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Chapter 70: I Love Music!

Apparently having had his fill after a while, Sword closed the hatch and came back.

“Ain’t that just fine It might be more suited towards archers and mages, but even if you just point the thing in the general direction, the gun will selfishly correct the aimin’.

In the worst case, even some amateur could use it, no”

“Well, if it’s someone at Ryoku’s level, they’ll evade the shooting.

But under normal circumstances, it’ll hit, I think.”

“Man, that’s plenty awesome then! It looks like going on a trip with this baby is going to be a blast!”


If only it played music, it’d be perfect, but…”


A navi as it’s usually installed in a car…is probably heresy for people who like traveling, but music would definitely be a win, right

I mean, the otherworld me totally followed the motto: “No music, no life.” Thus I’d love to have some music.

“Then sing.”

I was told.

“A capella Sure, why not, but…I really would like to at least have a [Cajon].

Of course, a [Guitar] would be ideal.”

Sword looked surprised, “You’ve also got talent in music”

“It’s nothing I learned in this world.

But I can play a stringed instrument, you know However, it’s one with six strings.”

The otherworld me was raised by parents who followed the principle of “Learn everything you can.” Moreover, since she was encouraged by the accomplishments of Naname 45°, she took lessons in classical guitar. 1 She also dabbled with the cajon, but never took it to a professional level.

Still, since the hollow sound is pretty nice if you beat it, I like it.

I do like singing, for real, but…a capella Seriously

“……Okay, then I’ll go with a song I heard when riding a [Car] in my childhood.”

And thus I sang 【Lovin’ You】.

My audience was frozen in shock.

The two staring at me flabbergasted…is because they don’t understand the language of the lyrics, right

“…….Never heard that one.

You even sang it with a decent rhythm.”

“As it’s been a long, long time since I heard the lyrics, I felt shaky about them.”

But, then again, if they listened to any further relaxed songs, they might fall asleep.

“Hmm, how about this song”

I sang Requiem of Nausicaä’s soundtrack.

Since it’s all La la la la, it’s got no lyrics to speak of.

“…Umm, is nobility actually singing in such a manner” Bennyboy asked with a serious expression.

“I’m a former noble.

Also, I might have been nobility, but I was only taught manners and refinement.

This is self-taught.”


What about it! Got a problem with it, dude!

As soon as I became extremely sulky, Sword soothed me in panic.

“No, I like it, ‘kay Rather, ain’t you quite used to singin’”

“…I often sang in the past.”

At karaoke.

My otherworld self also went to live concerts, and it’s not like she was tone-deaf or had no sense of rhythm either.

…Of course, I don’t know about this body, but since I don’t feel like I’ve missed any tones, I think it should be alright



“Do you have, like, any lyrics I understand up your sleeves”

Bennyboy, I don’t know any of the songs of this world.

Don’t ask for the impossible.

Translate on the fly, you ask If things were so easy…oh, wait, that one might actually work.

While dancing I sang 【No-No Alien】. 2

Causing a roar of laughter.



“I must say you are quite the all-round talent, Indra.” Bennyboy told me after we got back from the test drive.

But more importantly, Bennyboy had become all formal with me.

“I’m just a plain commoner like you, so no need to treat me so politely, okay”

Bennyboy waved it off, “No way, that’d be absurd to think.

You have that aura going for you.”

What aura

Just when I wondered about that, Sword cut in, “…Hey, you never treat me with proper respect, so why does Indra get a different treatment anyway Come on, tell me!”, while strangling Bennyboy’s neck.



“Come to think of it, what kind of singing does this world have You guys, sing something for me.”

As soon as the words left my mouth, the two froze while staring at me.

Then they looked at each other.

“Hmm Sword, Bennyboy, you went traveling, didn’t you Feeling uncomfortable about my songs means that you should have heard quite a few songs on your trips.

Give them songs a go.”

“I-I’m out! In the first place, I don’t really have all that much spare time to listen to music.

Rather than me feeling uncomfortable, you could say I don’t get in touch with music, so I was simply stunned when you casually started to sing all of a sudden!”

When I shifted my eyes to Sword, he became flustered, “M-Me too!!”


It was Sword who felt uncomfortable to begin with!

“No, you got it all wrong.

At times I got invited to noble parties or exhibits of music for example, and that’s ’bout the only times I’ve heard anythin’ in that direction.”

“Aren’t there minstrels or such around”

The two exchanged a look.

For the second time.

“Those are story-tellers who occasionally accompany their words with lutes, you know”

……Like priests with a biwa 3 Sounds like they’d say, 「All worldly things have sounds」.

I cocked my head to the side.

“Eh Indra, you were trying to imitate a minstrel with your No-no”




“What songs do you sing when you do”

The two exchanged a look.

For the third time.

“…Typically it’s hymns, I’d guess.

I’ve also heard ’bout nobles havin’ musical performances for fun.

When I expected you to hum somethin’, you started to sing for real, so I was really surprised.”


Now I got it.

“Well, as for me, that’s just normal.

…Or rather, this world has so few fun things to do, so at least singing some songs would seem like a good idea.

Wandering lute players coming to a random bar and playing a few pieces for some tips doesn’t happen”

“That’s the definition of a minstrel.

But, if they went to a bar, no one would listen to ’em.

Ordinary folk who love their drinks don’t have such refined hobbies.

It’s the women who’re thirstin’ for entertainment, I think.

Men go to bars and grumble to others ’bout their wives.

Women swarm good-lookin’ minstrels and ecstatically listen to their tales.”

That makes sense.



Afterwards I was pestered by the maids to sing 【No-No Alien】 for them.

They forced me to perform a mini-live in our dining hall.

I went around to track down their source of information, “Swooooooord~~~~~~~!”

“Well, you were lovely! Once I bragged ’bout it to the maids, I got scolded.”

He kept running away while giving me some silly excuses.



And after that, I was given a lute as a present.

“…This thing is different in shape from the instrument I can play.

I don’t know how to play it.”

To be honest, I don’t feel like seriously learning it.

It’s my sales point to have multi-varied interests, but musical instruments are something for nobles to learn.

I mean, usually you’d need to diligently practice them every day, and I simply don’t have the time for that.

…When I casually looked at the lute at a later time, it suddenly had six strings.


Once more the leak of this information has to be…

When I cast an intense glare at Sword, he averted his eyes.

I sighed, and asked, “Has it been tuned”

“Of course!”

…No helping it.

I’ll play.

I’ll play it for you, dammit!

But first I got to build a tuner.



And because of that, I’m going to give a concert…

What Everyone is thirsting for entertainment Then, sing and dance!

“It’s been a while…or should I say, I don’t know whether I’ll be able to play well since it’s going to be the first time in my current body.”

When I tried to plunk the strings a bit, the sound was quite soft and dull.

…Oh well, whatever.

For now I’ll try to give it a go.

With 【Lágrima】. 4

Unexpectedly, I could actually play it.

And to be honest, this body is quite high spec.

I could play the piece a lot smoother compared to back when my otherworld self learned it.

When I breathed out deeply, I received a fervent applause! When I looked up in surprise, everyone was eagerly clapping their hands, and not just that, some of them were even crying.


The maids are somehow crying for real there.

“I have never heard anyone play such beautiful music!”

“It is really…really regrettable! Normally you would have been able to make your debut at a salon.

I am sure a wonderful gentleman or two would have fallen in love with you on first sight, and you might have had a marriage with a man of such a pedigree that you could easily disregard the Earl Springcoat House, and yet…!”

“H-How vexing! If you had performed this musical piece during your birthday party, Lady Indra, all of us could have been very proud of you…”

There were some among my maids who were frustrated and deeply touched in some incomprehensible way.

“Please stop.

I don’t plan on marrying anyone, so it’s actually better for me to have stopped being a noble.

Moreover, I’m very satisfied with my current life.

My noble lifestyle was full of unhappiness.

Being able to do as I please, not having to lower my head for anyone, and being able to beat up and kill anyone I dislike; my current life is a dream.”

“Hey, just a sec, don’t kill anyone, ‘kay” Sword immediately retorted.


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