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Chapter 65: Let’s Build a Farm!

First up is the farm!

I spread out pea and true grass plants…the charge cows should like…on the ground, and added a corn-like field on top of that.

I also created a magic silo.

Let’s stock up plenty before the winter or our departures.

The farm was on a plain.

When I asked the cows whether they’d be alright with a plain, seeing how they grew up in the mountains, they answered me that it’d be a-okay, but that they couldn’t settle down.

Also, they looked fatter now.


“Ah, I see.

Yeah, figures.”

As I folded my arms while talking with Black Fatty, I heard someone asking, “…Hey, what you up to”

When I looked back, I spotted the guildmaster.

“You can tell by looking, can’t you I’m talking with the charge cows.”

“……Say, how should I respond to that” The guildmaster looked back, asking Sword.

“Listen and be surprised.

This girl, you see, can talk to monsters through magic.”

“Huuuh! For real! Even tamers can’t use such magic!”

“According to her, folk unable of usin’ it are on the level of skeletons and ghouls.”

The guildmaster suffered a visible shock.

“…By the way, what about you”

“Me …I can use it ’round half.”

“Half Like how is half supposed to work!”

“Only ill will is bein’ passed on.

She told me to stop since she doesn’t know what’d happen to me if I study it any further.”

“Hahaha…ha, yep, it’s really better you stop that.”

I stared at the guildmaster.

Did he come here to take a look at the cows

“So you haven’t put a collar of insubordination around them because you can talk with them But even so, they’re still monsters, so use the collar.”

Hmm Collar

…Ohh, I got it!

“You’re right! I totally forgot about the stereotype here!”

Sword looked at my face with a quite bad expression as my tension built up.

“Bah, it looks like she came up with somethin’ completely retarded ‘gain, you know”

It’s not retarded!

“There, there, I’ll give you guys awesome collars as present, okay The cows resembling you in my previous world always wore those.

They’re super cute, you know I’m sure they’ll fit you wonderfully!”

Sword and guildmaster looked at each other.

“I talked about a collar of insubordination, didn’t I”

“Give up.

As long as it’s a similar collar, the annoyin’ folks are goin’ to shut up ’bout it.”

I immediately created it as planned! Like taking something out of a four-dimensional pocket.

“Yay, cow bells~~~!” I shouted.

And earned myself two icy stares by Sword and the guildmaster.

Although they don’t even know the story behind it!

“Say, Black Fatty, what color would you like the belt to be”


“Oh, you good with that color! You’ve got great sense.

Blue-green is a color I also love!”

Immediately after painting the collar’s belt, I put it around Black Fatty’s neck.

“Ooohh, Black Fatty, you look so stylish! How cool!”


It seems like Black Fatty likes it as well.

“Whitey and Whiteo, which do you like Red and cyan Either color is nice.

It’s going to totally suit your white body color.

…Ohh, how cute! You guys are so lovely!”

Sword thrust fingers into his ears.

The guildmaster stared at me, flabbergastet with his mouth gaping open.

“…Should I also register her as tamer”

“Please do.”

The guildmaster and Sword had such a dampened conversation after some time.



Granting the cows’ wish, I afforested some of the farm.

While at it, I also added a hilly sham obstacle course.

However, the charge cows happily hopped around it.

That’s not what cows do, is it Are those guy actually deer or something!


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