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Chapter 169: And here I Thought It Was Sleep-Talking…


The otherworld information I taught Sword was a terrible mess, but Damsel Scarlet actually topped it off.

“Before I got reincarnated, I have played a shojo game called [Rose-Colored ☆ Princess], and this world resembles the game world.”


For a second there, I cleaned my ear, wondering if I didn’t hear correctly.

“……Okay I wonder, did my translator break or something like that”

“Please listen to me without averting your eyes from reality!”

For some reason I got scolded.

I’m sorry.

“A commoner girl called Primrose was the female protagonist, but in reality her father was an earl, and after the earl’s wife, who had an iron control over the earl’s house, passed away, she was finally allowed into the family.

And then she lived at the family’s mansion, but everyone other than the earl, who had taken her in, treated her coldly, and especially her elder sister Indra terribly abused Primrose… Her elder sister excused it with it being Primrose’s fault for her father, the earl, paying no attention to Indra.”





Sword reflexively became expressionless as he put down his cup.

Still, that’s a story we can’t let the maids and servants at our base hear at any cost.

Damsel Scarlet was surprised by Sword’s action.

The maid also started to become wary.

I restrained both with a hand, “Don’t mind Instructor Sword.

It’s a story from another world’s game.

It sounds interesting to me, so please go ahead.”

Damsel Scarlet nodded while paying attention to Sword, “C-Certainly.

…And then Primrose would enroll at the royal capital’s academy.

Together with her elder sister from a different mother.

Because her sister would act sweet in front of her father, the earl didn’t notice her true character.

That is why he sent off Primrose together with her half-sister, who had answered with a smile when he told her to take care of her younger sister.

…That is how the introductory part goes.

The game genuinely starts after Primrose has enrolled at the academy.

The capture targets are the prince, his aide, the son of the Knight Order’s Leader, the prince’s younger brother, a musician, and a teacher.

But teachers were called instructors in the game.”

I had listened up to here with an occasional affirmative grunt, but her next words surprised me.



“Moreover, it also included a hidden route with a demonkin boy who was actually possessed by a demon.”

I unintentionally leaned forward while Sword stirred as he was apparently surprised as well.

“Primrose can use light and holy magic, and thus she would exorcize the demon…or actually, the evil spirit which possessed a deep grudge, followed by the demonkin boy confessing his eternal love and loyalty to her.

That was the scenario for the hidden route.”

“Doesn’t that make the hidden route the only interesting route Though his eternal love and loyalty are unnecessary.”

An exorcism sounds awesome.

I can’t do anything like that.

I should ask Primrose about it the next time I meet her.

As I pondered about such things, Damsel Scarlet became upset.

Moreover, using some weird words.

“…Men, who don’t play shojo games, won’t understand, but I was a big fan of the prince! But, then again, Cain of the hidden route was dreamy as well…”

I’m no guy.

But, I didn’t play any shojo games.



“…Did you discover that guy” Sword asked with a serious expression.

Damsel Scarlet shook her head, “Some discrepancies between the game and this world exist.

In the first place, Indra becoming a commoner, and moreover a man, before being admitted into the special class is a huge derivation.

The instructor, who should be a capture target, is missing as well.”

At that point, Damsel Scarlet apparently noticed something and cocked her head to the side, “……Oh my Come to think of it, as far as I remember, the setting described the instructor as a commoner and famous adventurer before he came to the academy…”

“It’s about you,” I declared to Instructor Sword.

“Eh That’s impossible.

Rather, if I should ever run into that Primrose or whatever, I’m apt to kill her.”

“Huh” Damsel Scarlet blinked her eyes.

“…That’s far from bein’ a small discrepancy.

Maybe the 『reality as it’s perceived by Primrose or whatever』 might align with that.

But, in reality, it’s totally off,” Sword spat out.


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