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Chapter 52: Experiencing a Haunted House in Dayz!

Now then, we’ve arrived at the entrance area of the dungeon.

And it’s shocking!

It’s situated on a huge general graveyard, allowing one to immediately get excited…moreover, I’m told the sun doesn’t shine here all year round…

“How exciting!”

“For you, yes.”

Although Sword looked so happy earlier, his attitude is gradually becoming more irresponsible and apathetic as he watches my reactions.

“You said you’ve been here before.

Don’t you think you should be a bit more excited Look at this situation! A gloomy sky, swarms of sinister-looking birds, and the groans of the dead we can hear for some reason!”

“Yeah, well, somehow, if you talk so happily ’bout, it all starts lookin’ like some cheap fake, you see.” He answered apathetically.

“You’re such a bore.

…Maybe I should go into the dungeon with the guys over there I’m sure I’d have a blast if I went with them.”

A party of men and women was quarreling in a place slightly away from us.

The guys seemed willing to go, but the women were reluctant…or rather, scared.

“I believe it’d be best if that cocky attitude got corrected least once, but the nasty part ’bout you is that you somehow get everythin’ done with ease even with that cocky attitude of yours.

You might receive a divine punishment if you get too condescendin’, you know” He cracked a smile.

“Divine punishments are handed out by gods, right But look, the gods are no humans, and that’s why it’s unthinkable for them to care whether humans have a cocky attitude or not.

I think divine punishments might rather be carried out by other humans.”

“Yeah, yeah, gotcha.”

Going into a huff, I pointed a finger at Sword, “But leaving that aside! You yourself said that you want to have more fun, that things were boring despite adventuring, didn’t you! Just take responsibility for your own life! The lives of others are their own issue! Whether you dive into a dungeon while having a fun stroll or do it with a super gloomy face, it’ll be the end either way if you die as everything turns into nothing.

In that case, wouldn’t it be a lot smarter to die after having had fun in a dungeon Come on, have a blast together with me while using everything to that end!”

“You casually stated, 『while usin’ everythin’ to that end』, there, didn’t you” Sword commented with a sigh, just to mess up my hair in the next second.

“But, you’ve got a point.

Gotcha, I’m going to stop.

After all, I’ve made up my mind to enjoy myself while adventurin’ with you, haven’t I”

I nodded.

“Now then, with this out of the way, we got to find someone in charge of livening things up a bit.

If we go into the dungeon with just the two of us, things are going to become extremely boring.”

Even though he just said that he wants to have fun, he now sighs in response to my mutter

……At that moment……


Once called to a halt by a trembling voice, I looked back, just to spot Sayla behind me.

“Ooohh, small-breasted woman!”

“Who’s small-breasted!”

Ah, damn, I just blurted it out unconsciously.

“My bad.

You were called Sayla, weren’t you”

“I-If y-y-you t-take me a-along, you w-won’t n-n-need any holy w-w-water!” She declared while trembling all over.

“No, look, we don’t need any holy water to begin with.

I didn’t plan to use it in the dungeon either.

I told you, didn’t I I wanted it as a souvenir, but if you won’t sell it to me, I don’t need it.”

In addition, Sayla had brought a rod with her.

How to describe this… Trying to force a debt of gratitude on you

“We’ve told you that we don’t need it, so get lost.” I waved a hand, shooing her away.



“Nooow then, if possible, I’d love to call out to some women who’re going to become cutely scared.

Isn’t there a woman-only party around”

Sword looked coldly at me as I shaded my eyes and scanned the vicinity.

“Hey, sleazeball.

What’re you plannin’ That’s plain old pickin’ up of girls, isn’t it”

“What’s the problem I’m just going to have fun with all I can!”

What’s the point in rushing into a haunted house with a dull combination of two men, err, an middle-aged dude and a girl who sadly and boringly shows no reactions whatsoever The fun part about dares is going around with scared girls who scream around!

“Listen to me! I’ve been telling you that I’ll go with you!!”


Once I looked back, I found Sayla behind me.

She was glaring my way while trembling like a newborn fawn.


I placed a hand on my chin and brooded.

“Ah! A skeleton’s hand has appeared at your feet!”


Wow, what an amazing scream.

And on top of that she jumped up, just to fall down in the next moment.

………..I see.

“Alright, you pass.

You may come with us into the dungeon.” I lent a hand to Sayla.

Sword slapped his forehead, “Seriously, your an incorrigible idiot, aren’t you”



Sword asked me with a somewhat angry voice, “Are you goin’ to take responsibility for that girl’s safety”

“Did you listen to anything I said so far I’ve said, 『Everyone is responsible for their own lives』, several times, didn’t I”

Sword sighed.

“You’re trying to take on too much yourself! I just want to do a dare while watching a scared woman!”

“Whoa, your really scummy.”

Shut it! Why do you care! We’ve got an applicant right here! This is a win-win situation for both of us!

“Anyway, you don’t have a fragment of responsibility to bear.

No matter what happens, you don’t need to worry.

I’ll repeat this over and over again should you forget it.”


I won’t mention it anymore.”

It looks like he’s somehow made up his mind, despite looking the other way.

Most likely he’s planning to save her somehow himself.

“Now’s the perfect time I’d want you to drink some liquor.

If you become drunk, your judgment will be dull, and you’ll likely be able to enjoy the here and now without bothering yourself with what you should or should not do yourself.”

“Whoa, your seriously awful, you know”

Why I’m just looking out for you.



After this and that, we finally entered the dungeon.

“Why do I have to walk in front!” Sayla roared.

“Of course because we plan to proceed ahead while using you as a sacrifice.”

Upon my answer, not only Sayla, but even Sword became dumbfounded.

“Oof, I underestimated just how much of a brute you are.

Far from readily considering accidental deaths, you actively intend to sacrifice others without a care…I didn’t expect you to be so deranged.”

“The only one I’m going to protect is you, Sword.

I’ll gladly sacrifice everyone else for your protection and my enjoyment.”

“You casually added 『for your enjoyment』 in there, didn’t you”

Of course.

Once I nodded, I had my temples ground.

“Ouch, ouch, it hurtsss!”

Sayla had stopped moving altogether after starting to cry.

I sighed deeply, “No choice, I guess.

Do you want to walk together with me then While holding hands”

When I held out my hand, she grabbed it while sobbing.

“…… Are you possibly…quite skilled at wooin’ women”

What’s this guy yapping

“You stay away from us a bit.

It won’t be any fun if you stick too closely.

Also, don’t defeat anything that approaches us, okay I’ll do it myself.”



But, are you going to be okay” Sword asked after having given up.

“Of course.

Now, let’s be off! We’re going on an adventure!”

Sword finally smiled due to those words, and after she blinked her eyes a few times, Sayla stopped crying and smiled as well.


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