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Chapter 27: I Arrived in Koda!

We arrived at the next town, Koda.

“Come to think of it, what are your plans goin’ forward You mentioned that you wanna tour the world while sightseein’, but there’s the matter with the liquor, and leavin’ for years on end would worry the folks back home.”

“I’ll go to the capital before the hero appears.

Going to the most prosperous and flourishing place if you’ve got the chance is the pet theory of any sightseeing tour, don’t you agree Afterwards, I feel like heading back alongside the sea, as long as we don’t have any requests forcing us to do otherwise.”

“Oh! Seafood, huh! Great idea! I’m sure you can make great dishes with stuff caught at sea, or am I wrong”

“I’d rather say it’s my specialty… But you see, the ingredients differ when comparing this world with the other world.

Besides, I’ve been struggling a lot since there’s many ingredients I can’t get my hands on.”

I created substitutes for miso and soy sauce.

But they’re only substitutes because I can’t find any yeast plants.

“You might be callin’ it different or wrong, but it’s pretty obvious goin’ to be quite delicious.

You ain’t out to make food for royalty, so know some compromisin’, girl.”

I’ve not been talking about it being delicious or disgusting, just that it’s not matching the taste I’m aiming for.

When I pouted with both cheeks puffing up, Sword pulled on them.



Now then, we’ve arrived at the guild after causing many people to get overly frightened and startled when seeing Ryoku.

“This girl is goin’ to take the C-Rank exam.

Please take care of the formalities.”

Leaving those words, Sword called the guild master and went over to talk with him.

Staying behind, I chatted with the receptionist.

“The C-Rank examination is going to take place in three days…” She said with a lost look.

“So I’m in time to take it”

“If you plan to do so, you can still register.

However, the preparations…”


“I haven’t heard anything from Sword besides it taking place in a dungeon.

Is there anything I’d need to prepare”


At that moment, the surroundings burst into roaring laughter.

“This girl is planning to take the C-Rank exam without even knowing that much”

“Stop, stop, you better give it a rest, missy.

You’ll fail anyway.”

“It ain’t no exam a little lady can take and pass!”

“Look, even if you’ve got to D-Rank through connections, C-Rank isn’t so easygoing.”

The peanut gallery kicked up a fuss.

“Sorry, miss.

I couldn’t quite hear what you said, so could you repeat it please”

“…Do you have any experience in diving into dungeons”

“Yeah, I went to one just the other day.

…Somehow it was like an attraction.

I grasped that it’s a place you can only enjoy for its thrill without making a map.”

The noise died down.

“So, what are those preparations you speak of Are there any materials I need to prepare in advance by killing monsters”

The receptionist vehemently shook her head, “N-No, if you have already experienced diving into a dungeon, you know what you need to prepare for it, right”

“I see.

That’s what you were talking about.

I’m in the middle of a trip, so I have most of my things on me.

But, I’ve made up my mind to go with self-imposed restrictions.

Otherwise I won’t be able to feel any of the thrill of an adventure… Ouch, ouch!!”

My head got grabbed!

“Y-o-u i-d-i-o-t! I told you to stop upsettin’ everyone ’round you, didn’t I!”

“Who am I upsetting anyway! You yourself said that it’d be bad if I were to show stuff…”

“In your case, talkin’ is just as bad! Stay silent!”

How terrible!

Sword removed his hand from my head, breathed out, and looked at the receptionist.

“It’ll be alright.

Despite her appearance, this girl is definitely capable.

At least the idea of ill-preparedness doesn’t exist with her.

She’s got enough ability to take and pass the exam, be it in three days or right now.”

“I-Is that so I shall register her then.”

Next Sword powerfully glared at the adventurers around us.

“It’s gonna be you people who’ll be looked down upon after judgin’ a book by its cover and doin’ some stupid stuff, you know Try to spout the same lines in front of me after she’s easily passed the exam.

It’ll be you morons who’ll lose face.”

I shrugged.

“It’s because adventurers are idiots who can’t discern strong people.”

…In the next instant my head got grabbed once again!


“I t-o-l-d y-o-u t-o s-t-a-y q-u-i-e-t, didn’t I”

“I got it! Ouch, ouch, it hurtsss!”

Tears filled my eyes.

“Come on, let’s go.

We’ve got a request.

We have to subjugate a fang boar.”

“Oh, tonight we’re going to have boar stew then.

Let’s eat it with a salty-sweet seasoning.

I want some veggies to go with it, so make a detour on the way.”


He apparently became cheerful right away, and stroked my head.



The boar hunt ended with a neck chop.

After washing, draining its blood, drying, and stuffing it into my cooling bag, we returned to the guild.

After they assessed the materials, we bought back the loin and thighs, and left.

When I was about to go back to the forest again, Sword gently grabbed my arm.

“I rented a house.” He whispered.

“I’d be fine with the forest though…”

“Isn’t it fine every now and then No need to be so overly pessimistic.”

“That’s not it.

It’s just a waste to pay money even though the stay in the forest is roughly the same in comfort.

You seem to be a rich guy, but money should be used more constructively.”

Also, I hate Sword paying for everything.

I’ve got my fair share of problems with having him finance everything just because he’s rich.

I’d love to reach a point where I’ll be able to pay for myself when we’re together, but it looks like Sword also has to keep up appearance…or rather, his dignity.

He doesn’t appear to be willing to allow a child to pay for herself.

Well, then again I’d probably feel the same about it if I were in his shoes.

Inside I’m an adult, okay

Sword ruffled my hair while laughing and not commenting on what I told him.



Now I’ve understood why he rented a house.

He apparently wanted to get dead drunk.

“I told you before! If you drink so much, you’ll get addicted on the [Alcohol] component in the liquor!”

“Ain’t happenin’! ‘s fine every once in a while! In the forest you sleep like a log without givin’ a damn ’bout anythin’, but I can’t settle down like that over there!”

“Even towns are full of dangers, aren’t they!”

“I sure would love to meet the burglars who break into a house rented by an S-Rank adventurer!”

How naive! Sword, you’re way too naive! That’s why you’ll someday get beaten by someone going beyond your expectations!

…is how I got angry at him, but it’s certainly true that Sword seems sleep-derived, going by his bad complexion, so I give up on scolding him.

“…Very well then.

I’ll have Ryoku stand guard, so get some rest.”

“What are you goin’ to do”

“Sightseeing, of course.”

“Wait, take Ryoku with you.

I doubt any idiot would pick a fight with someone who’s got a golem with her.”

“I highly doubt that.

This place seems to be teeming with morons who can’t tell the amazingness of a golem, let alone discern strong people.”

“Alright, now you’ve got me worried.

I’ll also…”

I stopped Sword by brushing his hair, shaking my head with a gentle smile.

“Don’t worry and get a rest.

If I walked through town next to you, who combines alcohol stench with an old man smell, I’d throw up everything I’ve eaten this morning on the sidewalk.”

“Shut up and get lost!” He thundered despite having said that he’s worried just moments ago.




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