follows an underlying principle, you know”



“Please take care of the spices and grain, okay”

“I know! I also got an idea about the grain you were desiring, Lady Indra!”

Ooohhh! For real!

I want rice, and thus I requested him to look for something similar to it.

I also told him that I’d buy up any other unusual grains he might find, but it looks like he got a lead on my first and foremost desire, rice.

I’m looking forward to it!



After bidding farewell to Bennyboy and Pale Moon of Dawn, we headed to the adventurer guild.

We planned to clean up some of the pending requests.

“It ain’t urgent, but this one here can only be done by me, I guess.

The rest is also doable by B-Ranks.”

Sword said after choosing…



“Oohh, so you’ve finally grasped what adventuring is about, eh!” I shouted, just to get laughed at by Sword.

The guildmaster blinked his eyes in surprise.

“Yeah, yeah.

Sounds interestin’ ’nuff, right”

“Of course! Wyverns are a standard monster! Theories about its meat tasting good or bad are split, though.

Which applies here”

“It’s delicious.

Its scales are tough, but…well, your skin is harder, I guess,” said Sword, making it sound like my skin was made out of metal.

“Just what are you saying about such beautiful skin”

“It’s a superbly hard stone skin, so you won’t suffer a single scratch, is what I’m sayin’,” I got retorted by Sword. 1



“Once this request is over, we’ll dive into the dungeon.

You can already register us without a time limit.”

The guildmaster widened his eyes, “Are you possibly…”

“Yeah, together with this girl here, I’ll be able to go all the way, I think.

Ah, let me tell you in advance, but we won’t save anyone on the way, ‘kay We’re not goin’ in to rescue folks but to travel the dungeon, after all.”

“I know that.

Please leave it to me.

I’ll announce it ahead of time!”

The guildmaster was terribly gung-ho about this.

“Hmm, aren’t you quite into it As I expected, a dungeon exploration is a fairly thrilling event for adventurers, huh”

Sword and the guildmaster looked at each other when I asked, and broke out into laughter.

“…You’ve got quite the guts.

That’s the partner of 【Thunderclap Whitefang】 for you.

I’ve taken a liking to you.”

Eh Why

“Is that so… I’m not all that excited about dungeons, though.

However, it might be different when it comes to the demon king’s castle…”

This caused the guildmaster to become dumbfounded.

Sword roughly stroked my head.

“According to this girl here, dungeons are attractions created by the dungeon cores, or somethin’ like that, right Anyway, since I’ve got no proof to reject it, I’ll go along with that story n’ enjoy the capital’s dungeon.

She also mentioned that if we ask the demon king to let us play and tell him that we’re not plannin’ to kill him, he might humor us.”

After flapping his mouth like a fish on dry land while looking dumbstruck, the guildmaster burst into laughter.

“…That’s really amazing! For some reason it has made me all excited, too!”

“Right I believe that adventurer is an occupation where you get a thrill out of exploring the unknown.

Sword thinks too much like a petty bourgeois despite being an adventurer himself, so I’m quite troubled since he doesn’t enjoy hims…gyaaahh!”

My head got ground from both sides by his fists.

“Sorry for bein’ a petty bourgeois.

And yet, I’m still a hero, just so you know.”

“Calling yourself a hero, pfft haha…gyaaahh!”

My temples got ground once again.

Meanwhile the guildmaster was guffawing.

Don’t laugh! Stop Sword instead!


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