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Chapter 63: Apologize (Sword’s Point of View)!



I ran after the brat who had dashed away.

It ain’t anythin’ I wanna to do, but she seemed seriously pissed off, and thus thoroughly trashed the brat.

I gotta make him apologize one way or another as I don’t know what she’ll do if she gets really angry.

All the time bawlin’ like a baby…is this brat really a boy He’s cryin’ ’round as much as a woman.

Just as much as Indra…no, considering her circumstances, she ain’t cryin’ much at all.

I almost burst into a short laughter when rememberin’ how she started cryin’ while bitchin’ ’bout the room bein’ dirty.

The crybaby had holed himself up in a house, probably his home, bawlin’ in some corner.

I slapped the back of his head.

Apparently surprised, he finally stopped cryin’.

“For heaven’s sake…are you really a boy To me you totally sound like a sissy, seein’ how you keep bawlin’ all the time.”

Freezin’ while heavin’ with sobs, he looked my way.

“So You ran away and now What’s the plan You haven’t resolved a single thing.

Though I guess your Mom won’t blame you even for runnin’ ‘way.

Your lucky to have such a kind Mom.

That means even you’re still gettin’ pampered despite bein’ old enough to take care of your own **.”

The corners of his mouth curved down.

Ah, I guess he’s goin’ to start cryin’ any moment again.

I scratched my head, “…You really don’t get just how blessed you are.

Let me tell you a bit ’bout Indra.

She was born a noble.

The result of a political marriage as it often happens among nobility.

Her father frequently stayed over at his lover, and her mother blamed her daughter for her husband not comin’ home, always disciplinin’ and chastizin’ her.

Thanks to that, she had perfectly mastered noble etiquette and language at an age of five.

Anyway, when she was five, her mother died, and immediately followin’, her father came back, his lover’s daughter in tow.

Her father dotted on his lover’s daughter like your mother been dottin’ on you, but treated Indra like **.

Whatever happened, Indra was blamed for all of it, you know

It was Indra’s fault that the lover’s daughter didn’t know a thing ’bout noble etiquette.

It was Indra’s fault that the maids’ trainin’ was lackin’, and it was Indra’s fault for it rainin’ outside.

Accordin’ to her father, at least.

So, she fell ill, wanderin’ between life n’ death.

She managed to somehow survive, but in exchange, she’s 『given up』 on all humans, sayin’ that all the humans in this world are selfish and cruel, not bein’ worth the air they breath.”

The brat was listenin’ while dumbstruck.

He stopped cryin’, but is he goin’ to reflect on what he did

“…Well, to be honest, I don’t give a ** if she’s given up on you.

I just don’t want her hate of humans to become any worse.

Your a rotten piece of **, who got saved, fed, and helped by her, and yet didn’t even say a single word of thanks or apology.

Your scum who doesn’t think that it’s his fault after seein’ your family apologize, but instead blames the person havin’ them apologize.

That’s how Indra regards you.

Are you really okay with her judgin’ you to be like that Don’t you feel anythin’ when watchin’ your mother apologize and getting criticized for having failed with your upbringin’ since your such a **ed up, lil’ asshole”

And he cried again.

Just as I thought that this guy is a lost cause, scratchin’ my head…

“…I don’t wanna!”

…he shouted.

“Throwin’ a tantrum while screamin’ don’t wanna, don’t wanna only works on your parents.

Apologize and then thank her properly.

Otherwise, she’ll keep that image of you for the rest of her life.”

At that point, it looked like he finally felt like apologizin.

……But, it was already too late.

“Ooh, I wondered where you went.

Thinking that you might have left the city, I headed back to where we left the Ryokus and charge cows, you know”

Indra had apparently searched for me.

She was currently standin’ at the gate.

Spottin’ me, she faced me with a smile.

When I cast a fleetin’ glance at the brat, he was pullin’ a scowlin’ face, displeasure obviously written on it, but…

“It was my bad! Sorry!” He apologized in a way soundin’ more like shoutin’ at her.

Feelin’ relieved, I looked at Indra, but she didn’t spare the brat a single glance.

Eh Huh

The brat was also lookin’ disappointed, like he’d suffered a heavy blow.

Indra’s eyes were focused on me alone as she cheerfully chatted me up.

“Come on, it’s time to go back! …I’m really sorry for doing this while we’re in the middle of adventuring, but we won’t be able to go to the capital since I’ve got to take the cute charge cows with me.

In the end, it’ll result in us heading back to our base, but you’re okay with that, right”

…Ah, I see.

This is the same pattern she used back when she ignored me.

It looks like she’s already added the brat to the 『list of humans to be ignored』.

“Don’t worry, I’m cool with that.

Rather, our liquor stock has also dwindled drastically.

You gotta restock ’em once we get back.” I said while strokin’ her head.

…Well, it’s the brat’s fault anyway.

Timin’ matters with things like this.

He missed his and now it’s too late.

His mother, big brother, and Indra dealt with the town’s residents.

I didn’t feel like gettin’ blamed for anythin’, so I told ’em the truth.

And since I can’t put up any requests, I can’t file any protest with the guild about this outcome either.

That’s why things were finished after I explained the events to the guild.

But, the town’s residents are probably pissed off that they had to gather first thing in the mornin’ due to an uproar solely triggered by the selfishness of the brat.

Above all, it’d definitely have an impact on their sales for today.

I’ve got no clue about how kind the people of this town are, but after watchin’ the scene with Indra, the town’s residents looked like they calmed down a bit.

But, at the last moment, this idiot ran away.

“…… Hey, is something wrong”

Suddenly Indra peered at me with a worried face.

“No, it’s nothin’.

…Let me ask you a lil’ somethin’.

Can you take a look ’round you and tell me the situation”

After becomin’ puzzled, Indra looked all ’round herself.

But, her eyes never registered the brat.

And it seems the brat also understood as much.

“Hey! What is it! I apologized, didn’t I! I told you I’m sorry! Don’t ignore me!” The brat roared while on the verge of cryin’, and tried to grab Indra, but I stopped his hand and shook my head.

“You were too late.

You don’t count as human to her anymore.”


“What’s up, Sword” Indra tugged on my sleeve.

“There’s nothing here that would require special attention, is there This town is a bad place.

It’s also got things I don’t want to ever see again.

Since I’m likely never coming back here again, let’s hurry up and join up with the Ryokus and cows.

I’m worried about leaving everything to the Ryokus.”

……I see.

The verdict is 『bad town』, huh

“……Gotcha, if you say so, it must be right.

Let’s go.”


I urged on Indra.

“Wait! Sorry! I’m apologizing, so please forgive me! I’m telling you…I’m sorry! Heeey! Don’t ignore me! Oi, wait!!”

The brat tried to chase after us, but I shook my head a second time at him.

“It’s too late.

You better go apologize to each and every resident here rather than botherin’ with us any longer.

That is, if you don’t wanna be treated by ’em in the same way as Indra treats you now.”

Once I told him that, he stopped.



……Maybe I should have intervened on behalf of this brat.

But, I didn’t ask Indra to forgive him.

I’m well aware that Indra has experienced terrible cruelty by her family.

If she put him on her 『list of humans to be ignored』 after runnin’ out of patience with his continuous, awful attitude on top of bein’ regarded as a rival by a brat who was pampered and loved by his family, I’ve got no right to remonstrate her for that.

Not respectin’ the feelings of my cherished partner is unthinkable for me.

After all, the brat got a family who’s goin’ to cherish him no matter what happens.

Even if no one else does it, at least I should treat Indra as the most important person in my life.

We left through the gate, leavin’ behind the brat who was sobbin’ while rooted to the spot.




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