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Chapter 58: I Hate just about Everything about Him (Serge’s Point of View) »

4-5 minutes 21.07.2022



I didn’t like him from the very start.

That guy who was sticking to the famous 【Thunderclap Whitefang】 like it was his god-given right.

He looks a lot frailer and weaker than me.

In fact so much that I suspect he’d break down crying if I just nudged him a bit.

And yet, of all things, that guy is supposed to be the partner of 【Thunderclap Whitefang】.

That’s why I thought I could be his partner as well, and approached 【Thunderclap Whitefang】 about it.

“Umm! Please! Me too! Please let me become a member of your party!”

When I begged him, he blinked three times, before answering, “…Looks like your kinda misunderstandin’ somethin’.

Folk doesn’t become my partner so easily.

Especially when it comes to 『guys who can’t discern their own strength and don’t have a clue of what it means to be an adventurer』.”

I was shocked when I was told so.

He sighed deeply, “…Listen boy, did you really think that a brat, who’s ’bout to bawl over somethin’ like this, would be able to kill brutal monsters with me Don’t get deceived by Indra’s appearance.

Your probably thinkin’ that you can become like her, but give up on it.

With her bearin’, she’s got more guts than adults, and on top of that, she’s as strong as I am.

To be honest, it often happens that I’m bein’ soothed by her.

Adventurer, you see, is an occupation where you kill monsters with your life on the line.

You gotta be responsible for your own life.

Other folks don’t matter.

…Your family got its own business, no Then you gotta succeed that place by all means! It’s profitable, safe, and suited for you.

Just go ahead and succeed the business.”

He told me and then left.

I suffered another shock.

――After a while, rumors of that guy became a hot topic.

Currently he’s more popular than 【Thunderclap Whitefang】.

People are even respecting him by adding honorary titles.

Mom also sings the highest praises.

“I gotta say, it’s just what you’d expect of 【Thunderclap Whitefang】’s partner! That kid is amazing! A great mage, a grand sorcerer, and on top of that, a genius at cooking! What else would you call this, if not amazing! That kid not only paid attention to the development of this town that hasn’t anything but its milk speaking for it, but also made so many different, delicious dishes for us, and moreover, for free! What a wonderful person!”

And then I was told that it was my job to shake a bottle with milk.

I didn’t get the meaning behind this, but I shook as I was told.

…I kept shaking it like forever, but I wasn’t allowed to stop.

“…I still need to shake it My arms are already numb.”

When I objected, not only Mom, but even bro said with disappointed faces, “…Yes, just as I thought, Indra is on a different level.”

“And yet that kid produced milk grease in the blink of an eye despite being the same age as you…”

I got pissed off.

When I shouted back, “What do you mean by that!”, I was told that he separated the solid mass and the water by shaking a bottle like this at a super fast speed.

Afterwards, bro and Mom also shook it, resulting in the oil and water being separated properly.

…In short, it means my shaking was too weak.

――Either way, it’s Indra this, Indra that! So annoying! Isn’t he just some crazy freak who’s as frail as a girl!

When I heard that he wanted some charge cows and went out to catch some with 【Thunderclap Whitefang】 in tow, I thought that this would be my chance.

If I show my true might here and rescue him on the fly while he’s **ting his pants, 【Thunderclap Whitefang】 might see me in a new light!


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