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Chapter 48: Although I Wanted to Get Attacked, I Was the One Attacking

“……Hey, just a moment What’s going on here”

Oh, Ms.

Bloody arrived.

She was trembling all over.

“Did you get this girl’s amazingness now”

“Certainly, it might be like a story…you’d find in [manga], I suppose I have to admit that I’m a bit shocked at myself.”

I’m whipping by hand, but the speed and power is as fast as that of a mixer.

And the fine-chopping proceeds as quickly as doing it with a food processor.

It gives you an unrealistic feel, as if you’re in a food battle manga catered towards boys.

“Using several spells at the same time! What’s…this! How does that work!”

Hmm That’s the part bothering her

“Moreover, without chanting.”


Upon Sword’s additional comment, Ms.

Bloody stared at him, her eyes wide open.

“So, you still believe she ain’t suitable to be my partner I won’t hear any of it.”


Bloody looks like she’s about to cry once more.

“Now, now, I’m done over here, so let’s eat.

I’ve also made some for those unpopular women…err, maids.

Since we only got enough bread for ourselves, you have to cover the rest with your own.

Just in case, I’ve made this here as a replacement for bread.

It’s made out of grain, so it should be filling.”

I dished up the food and carried it over.




Bloody, who was on the verge of tears, apparently cheered up due to the dishes I served.

“Ohh! These definitely smell nice! It looks like you do have skills rivaling a cook.”

The maids were fidgety as well.

“Umm, our share…”

“I prepared it, at least I intended to.

If I didn’t miscalculate the amount, there should be enough for everyone.”

They swarmed into the kitchen while giggling and chattering excitedly.

“….. They are not…maids”

The maids I know aren’t so easygoing that they’d rush towards a kitchen while leaving their mistress in the lurch.

“They’re my pupils.”


“Sometimes they take care of my daily necessities, but usually they’re training magic and analyzing old books over here.

We also take our meals together.”

“I see.

Sorry for not having served their dishes here then.”

When I apologized, Ms.

Bloody waved a hand.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s okay.

They can take care of things themselves.

Anyway, let’s eat as well.”

She commented, but I didn’t expect that no one would wait on the table.

…No choice.

I guess I’ll handle it myself.

“The drinks are missing, right …Oh well, I’ll treat you as an apology for having broken your mansion and as thanks for taking care of us.”

Sword’s eyes widened.

“Aaahhh! Your givin’ away booze again, dammit!”

“You’re going to drink as well, right”

“Here, please fill my glass.” He answered immediately.

“Hey old man, you’re not going to drink with us” I got asked by Sword.

But I replied, “Drinking in your childhood can hinder growth.

If possible, I want to wait with alcoholic beverages until I turn 20.”

“That’s quite a long way off, isn’t it”

“Well, if it’s just a bit, it’s no problem.

This time I’m going to stick with the juice which is a product from stopping the fermentation halfway.”

It’s bubbly and delicious.

“Well then, we’re grateful for God’s blessings.” I announced while lifting my glass.

“Whoa, you were a noble for real.

Moreover, doesn’t that point to you having been higher-ranking nobility Your conduct is flawless.

Completely different from a lowly Baroness like me, aren’t you”

“You got it wrong.

This is going to be a sob story, but to get to the point, I was taught manners as a form of mistreatment by my mother, and had it perfectly down at the age of five.”

“I don’t really feel like crying.” She took a sip of the wine.

In the next moment, Ms.

Bloody froze.

On the other hand, Sword drained his glass down in one go.

“You’re going to get assaulted if you drink too much.”

“This drink isn’t all that strong, so it’s goin’ to be alright.

Please give me a refill.”

I humored him with a sigh.

At that moment, “What’s this! What the hell is this!! What, so high-ranking nobles were drinking such delicious wines!”, Ms.

Bloody rebooted.

“That’s a wine made by me.”


Bloody froze again.

“Eehh, you also have wine”

“How nice, really nice~”

The maids…err, pupils coaxed me into pouring them some as well after coming back with full plates.

“I got it, I got it.

Bring your cups and I’ll give you some.”




Sword jumped up with such force that his chair was knocked over.

“Don’t be such a miser.

In the first place, this is my share, and it’s been intended for cooking, okay Even if I shared all of it, there’s still plenty more bottles.

You also got some with you, don’t you”

The pupils got super excited.

“Waaah! Despite being so tiny, you’re such a hottie~!”

Okay, that’s no praise, really.

Besides, I’m a woman.


Afterwards, it turned into a party.


The unpopular women got totally wasted.

But, I was praised a lot since they apparently liked the food, and when I brought out my fluffy pancake with soy milk cream as dessert, they got so moved that they started to cry.

“Oh damn, I got them completely drunk.

This has halved my feeling of excitement whether they’re going to trap us in some way.

Instead, it looks like I’m going to assault them after making them drunk, huh”

“What scary nonsense are you blatherin’ there You won’t attack them, will you You’d hate to be forced takin’ responsibility for some unknown girls, wouldn’t you”

I had expected that I could have some fun until going to bed, but…some of them are already dozing around there.

Rather, is this the trap

“Good grief, I guess I’m going to carry them to bed.”

After asking the unpopular women who were still conscious, I grabbed several as if towing drowned people, and tossed them into some random bed.

Although he said this and that, Sword helped me out as well.

“I don’t get what’s so dangerous about staying here.”

“I don’t know anymore either.

…Oh well, whatever, I’ll tell you the story behind it, so let’s go shower and return to our room.”


Even though there should be no danger, he tightly stuck to me, even taking a shower together with me.

I’m a woman, you know…



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