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Chapter 51: You Don’t Think Church Structures Are Beautiful (Except for the Gilded Splendor)

Before going to the dungeon, we stopped by the church.

We settled down on buying one bottle.

If it looks like it’s possible to make holy water ourselves, we will do so, and if not, we’ll attack some undead with it.

“Speaking of churches, it’s all about the structure.

Does it have any designs worthy of notice”

“Huh You were interested in such stuff”


Art is bountiful in sensitivity.

Culture is the proof of mankind.

The same also applies to cooking.

You enjoy it with your eyes, nose, and tongue.”

My otherworld self was good at cooking, but she didn’t really fuss over food arrangement and coloring.

But she believed that delicious food should also be a feast for the eyes.

My current self is aiming for photogenic dishes, so far as it goes.

The taste is still lacking in some parts, so I also considered adding the visual aspect.

“Worryin’ ’bout such stuff sure points to you bein’ a Noble Lady.” Sword said after taking a long, hard look at me.

“You think so Well, nobles certainly might be like that, but… Hmm, you’re right.

Art and culture may be built on sacrifices of the weak.

Without riches, art won’t come into existence.”

Even in the other world, it was always the rich who allowed art to thrive.



The church Sword led me to was…

“Quite new, isn’t it”

I couldn’t feel any art or history from it.

Or to describe it in one word, 『unrefined』.

It might have cost quite a bit of money, but it totally gives off the impression of nuveau riche, or to be blunt, they’ve pointlessly wasted lots of money.

Moreover, it’s covered all over with shiny gold.

“…I’ve already felt so before, but my artistic sense doesn’t mesh with the artistic sense of this world’s inhabitants.”

“Nah, it ain’t my taste either.”

Yep, you can’t settle down in such a thing, can you

“The churches in the other world I considered as pretty had…colored glasses, and windows joined together by those colored glasses.

They depicted wonderful religious paintings by combining various colors.

And the windows were set up to be hit by sunlight, making the whole experience extremely beautiful.

The technique of pasting elements together was also used on the ceilings and walls.

It was impressive to see how they had meticulously painted on small tiles and pasted them all together into one bigger picture.”

“You can tell just from hearing that it’s gotta be a ridiculous amount of work.”

“You’re right about the labor itself, but I think it’d have been impossible without a good sense of color.

And that’s also the reason why it’s art.

I hope they have at least some elaborate interior decoration and colorful frescoes.

I mean, I thought I’d be able to take a look at such things…”

I got disappointed.

“Your previous world was really incredible.

I’ve got a hunch that things are far more advanced over there than they’re here.”

“Maybe it’s because magic didn’t exist.

Art that’s created without using magic, only relying on your own hands, is possibly so bewitching a feat that it’s beyond the reach for the people of this world who rely on magic for everything But then again, nature produces the best art, I’d say.”

I like works made by humans, but I also love looking at breathtaking natural sceneries.



…Just as I was having a discourse on art with Sword, someone approached us.

“You people look like you might be adventurers.

I shall allow you to take me with you, if you head into the dungeon.”


Hmm What was that Umm…another misunderstanding

I looked at the person who had drawn close to us.

I’d say she’s around my age.

A girl with similarly small breasts like me.

She’s wearing a cassock that’s a lot more luxurious than the ones I know of.

Its color is also very flashy – pink and violet…and on top of that, it’s got embroideries added to it with golden threads.

Is she a cosplayer or something

I looked at Sword, but he was completely ignoring her existence.

Moreover, “You ignore her as well” was totally written on his face.


I looked at the girl once more.

“Didn’t you hear me Then let me repeat it once more.

I shall kindly allow you to take me with you to the dungeon.

Now, follow me.”

……I don’t get the meaning of what she’s talking about.

How troublesome.

I should be bilingual, but on top of having recovered my otherworld memories, I didn’t have much opportunity to talk with others until I met Sword.

Maybe because of that, I’m better at the other world’s language, and every once in a while, there will be times when I can’t understand what the people of this world are saying.

I sought help from Sword.

“You see, Sword, as a matter of fact I’m better at the language of the other world.

Until I met you, I didn’t talk to others much, so it happens that I occasionally don’t understand what the people of this world are saying.”

Sword spluttered, bursting into laughter.

“…So, I don’t quite get what she’s saying, but… Sword, what is she talking about”

The small-breasted girl sighed with a shake of her head.

“Apparently it was too difficult for people of low birth to understand my words… Although I had my hopes up since your attires are fairly decent.”

Oh, blue veins popped on Sword’s forehead, huh

“Now, now, aren’t you a bit too touchy It’s because you’re drinking too much alcohol.”

“Don’t blame my liquor on everythin’ and anythin’! You as former nobility don’t feel anythin’ when insulted like that!”

“Well, I can understand that those aren’t the words of the clergy.

At least as far as the clergy in memory goes.

Isn’t she a noble herself I mean, that’s how nobles are, correct”

The small-breasted woman flinched away.

After artificially clearing her throat, “My name is Sayla.

…But I see, so you were of noble descent On top of that, a decent personal appearance.

By the way, you came here to buy holy water, didn’t you If I come with you people, you won’t need any holy water.

That’s why I am telling you that I shall accompany you.”

…I was able to understand around half of it.

Granted I didn’t misunderstand it, though.

“I see.

Now that you have introduced yourself, I must do so as well.

I’m called Indra.

It’s true that I came here to buy holy water.

I want one bottle as a souvenir.

Since there’s no point in getting you in exchange for a souvenir, I’d like you to refrain from accompanying us.” I looked at Sword.

“…You agree with me, don’t you”

He caressed my head.

“I’m totally with you on that.

It’s a big boon that you’re such a composed girl.

Now, if you only wouldn’t treat humans and monsters equally, it’d be even better.”

“You’re funny.

I’m just making a distinction between 『those dear to me』 and 『everyone else』.

There’s no way that I’d put you and monsters on the same level.”

I think even Sword would destroy any human who destroyed his Ryoku regardless of whether they knew that he’s a golem or not.

“……Pardon me I feel I might have misheard.

You mentioned that you wish to obtain holy water as a 『souvenir』”

“You didn’t mishear.

That’s what I said.”

The small-breasted woman, now Sayla, started to tremble, only to become bright red and yell in anger, “…F-For you t-to put holy water on the same level as s-souvenirs!! There are l-limits to how rude one can be!!”

……Once again, I don’t comprehend what she’s telling us.

“Sword, I didn’t understand her again.

I think that I received a reasonably good education, but maybe it’s now working against me that I didn’t have many opportunities to talk with others during my childhood” When I asked him, almost on the verge of tears, Sword roughly stroked my head.

My eyes spun a bit from my head being whirled around.

“Hmm, just now, you see, she apparently got angry because you pissed her off.

She’s insistin’ that holy water should be used properly, ‘kay”


“It’s not like it’s set in stone how you ought to use holy water, or is it In the first place, it’d be impossible to go around and check how every buyer has used it.

Also, using it as a souvenir shouldn’t be regarded as such a bad use.

It’s not like I’ve suggested, 『Let’s sprinkle holy water in the toilet since it works great as deodorant!』, have I”

Sword guffawed whereas the small-breasted Sayla trembled even more furiously.

“H-How blasphemous! I-I won’t tolerate this! You won’t be forgiven until you correct yourself!”

“What, you didn’t know It’s currently a fad among nobles.”

In response to my comment, she froze, completely lost for words.

“……You’re lying……”

“Oh, you found out”


Sword folded his arm, and stared at me in obvious admiration, “Your instigation skill is truly a class of its own, you know”



Since she told us that they wouldn’t sell holy water to someone so heretic, I immediately gave up on it, and we left the church.

Yet, she chased after us.

“W-Wait a moment! Why are you leaving without buying any holy water!”

……Somehow I feel like I don’t possess the skill to speak with this girl.

“Wasn’t it you who told us that you won’t sell it to us”

She groaned.

“T-That’s right, but why did you leave just like that without buying it”

I got more confused by the second since I had no idea what she was talking about.

“……I thought it was common sense that you can’t buy something that’s not up for sale, but does the church operate on another common sense”

She groaned once more.

“O-Of course, it’s different!” She declared right afterwards.

So they don’t have the same common sense as everyone else!

“If you promise to correct your ways, wholeheartedly apologize while bowing, and beg while clinging to my legs, it might be possible for you to obtain what’s not up for sale.”

“Nah, I don’t need it to the extent of doing anything like that.” I quickly turned her down.

“Anyway, we had some fun, but now we’ll be off.

The church didn’t offer anything we gotta see, but I s’pose it had a rare animal at least.”

“You’re treating her like a rare animal”

“A small-breasted rare anima…no, that’s wrong.

A woman with a moderate bust.” Sword coughed deceivingly

Afterwards, he pretended to not hear anything she said.

“Now then, let’s go.

We don’t need anythin’ like holy water anyway.

If you wanna enjoy that thrill of yours, an item allowin’ you to kill enemies in a whiff would contradict that, right”

“Of course! I’m the type who clears games without any cash boosts!”

I really wonder what kind of dungeon it’s going to be! I’m so excited!

Yet, Sayla chased after us.

“Hey! Just now you said small-breasted rare animal, didn’t you! Small-breasted!”

“It’s just your imagination.

…Ah, by the way, Sword and I hate people who act all high and mighty.

Remember, even if you try to throw your weight around by borrowing the power of god, it won’t just not work on some people, but there are also people who hate such a behavior.”

I intended to throw cold water on her just as she was about to go ballistic.

Sword laughed without saying anything.

Meanwhile Sayla became dumbfounded.

“S-S-Something l-like t-t-that…”

“If you’re saying I’m wrong, then practice what I’ve told you just now in the future.

――Don’t stand between god and the people offering their devoted prayers to god.

Rather, stay in the back and offer your prayers to those pious believers.

Lend money to those depending on god without demanding piety in exchange, and don’t become arrogant or proud over doing so.

Don’t seek anything from those who don’t pray to god as they don’t believe, and don’t coerce them by flaunting god’s name.

――That’s the exact opposite of what you’ve been doing, don’t you think You’re a prime example of 『abusing god’s power for your own purposes』.”

Yep, I said something great there!

…Just when I thought that, Sayla broke out in tears.

“Oh boy, you’ve gone way overboard.

Once again you’ve broken someone’s mind.”

“Huh I said something good!”

“Certainly, you did.

But look, as someone who got pampered all the time until now, she was never told anythin’ like 「You’re actin’ all high and mighty」.”

Just because she was never told so doesn’t mean that she has to cry over it, does it

……Oh well, whatever.

She’s just a random stranger anyway.

Not like I care.

I mean, she was the one who suddenly talked to us, followed us around, and told us to do this or that.

It’s not like I’m a parasite hunter.


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