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Chapter 69: Driving with a Temporary License

The townsfolk are waving their hands, aren’t they Moreover, their greetings are directed upwards.

“Hey, by pressing these, you can boot up the cameras.

You can continuously check the rear and sides, but these are responsible for the wide-range and upper cameras.

It allows you to have an overview in all directions.” I point at the touch panel and monitors at the lower part.

“Heeh…… …Wai-! Mr.

Sword, why are you pressing them!”

Sword ended up tampering with the panels.

“Not like just startin’ ’em up matters anyway.”

He just wanted to fiddle around with it.

I’m sure.

Absolutely sure.

When I reflexively smirked at him, he pulled on my cheeks.


“Tamperin’ with it is fine, isn’t it!”

I haven’t said anything!



――Thanks to that, the feeler-shaped, omni-directional, mobile cameras sprouted upwards.

As they reflected the upper part of Char, the reason for the waving immediately became clear.


…has climbed atop Char!

“Aww~ you found me already, huh~”

He’s laughing bashfully while sticking out his tongue! How adorable! You’re waaay too cuuute! This is the mansion’s Ryoku, isn’t he!

Shit, **, **! Why can’t the child that has been accompanying me talk in the same way!

Bennyboy sighed deeply, “That golem is really a piece o’ work.

But, I’ll content myself with this guy here! Time to pick up speed!”

He apparently stepped down on the accelerator.

Char became faster in a whiz.

Sword was acting indifferent, but he’s obviously restless.

I guess he probably wants to drive himself.

Looking at Bennyboy from the side, he seems to be enjoying himself…or rather, even without looking, it’s clear that he’s having a blast.

Looks like he’s the type of guy who loves driving cars.



We exited onto a plain.

I used this opportunity to explain the normal mode.

Given that Char can also drive backwards, I got Ryoku to help out with the training on how to park.

In addition, I also had Bennyboy take hard corners and S-curves.

“You’re quite good at this, Bennyboy!”

“No, that much is nothing, you know”

Bennyboy doesn’t know modesty.

No wonder he’s Sword’s friend.

He’s kinda an oddball.


Seeing how Ryoku is with us, I suppose we should also test out the interception mode.

Let me explain: in case of an attack by monsters or bandits, the shutter will be lowered on the front glass in addition to a release of the limiter, a cancellation of the speed limitation, and an unlocking of the magic cannons.

You’ll be able to observe the situation outside through the videos shown by the cameras.

If you’re being chased, you might be able to get away by raising the speed, but if you accept the fight, you might be hard pressed by yourself.”

The aiming is done automatically and you just need to fire by hitting the switch, but it’d probably be tough to deal with a great number of enemies with just Char.

“I’ve always made sure to ask my old adventurer buddies to guard me.”


So he used to be an adventurer, huh

“I see.

But, Char isn’t built to carry many people, okay It depends on their build, but six grown men is the limit, I think.

One on the driver’s seat, one on the passenger’s seat, and four on the two back seats would be the maximum.”

“Man, what a luxury, I gotta say.

I’ll be a-ok with six people!”

Well, it’s got no impact on the driver’s seat, but assuming that the journeys would take many days, I made the interior as comfortable as possible.

“Oh, right! If you enter interception mode, you need to be careful about your driving! I don’t know about carriages, but if you suddenly stop a vehicle like this here, the people inside are going to crash against the walls! If you don’t want people to die, stay clear from sudden stops! And order the passengers to properly hold onto something!”

“Aye, aye!”

…Is it really going to be okay He’s not taking all of this easy, is he In the worst case, people could die, you know



I ordered Ryoku to attack Char.

Bennyboy was driving in high spirits, looking very happy.

Next to me, Sword has been fidgeting around way too much.

So annoying.

“Sword, you might as well test the gunning.

Since you look awfully eager to do it, go for it.”

“At Ryoku!”

I nodded, “As if anything could happen to one of my Ryokus with this fire output.

I’ve built him to withstand such a level of attacks.”

Ryoku was enthusiastically attacking us from his side as well.

However, his attacks caused no damage to us either.

I’ve built Char to withstand such a level of attacks.

Char’s eyes contain cameras and lighting, but if you shift the hatch, a Gatling gun will be exposed.

Unless the enemy isn’t quite the tough nut to crack, they’ll be in for a world of pain.

Sword stood up, “Ohh! That’s quite the neat outlook.


He was greeting Ryoku.

Moreover, you got a counterattack in response.

“Whoa! You lil’ **, I’ll give you shootin’ at me!”

He rapidly fires the gun at Ryoku, but Ryoku swiftly switches to evasion.


Sword sure is all gung-ho ’bout this.”

“I’ve got no doubt that he wants to drive himself.

He’s been looking awfully envious of you.”

When I whispered to Bennyboy, I got kicked.

How unreasonable!


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