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Chapter 89: We Had a Celebration Party!

Curry was one of the dishes universally loved by all people in the other world.

My otherworld self often ate 「Traditional Curry」 when eating out, but the ones she made at home were all weird versions full of various mixed spices.

That probably stemmed from her having liked things resembling the compounding of medicines.

She also liked investigating the efficacy of a drug.

So, using that knowledge from my otherworld self, I mixed the spices together while relying on my nose.

I dub it: 『Orc Curry Cooked in Fermented Tomatoes and Oranges』.

It looks really amazing, just not edible.

By the way, I used orc meat for Sword’s sake.

The meat near the skin.

Yep! It’s collagen!!

Orcs possess a skin similar to that of humans, and on top of that, their skin is quite beautiful, so I used it for the dish under the impression that it might contain a bounty of collagen and ceramide.

I also made skin care oil with it.

Obtaining a beautiful skin from in and outside is the goal here.

In addition I served the standard garnishes of yogurt and chopped pickles, fried beans barded with spices, tandori cockatrice, and many more.

I also made a lassi-like drink for myself since everyone else was all-liquor.

Yes, even the women wanted liquor.

But even so, all of them wolfed down the food while delighted by its taste.



“Haa~ If only I could marry Indra, I’d be set for a rosy life~”, said one of the two women (she was called Taylor or some such) with an entranced look.

The room froze.

“No, I’m going to stay single for the rest of my life.

I don’t plan to marry anyone, be it man or woman,” I answered, causing the guys to feel relieved for some reason.

Hmm Are they possibly all aiming for Taylor

Ugh, damn it! It’s her tits, right! It’s because she’s got nice tits, I’m sure!

“Eh Indra, you also consider guys an option”, asked their leader Shine.

“I told you moments ago that neither men nor women are an option, didn’t I”

What is she asking

“Indra is originally a woman, you see”


Bennyboy, you said something outrageous there, you know What’s with the originally! I’m still a woman!

“That’s why the maids at the mansion call her 『Lady Indra』, and every once in a while she also crossdresses as woman.”

“Bennyboy, do you possibly want me to kill you”

At once he violently shook his head.

Sword guffawed, drawing the looks of everyone to himself.

After stifling his laughter, he smiled wryly, “Well, she is a woman.

It’s just easy to forget.”


“A tragic noble’s daughter, right.”

Aah…that’s the source, huh Well, I did spread it at a party in the past.

Though I believed that story had already been long forgotten.

“That hair…” Taylor pointed a trembling finger at my head.

“Oh…this is, you see, a story perfectly fitting for a tragic noble’s daughter, I suppose.

In the past, when I was still nobility, I was shunned by the guy who marched into my home after my mother died.

I couldn’t get him to even fork over a single copper.

Of course my hair didn’t care about that and grew out.

Usually my status would have allowed me to call over a professional hairdresser to cut it for me, but naturally that guy didn’t call anyone like that for me, and I didn’t have any money to call one myself either.

Therefore I asked the girl, who had arrived together with that guy, to cut it for me.

For the sake of not making it obvious that it had been messily cut by the hands of a child, I had her cut it short.”

The room froze, except for Sword, who commented, “When we met, you claimed that it was for an easier washin’ of your hair though.”

“Yep, that’s another point.” I nodded.

“Heck, you’ve really had a tough time there, Lady Indra.”

Out of your mouth, Bennyboy, it doesn’t sound like a tough time at all.



Everyone ate up all the dishes, spelling the end of the party.

Using magic, I immediately washed all the tableware.

And while at it, I also cleaned the room.

The leader, a mage, gawped at that.

“…… Somehow…I feel like I’ve just seen something impossible”

“Don’t worry.

No need to lose heart.

I can’t do it either.

Neither can 【Bloody Witch】.

That’s her original magic.”

“……Oh, I see,” said Shin after getting consoled by Sword.


In exchange, I can’t use some of the magic you guys use.

That’s why we’re even.”

When I consoled her as well, she blinked her eyes in surprise, and then laughed.



Everyone stayed the night.

We had enough rooms for them.

Though the members of Pale Moon of Dawn commented, “Hmm, a hard bed for the first time in a while, huh”

Sword and I laid out a memory foam mattress and slept underneath a duvet, however.

I mean, it’d be uncomfartably hard otherwise, right


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