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Chapter 42: (Sad News) The Hidden Function Won’t Trigger

We entered the next town.

How should I describe it…

“Wooow, the whole place is packed with nothing but people wearing magician outfits!”

“That’s the kind of town it is.”

There’s lots of people walking around in very robey clothes while holding very wandey staffs.

“The magicians gather in the town’s west while the sorcerers stick to the east.

I’d guess you’d be more interested in the east”

“No, I’m not interested.

My learning period is over, now I’m adventuring! I’m going to find the 【Big TreasureOne Piece】 that’s been hidden somewhere in the worldon the Grand Line! I’ll become AdventurerPirate King!!”

“The hell’s up with that You can’t find somethin’ that doesn’t exist, and in the first place you told me you want me to take you ‘long on sightseein’.

It’s my first time hearin’ anythin’ ’bout that kind of objective.” Sword casually retorted.

It looks like he considers it to be a bother



As we’re walking across the streets, we draw an awful amount of attention.

Or to be precise, the Ryokus are! People are stopping and openly staring at them!

Maybe they think they’re monsters Even though they’re so adorable…

…Sword’s exclusive Ryoku has been restlessly observing his surroundings full of keen interest.


Sword, so much information~!”

Wait! He said it!

“Gaaah! Why has your Ryoku’s hidden function been invoked! It’s never happened for me, despite me doting so much on my Ryoku!”

…I had my temples ground again.

“Listen, girl! Why have you added such a totally useless secret function anyway! It only startles me when he suddenly chats me up! Rather, the people ’round me always look at me with cold eyes since I end up carelessly answerin’!”

…While we’re having such a conversation, the people around us kick up a fuss, saying “…It talked…!” or “How does that work…”

But, you see, just talking is nothing special.

After all it’s just a playback of my recorded voice, if it comes to the standard lines.



Around the time when we were about to enter the adventurer guild, a grandpa in a navy blue robe cautioned us – at least I think that’s what he intended, “That’s the adventurer guild!”

I exchanged a look with Sword.

“Is why we’re enterin’ it”

The grandpa became dumbfounded upon Sword’s response.


“…Why would you go there if you operate such advanced golems I think it would be more fitting for you to come to the sorcerer guild.”

Is it wrong if you don’t go to the sorcerer guild while operating golems I didn’t know.

“No, we’re adventurers.

These are certainly golems, but they ain’t ancient golems.

They’re somethin’ like toys made by her.”

What are you blathering, you dummy! My cute Ryokus are no toys! They’re robots! Robots!!!

…Hmm Come to think of it, does building robots in reality enter the category of being a hobby

The grandpa is dumbstruck.

Makes sense.

I mean they’re way too big for being toys.

…Still, he really looks like a wizard as they appear in that super popular fairy-tale.

I wonder, is his appearance based on some customs However, the wands of this world aren’t like conductor sticks, but more like canes that could also be used for mountain climbing or beating someone to death.

“……She made it”

“Yeah, I built them.

It’s all based on my own trials and errors, so they’re different from this world’s ancient golems or whatever you call them.”

Grandpa froze with his mouth gaping.

Still, ancient golems, eh… If we’re going by the 『usual template』, technology was highly advanced in ancient times, and because they were built with such a sophisticated technology, they probably fight as long as you order them 「Fight」.

And theories tell us that they perished in the blink of an eye after having developed their technology to such an extent…or at least that’s my guess.

“Oh! I just remembered! A new dream! Let’s go search for ultra-advanced, ancient items sleeping on some unexplored continent!”

This is also a standard template!

“Even kids wouldn’t think of becomin’ adventurers based on a dream that sounds like sleep-talk.

Or rather, ain’t the stuff your makin’ already plenty ultra-advanced It’s much faster for you to build such items than searchin’ for ’em.”

Where’s the dream in that

“Hmm…floating islands or some such don’t exist either then According to my otherworld knowledge, it’s a convention for ancient ruins and items to be sleeping in such places.”

“…Your talkin’ ’bout dragon nests”

Dragon nests!” Floating islands have been turned into dragon nests!

“As might be expected, all dragons in a nest are goin’ to attack you if you snoop around there.” Sword warned me.

“…I won’t do anything as rude as entering the backyard of someone else without asking for permission first.

I’d hate it if the place was full of excrements…”

I quickly gave up on the idea.

…As we’re talking, grandpa reboots, and immediately comes my way, trying to grab me.

But, Sword quickly prevented him from getting close.

“One! Sell me just one of these golems!”

“Eh Don’t wanna.” I instantly turned him down.


“No, rather than begging me, you just need to ask a sorcerer, don’t you I built them as part of my hobby, so a genuine sorcerer would be able to build you a proper one, no”

Grandpa looked at me blankly, “…You are no sorceress”

“I’m an adventurer.

Not all people capable of using magic arts are magicians, not all people capable of cooking are cooks, and not all people capable of making magic tools are sorcerers.

My main job is being an adventurer.”

“Why! Whyyy!! Why are you no sorceress despite being able to make these!”

“Calm down.

Getting too excited might be sometimes good for the blood circulation and for speeding up the thinking of dulled minds because of the [Adrenaline] that’s secreted, but since blood vessels turn more brittle the older you become, it’s quite possible for them to rupture if the blood circulation’s speed or the blood pressure rise all of a sudden.”

“Whoa, your instigatin’ him with a flood of small, complicated details.”

I’m not instigating anyone! I’m just worried about his health!

“I decide for myself how I live my life.

I don’t feel like justifying things to people I met just moments ago, nor do I need to.

That’s because he’s someone completely unrelated to me.

Well then, please excuse us.”

Sword pushed the grandpa aside and we entered the guild.



“I just hope he doesn’t collapse.

If he loses consciousness after the blood vessels in his brain ruptured, I wouldn’t know whether a healing potion would be enough to fix it.”

“Then he’d have desired it to the extent of his blood vessels rupturin’, right If he could have made it himself, he’d have done so a long time ago, don’t you think”

“He can make it himself, it’s not that difficult.

Moreover, it becomes even easier when he gathers a few more people.

If you’re asking what’s so difficult about it, it’d be programming 『movements that any living being performs instinctively』! Even just simple walking becomes super, super difficult if you have to word it out in detail like this!”

Don’t ask others without putting at least that much effort into it yourself! Make things yourself instead!

Sword consoled me by stroking my head, “Did you also get upset when I simply told you 『to make me one』”

“No In the first place, I was the one asking you whether you want one.

Just as I told you, the Ryokus always collecting information through [Parallelization] and share that information amongst each other.

It’s not like it’s impossible for me to build another Ryoku from scratch, but I don’t want to.

And I made an exclusive Ryoku and passed it to you because it’s you.

Why must I give one of my cute Ryokus to some stranger Moreover, I wouldn’t know how he’d be treating my Ryoku, would I”

I’d be troubled if he fed the Ryoku with some weird information.

――I had considered making the Ryoku I’ve left behind in our mansion join up with us, but he seems to be doted on so much that there’s no need for me to do so.

Moreover! The Ryoku over there has become capable of chatting very smoothly!! The same can’t be said about my Ryoku even though I’m showering him with so much love!

…Which reminds me, the Ryoku under my direct control has gone out on a walk on his own accord without me knowing anything about it, and even got doted on by granny!

Why Does he have some complaints about his working conditions! Then invoke that hidden command!

Sword became puzzled due to me suddenly sulking.

“What’s up Somethin’ wrong”

“…I can’t get Ryoku to become emotionally attached to me.”

My shoulders shook with jolts.

“Wake up, girl.

The Ryokus are golems.

Not livin’ beings, but golems!!”

I know that!!



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