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Chapter 66: Let’s Build a Restaurant!

Next up was a restaurant.

What about the liquor, you ask I’ve already brewed it in great quantities a long time ago!

To return to the topic; the restaurant is located in the most thriving shopping district of Ys – at the deepest part of it.

I rebuilt it, referencing a fancy restaurant I know of.

Given that a regular building with walls using an earth wall spell would be way too dull, I built the walls with bricks! The pillars use Ionic order as architectural design.

The windows are arched, and as for the floor, I went totally out of my way to go through the trouble of staining stones and laying them out!

The tables are rare gems of beauty which I ornamented myself with their legs being made out of iron.

The chairs are ordinary, though.

The indirect lighting through light magic is spot on.

The toilets use a cutting-edge flushing system!

I also decorated the interior with decorative plants (those didn’t exist as a concept, so I had to create them).

All in all I feel like it’s become quite cozy and pretty, if I may say so myself.

“Hey, this place looks like it wouldn’t be weird for royalty to visit, you know How about restrainin’ yourself a tad”

In the middle of my reconstruction work, Sword came over, just to ground my temples.

“Ehh You’re exaggerating.

A noble’s room is a lot gaudier, okay Wasn’t that church with its gilded splendor a lot flashier as well Even if I decorate the tables and shelves a bit, it still doesn’t hold a candle to noble mansions.”

Sword sighed deeply.

“That’s not what I meant.

How to describe it This place is packed with arts that don’t exist in this world.”


…I get it, somewhat.

It doesn’t have the pointlessness of eating at a super long table during meals, but the dining room over there had no decorative plants.

It didn’t have any indirect lighting either.

The illumination came from a huge amount of candles.

And those candles stank.

“…You’ve got a point, but still, any noble would be displeased with this little amount of decorations, right”

The maids and servants nodded.

“They would at least desire some paintings on the walls.”

“If we are seriously going at it, we would also need a stage for performances.”

“No need.

I don’t mind the place being only reasonably good.

The concept is 『a service as you’d experience it in a noble house』.

It’d be meaningless, if this restaurant were to be used as a social gathering place by upper nobility.

But well, let’s hang up any paintings you find and like.

Requests for musical performances might come in as well, so we should consider preparing a space for that.

I leave the rest to you.”

I have my knowledge of the other world, but my knowledge about nobility is somewhat lacking, I think.



I entrusted the details of the interior design to the staff that would work here.

Given that we were recruiting new staff, the maids, servants, and cook apparently called out to their acquaintances.

“What should we do about the restaurant’s name, Milady” I was asked.

“Restaurant that will kick out any customers the prideful owner dislikes.”

Upon my reply, everyone froze.

Sword slapped his forehead.

“…Your serious”

“Around half, I’d say.

I’m not particular about the name, so feel free to use any name you like if you have any alternatives that don’t include your own names.

But, because I’ll likely carry out what I said moments ago, it’s easier to include it in the name than having to explain it to every customer, right”

“…You don’t really feel like invitin’ customers over, do you”

I shrugged off Sword’s remark, “Well, we’ll turn down any chance customers.

It won’t be an issue even if only one group of customers visits every two or three days.

In other words, this is just a fun side show for me.

After all, I’m an adventurer.”



――When I tried to pay the maids their wages with gold coins, I got scolded that they didn’t work so much that they’d deserve to receive such a big amount of money.

Under these circumstances, I’ll be able to pay their wages out of my pocket money for more than ten years.

In an instant, our company has taken on the form of being a hobby project.

I mean, I’m an adventurer!

The accessory we got in the undead dungeon the other day also sold for big money.

But, the cook, maids, and servants want to have a go at brewing liquor or running a restaurant, so isn’t it fine to give them a chance since it doesn’t really matter if they fail anyway At least that’s the general idea behind the restaurant.

The cook, maids, and servants might be able to cope with unreasonable nobles, but I can’t.

Therefore, they should stay away before I kick them out once they start acting bossy.



――Oh, right, I was taught by Sword that you can basically say: copper coins for commoners, gold coins for nobles, and silver coins for somewhat successful adventurers.

Copper, silver, and gold coins aren’t compatible because they have different values (for example: a low-ranking healing potion costs 5 silver and you can’t buy it with copper), but there seems to exist a fluctuating exchange rate.

Generally it is as follows:

500 copper ⇒ 1 silver

100 silver ⇒ 1 gold

200~1000 gold ⇒ 1 platinum

The huge fluctuation for platinum coins stems from it being a big amount of money, and thus being greatly impacted by the shifting market prices.

Apparently platinum coins had been used as currency in ancient times, and because the excavated coins are made out of a very rare metal and use elaborate imprinting that cannot be reproduced with this era’s technology, pure and pretty platinum coins will definitely go up to 1000 gold in price while damaged or impure platinum coins are much cheaper.

Though I feel like Sword is possessing plenty of those


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