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Chapter 88: We Joined up with Pale Moon of Dawn!

In the evening Pale Moon of Dawn arrived in Char.

Sword and Bennyboy went to take a bath, and then drank some ale ahead of the party.

That’s fine with me, but well…

“Nice to see you again after such a long time, Your Grace Indra!”

Pale Moon of Dawn immediately came to me for greetings.

“Hey, you guys are truly quickly to completely change your allegiance, aren’t you! Greetin’ Indra before me, and then even go all honorary on her!”, said Sword with a sulky voice.

“Well, I mean…right, everyone”

“We’re indebted to His Grace for sooo many things, and it’s going to continue from now on as well.”

“The feast and liquor will be all provided by His Grace, so courtesy is a given!”

“I wanna rent out Bronko a bit more! I am His Grace’s slave!”

Sword rolled his eyes.

“Now, now, don’t be so hard on them.

They must have worked hard to guard Bennyboy.

That’s why we have this celebration party.

But, first.

Enter the bath, okay”

You guys stink.


It looks like I hurt their feelings.

But why It’s not like I voiced it out, or did I

“Oh right! There’s something I’d like the women to try out!”


“What is it”

I made lotions and oils.

Lowering my voice, I whispered to the two, “…As a matter of fact, adventurers are often exposed to sunlight, and the skin easily dries out from that, right A while ago…I offended Sword a bit by making a careless remark, you see So I made these beauty products here.”

The two audibly swallowed.

“It’s not like they’re going to show their effect right away… But, it’s still better than nothing, so I made them with the idea that it’d be nice to have some skin care.

Could I have you two test them for me It’s a human experiment.

No, I guess that’s a misleading way to phrase it.

You’ll be testers.

Please apply these on your skin and tell me about the progress of your skin.

However, if you feel like your skin is getting worse, stop it at once, and inform me.

I’ll give you a remedy I prepared just in case.”


They seemed to draw back a bit, but in the end their curiosity won out, and they agreed to test the beauty products for me.



Immediately after they left the bath, I could hear noisy footsteps, and then found myself being embraced.


“Sell! Sell them to me! I’ll buy them at your asking price!”

I’m being hugged here by the two while they’re only wearing their underwear…

Also, the two were small, but the parts supposed to stick out were properly bulging.

Remembering my own two breasts cast a distant look into my eyes.

The guys…ah, not Sword, however…are staring our way with their eyes wide open.

“How did it go Going by your actions, it already had an effect, I guess”

“Yep! It’s incredible! My skin is all springy!”

“The pores disappeared! And the skin has become whiter!”

“I see.

I’m glad to hear that.

Sword didn’t tell me anything…”

Is it because of their youth Does the restorative effect of the products work better the younger the user

“Bah, your thinkin’ somethin’ rude ‘gain, aren’t you!”

At once I got yelled at by Sword.

Is this guy an esper or something



We toasted with everyone.

And then, a bit later, Bennyboy told me, “Somehow a reeeally appetizing smell is hangin’ in the air, isn’t it”


As you’d expect of the capital; it’s got a bounty of spices! It’s a menu using those spices! There are several dishes, but the main dish is the [Curry] over here.

…Let’s see, you can call it 『Spicy Stew』.

Please eat it while putting it on this flatbread.”

All the members of Pale Moon of Dawn looked my way when I said that.

“……Umm It’s just a guess, but has all of this possibly been cooked by you, Your Grace”

“No need to guess, you know Even the fish you ate earlier was something made by Lady Indra…but I didn’t tell you, did I”

They all violently shook their heads.

“I was sure His Grace ordered some cooks to make it and then brought it here by using his incredible magic!”


“Your Grace, you have been a noble, haven’t you”, asked the leader with a trembling voice.

“Why can you cook…”

“No, I’m a commoner right now.

Besides, I told you that I made the liquor, didn’t I In addition I also made the Ryokus, Chars, and Bronkos.

I simply love creating things.

Well, since I used to be a noble, I’m also good at sewing and embroidery, I guess.

Once I gave some of my creations to the maids, they cried tears of joy and promised to keep them as family heirlooms.”

It’s because of the specs of this body, but I was able to finish beautiful, precise embroideries much faster than any machine could.

Since I also possess magic, I already feel like I can make anything I want as long as I know about it.



The women looked at me with shock dyeing their faces.

Looking at them, Bennyboy teased the two, “Shine, Taylor, wouldn’t it be better for you to follow Lady Indra’s example Your cooking and sewing sucks…”

Without even being able to finish, he got punched by the two.

Rest in peace, Bennyboy.

“Isn’t it fine to just make the dishes you like, when it comes to cooking Our cooks are all guys, you know The maids have also learned how to cook, but not to the extent of being able to make a living from it.

They seem to prefer sewing and embroidery.

I also do it solely because I like it.”

“Rather, if you can do all that only because of such a reason, is there anythin’ you hate”, asked one of the guys.

“I’d say it’s listening to others, forgiveness, and going easy on someone.”

Everyone pretended to not have heard anything when I answered like that.

“Come ooon! Let’s toast!”




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