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Chapter 84: I just Wanted to Have some Normal Fun in the Capital, Okay!

We finally arrived at the capital.

It was surrounded by a really, really tall wall.

And a long line had formed in front of the checkpoint.

Since it’d very likely cause a stir if we drew close in Char, Sword put it away and carried it.



Now then, going by the templates, this would be the perfect time for some delinquent adventurers to mess with me, but I had Sword with me.

And with him being here, no one would pick a fight with me since he worked like a charm against evil.

“Sword, go and play around with Bronko for a bit.”

“What’s it all of a sudden”

“As far as my knowledge is concerned, it’s a common occurrence for a frail-looking adventurer like me to get messed with by delinquent adventurers when standing in a line like this.

But, they’re staying clear of me because you’re here.

It’s the same reason why most of our journey was as peaceful as taking a stroll through our backyard.

It’s about time that I’d like to experience some of the adventurer standard templates.”

Sword narrowed his eyes, “Why the hell are you tryin’ to deliberately cause problems …Ahh! Hey!! Your still pissed because you couldn’t vent on the folks who messed with Benny the other day, aren’t you!”


N-No way, t-that’s n-not true!

“…No I just want to enjoy a thrilling situation for a bit.”

Once I averted my face, he grabbed my head and forced it his way.

“G-I-R-L-Y!! Aren’t you actually the delinquent adventurer here Do you understand what your sayin’”

“Y-You’re wrong!”

“Acting all cute only at times like this won’t get you anywhere!”

He used an iron claw on me!!




In the end, I queued up together with Sword.

…And as predictable, nothing happened.


“I miss out on all the standard events with you! It’s not like I’m planning to torture anyone, okay I just want to enjoy the situation! The situation! Look! Aren’t those guys over there like the perfect specimen for causing one of the events I desire! I also want to have some fun while you enjoy your Bronko! …Ouch!”

He hit my head with his fist!

“Aren’t you completely n’ utterly lookin’ down on life! You’re ’bout the only person in this world who’d get involved with ill-bred folks on purpose!”

“I mean, Sword, even you’d be able to fully enjoy adventuring if you started to have some fun with such situations while blocking your reception of malicious intentions, you know As if I’d care what kind of malice they embrace when they pick a fight with me! Instead, I want them to come at me! I’ll use all of them for my own entertainment!”

“No, I have more than enough of a blast with ridin’ Bronko, ‘kay”

What a boring and dull guy he is!! He’s completely unsuited for being an adventurer!

“…You know, you’re perfectly suited to be an inhabitant of the other world.

You made a mistake in your birthplace, really.

The world over there was overrun with guys who enjoyed a reserved life like you do.”

“Yeah…I also had an inklin’ that it might be the case after hearin’ you talk ’bout that place.

They’ve got vehicles like Bronko or Char, liquor that’s better than the one I’m drinkin’ these days is commonplace, and there’s almost no difference between the rich n’ poor, right I definitely prefer the world over there.”

Hero of the lower middle-class…pfft, hahaha.

The instant I thought that, he immediately grabbed my mouth!

“Mmmpf mmmpf!”

“It’s damn obvious from your face what your thinkin’.”



At last our turn came, and we showed our adventurer cards.

The government official immediately straightened his posture! On top of that, he saluted!

“Sir 【Thunderclap Whitefang】! Welcome to our fine city! We would have let you through right away if only you had called out to us, so please do so next time! Please call out to us!”

I was dumbfounded.

While I gawped at him with my mouth gaping, Sword looked troubled.

The people around us became super noisy, too.

Just when I wondered whether they’d start protesting our permission to cut the line, many of them started to say, “He said Sir 【Thunderclap Whitefang】…!”

“No, I formed a party.

This girl here is my partner, ‘kay Please call us 【Allrounders】 from now on.”


For some reason, the peanut gallery was lost for words.

Huh What’s the matter Is Allrounders a bad name Though I thought that it’s a fairly decent name

“Is our name so uncool” I asked while tilting my head.

Coming to his senses, the official furiously shook his head, “N-Not at all! B-But…it might have been better to include the alias of Sir 【Thunderclap Whitefang】 in the party name…”

This time it was my turn to shake my head furiously.

“I don’t want to have anything to do with such an uncool name!!”

In the next moment, I received another iron claw!!

“I also like Allrounders.

It’s a namin’ that fits us very well.” He talked to the official, completely unperturbed by my loud complaints.

The official was startled!

We passed through the gate while Sword dragged me along with his iron claw.

After we left the gate area, he finally let go of me.

After stroking my head, I lifted my face, just to become surprised.

It’s fantasy!! A fantastic world out of a märchen!!


Sword laughed, “Oh, finally curiosity has kicked in, eh”

“Yep! This is a sight just how I had imagined it to be!”

The roads were maintained and even though they were frequented by carriages, there was enough space.

The pedestrians weren’t filthy either.

The buildings were tall.

Moreover, instead of being simple, square houses with holes in them, the buildings were ornamented with wood and stones, and their windows were properly made out of wood or glass.

Not an assortment of leftover, wild trees, but plants that had been systematically planted colored the cityscape.

The river flowing through the city allowed for a guess that the city also might possess water and sewer services.

“Yep! It totally looks like a sanitary city!”

“Well, if you compare it to the towns we visited so far…” Sword mumbled.

Once I looked at him, he smiled bitterly, “But, to be blunt, compared to our mansion, it’s no different from all the towns we’ve visited until now.

It ain’t at a level you’d approve of.”

I see……..

Then they should prepare themselves for a substantial price reduction.


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