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Chapter 83: Let’s Take the B-Rank Exam! (Second Part)

One hour later the magic crest activated.

“Ooohh! Congratulations!!” I applauded reflexively while the magicians pulled faces screaming, “We did it!”

Ah! Something has come out.

“…My goodness, it has really been a long time since I was summoned, but the circumstances seem rather boring.

The desires are lacking.”

Okay It’s the type capable of conversation!


“Oh You…”

“Since I was told that I only have five minutes, I’d be happy if you could allow me to have some greetings and a light questioning session while keeping in mind that I also have to defeat you within that time frame.

Would that be alright for you”

Sword slapped a hand against his forehead in the background.

Meanwhile the others around me were taken aback.

But look, if he can talk, you’d want to use that opportunity, no Knowing that I can talk with life-forms other than humans in this world, I feel an urge to use such chances.

“Nice to meet you, young lady.

I am a nameless demon.”

“My name is Indra.

Where did you come from”

“Spirit world is the best term to describe it, I would say.

It is a plane outside the material world.”

“That sounds like there is yet another incredible place to be found in this world.

I am sure it must be a place where the concept of time does not matter, right”

“Oh …Nothing less of you who possess such a huge amount of magic elements despite being stuck in a physical form.

It is only natural for you to comprehend such things, I suppose.”

Hmm Hmmmmm I feel like he said something important just now.

“Magic elements aren’t…physical”

“Oh, so you did not know”

“I just recently learned about the existence of magic elements.

A while ago I lived in a world that did not even have any magic elements.”

“I see.

I suspect magic elements were attached to you while in the material world since you did a 『Soul Crossing』.

You are a very interesting young lady, I must say.” He broke into a grin.

Hmm, I want to talk a lot more with him, but Sword is gesturing to me to defeat him, so it looks like I won’t be able to keep this conversation going for much longer.

“I’m also very interested.

I really am, but… …By the way, what happens to you if I defeat you”

“It depends on the way you defeat me, but I think it is impossible for someone of the material world to completely eradicate the existence of us spirit world dwellers.

At most you can return us from being material to only exist as spirits again.”

“Okay, I got it.

I’d love to continue our conversation for much, much longer, but time is running out.

This is the material world and as such the concept of time works here.

…I wonder, would you respond to my call if I were to summon you someday”

“Of course.

I shall be looking forward to our next meeting.

…But,” the demon’s smile deepened, “it is also an option to release you from the shackles of the material world and invite you over to the spirit world.

As for me, I would like to recommend that method.”

His magic elements burst forth.

So he’s truly not afraid of me.

Nice, that’s really nice.


“Then let me show you my real power as a present for not being afraid of me.”

I gathered magic elements.

Nowadays I’ve reached a level where Mr.

Fluff would immediately rush over as soon as I pulled him to myself just a tiny bit.

That’s why an incredible amount gathered in no time.

Even from the demon.

The demon’s smile disappeared for an instant, but immediately returned.

However, this time it was a smile full of resignation.

“…I give up.

It looks like I foolishly made my judgment of you after seeing only a fraction of your real power.

Even if I were to be destroyed completely, I would have no room to complain.”

“No, I’d be troubled.

I desire knowledge.

As much as possible.

That’s why, let’s meet again.

For now, go back to the spiritual world.”

One flash with my wooden sword, and the demon disappeared.



I think the exam is over, but I wonder whether I’ve been able to make my way to B-Rank As I wondered about that while waiting, I was called over.

“You have passed the A-Rank exam.”

I see, that’s great! I safely passed the A-Rank exam…hmm, wait

“Just now you said A-Rank exam”

“The monster you defeated moments ago was a being even an A-Rank party would struggle with.

If they didn’t have at least one light magic user with them, it’d be out of the question, and just that would naturally be far from enough.

The theory states that you bring down an incarnated demon with the strongest light magic while enduring its onslaught.

The only one who brought one down by himself so far is 【Thunderclap Whitefang】.”


So that’s how it is.

“…To defeat that demon with one blow without even using any magic…”

Sword came over.


If she and I fought, she’d likely be the last one standin’.

At one time it also looked as if I’d get killed by her.”

He means the case where he covered for that scummy adventurer

“That was your own fault since you covered for such a trashy adventurer.”

The examiners were dumbfounded.

“…That’s yet another brilliant adventurer you’ve found.”

Brilliant Are they talking about me I see, that’s a great way to describe me!

Just as I got cocky while folding my arms, my head was pinned down with my hair being ruffled up.

“She’s quite ill, though.

Despite bein’ kind to monsters, she shows absolutely no mercy to rude humans.”

“Why should I mercilessly slaughter frightened monsters who show no will to fight And why must I be kind to rude humans who try to kill me”

“…Well, as you can see, that’s the kinda girl she is.” Sword said to the examiners without answering my question.

Anyway, I’m an A-Rank now! Just one more rank to catch up to him!


“S-Rank might be difficult, huh I wonder whether a dragon won’t visit anytime soon Or should I visit them myself”

“I’m tellin’ you to stop it.

Don’t wake any sleepin’ dogs.

No one would complain ’bout raisin’ to A-Rank.

The difference between S-Rank and A-Rank can only be found in whether you’ve participated in the previous battle or not.”


I see.

It’s unfortunate, but let’s give up (on reaching S-Rank and killing a dragon).


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