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Chapter 40: Healing Potions sure Are a Mystery, Aren’t They

We returned to the pharmacy while I carried her on my wooden rack.

Granny thanked me profusely while sobbing.

“She’s really such a stupid girl…”

“I fully agree with that.

But then again, adventurer is a job that attracts idiots.”

Sword guffawed, “You got a point there.”

After entrusting the girl to granny, I stood at the door, “We’re going to move on.

Thanks for everything, I owe you.

…Oh, right.”

I went over to granny and handed it to her.

“…This is… Don’t tell me…!” Granny threw her eyes wide open.

Sword tilted his head while watching, and then widened his eyes as well.

“…Hey! That’s…you gotta be kiddin’, right…!”

“It’s a 『Healing Potion』 I made myself.

It’s different from the ones available on the market as I’ve tampered with it a tiny bit.”

I showed them the medicine I received from granny as reward for the request, and lightly shook it.

“If you give me this here as reward for the request, it’s overpaying.

Therefore I prepared something to offset the imbalance.

…Well, it’s handmade, so making it didn’t really cost me much anyway.”

Granny stared at me blankly.

“I think it’s something with a similar effect.

I doubt you’ll be able to sell it to the guild…under my name.

If you put forth Sword’s name, they should buy it off you since this guy seems to be some kind of bigshot.

One platinum coin, was it”

Sword was dumbfounded as well, but came back to his senses upon my question.

“…I’ve got no doubt that they’ll check it out.

But, if they can prove its effectiveness, well, half of that…no, we’re talkin’ ’bout you here, so maybe they’re goin’ to set the price to twice that.

Can you estimate how much of an effect it’s got”

I placed a hand on my chin, “Let’s see…hmm, bones or parts regarded as bones will regrow.”

The two stared at me in shock.

“But, they will just regrow, you know I don’t know whether they’ll work normally again since I never used it myself.

It’d just be an 『arm made with a healing potion』.

I guess you could also call it 【Ultra High Speed Cultivation for Transplantation】.

In short, it’d be an arm made by copying an arm.”

“You totally lost me there.”

It’s difficult to explain.

If you chant a spell along the lines of “Arm, grow~” in this world, the arm will regrow in the same way as before for some reason, but I don’t get the principle behind that.

But even without fully understanding it, I know a spell that will transform magic elements into cells to create a tissue, so I mixed up the spell formula for that.

It’d be much simpler, if the usage had a clear specification, but when it comes to creating a general purpose application, it’s kinda tough.

Since I assembled the spell formula like program code, I enjoyed doing it despite it being a challenge.

“…This only makes it more clear to me that you’ve totally made a mistake in what path to take in life.”

“I’ve got fun with it because it’s a hobby.

But, this world’s 「an arm will grow if you drink this」 is amazing.

I don’t understand the theory behind it at all.”

After gazing at my handmade healing potion, granny shifted her eyes to me.

“…Is it okay for me to take this”

“It’s something made by me.

And this is something made by you.

So, it’s an exchange.

However, the medicine over here is more valuable than the one over there.

The one over there contradicts the providence of nature.

…Though it’s ultimately just the 『Providence of Nature』 as I perceive it.”

Granny laughed, “…How regrettable.

You’d make a great pharmacist if you seriously aimed for it.”

“I want to run live experiments on people, but I’d hate to take responsibility if one of the specimens dies because I made a careless mistake.

Also, I like making medicine, but long observations to confirm its efficacy is a major pain.

Therefore I’m not cut out for it.

I’m an adventurer, an occupation where I go on adventures.”

Once I threw out my chest, proudly stating so, Sword burst into laughter.

“If one listens to your talkin’ ’bout adventurers, they could get the impression that it’s awfully relaxed and enjoyable.”

“But it is! Just having to take care of your own life is relaxed and fun, no As a business that makes things and sells them, you must take responsibility for whatever you sell, you know Something like that is obviously a big no for me.

It’s a hobby, and it’s just fine as a hobby.

No one is going to complain about something made as part of a hobby.”

Now even granny started to laugh.


Then I’ll take you up on your offer.

I’m free to use it as I like, right”

“Of course.

I’ll use this here as I please, too.”


Then goodbye and farewell.”


We left after I waved my hand.

Granny kept waving hers all the time until I couldn’t see her any longer.


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