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Chapter 2 – I’m Starting with my Studies!

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Once I reach my quota on stock, I’ll switch to a more regular schedule.

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Shortly after I felt like having heard a knock while dressing myself, the door was opened.

And seeing me up and about, the visitor yelled out in surprise, “M-Milady! Have you already recovered from your illness”

It’s Ms.

Newcomer Maid.

She’s still a young 15 years old…but then again I doubt she wants to be told that by a five-years-old.


I am fine, thank you.”

As I went with a safe answer while looking back at the maid who was coweringly glancing my way, I began to ponder.

I’m sure she’s always acting so timid because she’s been assigned to me despite being a newcomer, because she’s making lots of mistakes since she hasn’t learned anything and thus constantly embarrasses herself, because I’m being hated by everyone in this mansion, and because the other people in this mansion must look at her with eyes full of scorn and ridicule.

――Guh, who am I to say all that I mean I’m going to use her for my own schemes as well, contrary to the sympathy I feel for her! …I do feel sorry for her, but everything is the fault of that man, so I’ll have her take the blame for a bit longer.

I’m sorry, okay

“I will take all my meals in this room from now on.”


“… I’m telling you to bring all my meals here.”

“Y-Yesh, m-milady!”

Once I repeated myself, she bowed while answering me in a funny way.

I’m more than certain that that man is going to use this as yet another reason for abusing me, but to be honest, I don’t even want to see his face.

At least the meals should be something enjoyable, right





――The newcomer maid passed on Indra’s words to the head maid who then passed them on to the butler.

The servants, who had been working in the mansion for a long time, felt for Indra’s circumstances, despite Indra herself not having noticed as much.

Her mother only spared cruel slander for her daughter, day in and out.

She got educated in a way that might as well be described as torture.

On the other hand, her father only came back after her mother died, bringing the daughter of his lover with him, and on top of favoring that girl over Indra, he treated Indra, his own blood, like trash.

And yet Indra chased after her father, always doing as told in her desire to receive some parental love.

Therefore the butler decided that they’d heed to her small selfishnesses and demands.

He nodded his agreement, expecting that it’d be hard on her to get out of bed, especially after just having recovered fully, and handed out the necessary instructions to the other servants.

Just in case, the butler also informed her father about his daughter having woken up.

“Don’t bother me with each and every single triviality.” He snarled coldly with obvious disgust written on his face.

“…Certainly, master.” The butler answered after a moment of silence.

Since he had been told to “not bother him with trivialities”, the butler decided to not mention the matter with the meals.





The food in my current world isn’t tasty at all.

How to describe it It kinda lacks a flavor or two.

Though, I won’t complain.

As long as it contains enough nutrients, it won’t hinder my body’s development and training.

I’ll do something about the taste when I start cooking myself one day.

Anyway, I fully recovered from my illness only yesterday, so I limited myself to obediently reading books and making plans for the future, but the real show is going to start today!

I had ordered the newcomer maid to prepare male clothing that would allow for free movement.

Given that I followed various interests in the other world which also included becoming skilled at sewing, I can make rudimentary clothes easily, yep, easily! (I’m repeating myself to stress something important).

However, now I want to study or train myself instead of investing time into sewing.

That said, it’s time to train now that I’ve safely secured myself some training wear.

I adopt the positive thinking that I can freely train and study as I want since I’m basically being neglected anyway.

The lover’s daughter seems to receive teaching from a private tutor, but I’ve never joined those lessons.

Let alone that it’d be a pipe dream for me to be allowed to learn together with her…even if I asked for it…it’d most likely result in me being exposed to a flood of insults.

Since I don’t feel like being on speaking terms with her at this point either way, I’ll somehow deal with my education on my own.

First up is basic training.

In the other world I’ve done various martial arts, be it Japanese, Chinese, or Western.

While recalling all that, I stretch, do muscle and endurance training, and practice the basic forms and stances.

Okay, I’ve got the body of a noble lady, so things aren’t going well at all! Oh well, I’m still five years old, so I guess it’s only to be expected.

At the same time, I’m practicing my magic!

Look, I’m also studying normally, okay But, I’ve already mastered reading and writing through a Spartan training regimen, and I’ve also learned how to calculate in the other world, so I don’t need to learn any of those.

I’m especially good at mental arithmetics.

Or rather, since I’ve always been gifted at science-related subjects, all that’s left for me to learn is geography and history.

For these two I can only rely on books.

I decided to read books about magic, geography, and history after asking Ms.

Newcomer Maid to bring them to my room in the form of an order.

My focus was mostly on the books about magic though.

“…Hmm, I see, I see.

So in the end it relies on gut feeling, huh”

The books say people capable of using magic arts sense that they can use magic.

Of course I don’t get it at all, but! I can tell it’s an entity different from the otherworld me.

How to describe it It’s like a fluffy feeling that cannot be expressed in words, kinda like…hmm…ah, yeah! A sixth sense.

I’m pretty sure this must be the sensation signifying that I can use magic arts.

For sure.

Conviction is the key here.

While concentrating on this fluffy something, I focus on sensing the fluff.


Okay, I’ve become able to sense a fluffy current.

Yay, now I’m positive that I’ll become capable of using it! As of yet I only feel the fluff, though!



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