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Chapter 76: Hero, you say!

Apparently the opening reception was a full success on the whole.

The event itself was quite some work, but there was no real chaos, and the master chef and his staff were overflowing with a sense of accomplishment.

The guests seemed nervous at first, but after Sword went around, calling out to several people, and when they drank some liquor, people started to relax a bit.

Also, Sword probably drank way more than three cups.

Each time he went to a new person, he was holding a new glass.

…Oh well, all’s fine as long as it’s not been exposed.



When the guests headed back home, Sword and I bid them farewell at the door while personally handing each a small souvenir, and that was the end of the whole event.

“We’ll have a review meeting tomorrow.

For today, let’s celebrate the successful opening.

After a short cleaning, we should enjoy some liquor and eat the leftover appetizers.

If that’s not enough, I’ll make some more.”

Everyone broke out in loud cheering upon my words.

After putting the first part of my words into practice by giving the venue a rough tidying, we lined up the leftovers.

In addition I made some pasta, and then all of us toasted.

“Man~ We somehow managed to get through this!”

“In the end it became a lot busier than expected.”

“But, I think we can still call it a success.”

The cooks chatted cheerfully.

The part-timers seem happy as well.

I hear all of them are going to become official staff.

But, they’ll have to run through the staff training courses, starting from the lowest position.

Either way, I’ll leave that stuff to my servants.

“Sword, you were a big help.

Thanks to you making the rounds, things went down smoothly for the most part.”

“Well, it’s just what you’d expect from carefully chosen guests.

All of ’em were gentle, well-mannered rich folk.

So even someone like me could handle it one way or ‘nother.”

As we were talking, the master chef drew close.

“Your Ladyship Indra, please allow me to congratulate you on your success.”

“Master cook, you also performed your duties exceptionally well.”

The cook smiled wryly after we exchanged courtesies.

“Your dress suits you perfectly.

You have also become a master at giving greeting speeches… And yet you are not going to return to being a noble”

“Of course not.

It’s too stiff and cramped for me.

The commoners’ dislike and insults are similar to a faint, gentle breeze when compared to noble abuse, malicious harassment, and extreme bullying, you know It’s pretty obvious that I wouldn’t be able to put up with that.

And the best job where you don’t have to put up with anything is being an adventurer! Look at Sword.

He lives as he pleases, earns tons of money, and if things go south, even royalty lowers their head in front of him, probably”

“Hey, could you stop phrasin’ the last part like a question Doesn’t that make me look like a wannabe”

The cook laughed, “I guess you have a point there… But true, as long as you stay at Sir Hero’s side, you will be safe.”

……What was that

After cocking my head in confusion, I shifted my eyes to Sword, and then looked back at the cook.

“……You’re saying he also has such an alias”

“Alias No, Sir Sword is a patriotic hero of this Kingdom.

You did not know”

……What was that

I shifted my eyes to Sword once more.

“……What does that mean”

Sword scratched his cheek with a troubled expression, “I was designated as S-Rank Adventurer because I repelled a dragon and demon who had attacked the Kingdom.

The ones fighting at my side back then were the guy with the alias 【Peerless Strength】, and 【Bloody Witch】 whom you met the other day.”

“However, the one fighting to the bitter end, carrying away heavy injuries, and ultimately making the enemies flee was the Hero 【Thunderclap Whitefang】.”






“I didn’t know.”

“Among the nobles, some dislike this fact while others are thankful.

But, I have heard that the royal family had been deeply grateful.

And for the common people, he is a hero.”

For there to exist such a deep meaning behind Sword being an S-Rank…! So he wasn’t a self-proclaimed 『bigshot』!

“I see.”

Sword looked at me like a beaten dog, completely disappointed, “That’s all you got to say ’bout this”

“I suppose in the end you weren’t a self-proclaimed 『bigshot』.”

He grabbed my face!


“I gotta take my hat off in light of your admirable calmness!”

Okay, but why are you grabbing my face then!!


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