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Chapter 168: Which Game Faction

I invited Damsel Scarlet.

When I led her to Char, the maid attending her almost screamed out.

Meanwhile Damsel Scarlet bent her head slightly to the side, muttering, “…Somehow, I feel like I’ve seen that before.

“I made it while referencing a pillbug.”

“Ohhh! Now I remember, more or less!” She agreed, clapping her hands together.

…Pheew, I haven’t been told anything weird.



“I built a multi-legged combat transport golem for our traveling merchant, but since Sword pestered me about having his own as well, I made this multi-legged housing golem with combat capability.

We’ve got rooms inside, and since those are much more comfortable than some random parlor, I thought it’d be better for me to bring you here if I was going to invite you anyway.

…I took the liberty of allowing Instructor Sword to listen to our talk as well.

I plan to have a nice, long, in-depth chat with you today.”

Damsel Scarlet nodded, “Indeed, that has been my intention as well.

I also came here while bringing a maid with me whom I have carefully chosen for this occasion.

…This over here is Ann.

She is the Head Maid of the maids exclusively attached to me.

She has been with me since I was a baby, and even when I started to do erratic things, she kindly accepted all of it.

She is someone I trust from the bottom of my heart.”

“…Good day, my name is Ann, as Milady told you.

Please take good care of Lady Scarlet.”

She gave me a beautiful greeting.

“I’m Indra.

For certain reasons, I have discarded my family name and become a commoner.

But, I have a hunch that my soul’s home might be in a place close to that of Damsel Scarlet.

As such I felt a desire to form a friendly relationship with her.

I think some of the things you’re going to hear will surprise you, but please accept everything as is.”

“Very well, as you wish.”

Oohh, how promising.

Our maids have the same feel as her, so it might have been better if they were actually working for a young ducal lady.

…Ah, somehow I’ve ended up feeling pity for them.



Once I opened Char and invited them inside, they stopped dead in their tracks, being lost for words.

“Well, it’s not like it’s equipped with furnishings like you’d find at noble mansions, and it’s a camping car to begin with, so I’d be obliged if you could turn a blind eye to all the unsightly parts of it.

It’d be a big help if you could understand this as being the best outcome if a commoner does her utmost.”

“…… I feel like it’s more luxurious than my room, though That sofa, what kind of material does it use”

“Mostly monster materials.

I chose them for their durability and texture.

Even the stuffing which is similar to [urethane foam] has been made after processing elastic monster materials with a similar touch, so the level of comfort should be different.”

“For real!”

Damsel Scarlet, your language! Watch your language!



After having Damsel Scarlet sit down, I prepared black tea and light snacks.

Sword also showed up around that time.

“I know it’s rude, but would you allow me to attend your meeting as well …Indra’s otherworld stories contain a lot of fabrications, so I’ve been working on back-checking them with folks who possess knowledge similar to Indra’s.”

Eh What’s up with that He’s on a totally different agenda, isn’t he How about asking for clues in regards to our request!



Once I served the black tea, Damsel Scarlet smiled, “I see, you’ve immediately put it to use.

……Oh my Is this possibly…”

I provided milk as well.

“Since it had been frozen, its quality has deteriorated, but well, seeing how it originally was delicious milk, please give it a try, if you like.

Sword, you want this, right”


“Ah, is that possibly…”

“Yep, it’s [brandy].

I guess you’d call it grape liquor over here.”

“Which reminds me, you mentioned that you were brewing liquor, weren’t you …Would you mind sharing some of it with me I’d love to use it for my sweets.”


But, please think of something to trade it for.

Money is fine as well, but…I’d be happier with something else.”

“Okay, I understand.”

Next to me, Instructor Sword drank a sip, topped it up with brandy, drank another sip, and topped it up once more.

It looks like he’s planning to eventually turn the tea into brandy-only.



“…Indra, do you know about 【Shojo Games】”

“Yeah, I do.

I never played them myself.

I preferred 【Bishojo Games】.” 1

“Aahh…I suppose men would prefer those.”

Sword blew out his tea.

“I’ve told you, I’m a woman.

Now as well as in my previous life.

Instructor Sword, please give me a hand here.

Anyway, I’ve been mistaken as a man.”

Sword choked for a while.

“She’s right.

She does look like a guy, but she’s a woman.”

He properly told her.

“…You’re joking, right”

“No, it’s the truth.

Her curves are so flat that you could actually pity her for it, but this one here is a woman.

She’s bein’ properly called 『Lady Indra』 by the maids and servants at our base, and she’s also dressed up to cross…err, wear a decent, female dress.”

SEE! What did I tell you!

But not only Damsel Scarlet, but even her maid Ann stared at us blankly.

After finally coming to her senses, Damsel Scarlet muttered, “……A girl playing bishojo games”

Sword tilted his head to the side while looking at her, “Rather, what’re those 【Bishojo Games】 ‘nyway”

“I’d say they’re games where a male protagonist sleeps around with beautiful girls.”

Sword stared at me dumbfounded after I gave him an answer.

“……Hey, your not a guy by chance, are you”

Huh Even Sword started to say that


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