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Chapter 167: Outside the Loop


Somehow I felt a chill travel down my spine.

I wonder why

“……Just now, I felt like I might have heard something very pathetic…or maybe not… I got a hunch that it’s the first low-blow ever since 【Thunderclap Whitefang】.”

Damsel Scarlet tilted her head in puzzlement while staring at me.

“Oh my,【Thunderclap Whitefang】 is a very dashing name, is it not”

“Isn’t it rather so grating on the ears that you feel like weeping”

Both of us inclined our heads.

Huh It looks like we’ve got different tastes.

“Damsel Scarlet, are you possibly the type of person who doesn’t feel turned off when hearing something like 『The Evil Eye sealed in my right eye is throbbing…』”

“No, not particularly.”

For real!

The second shiny guy pulled a surprised face, “…Would anyone actually seal an Evil Eye in their own right eye Instructor Sword…hasn’t done it, right Either way, such a person would be incredible.

I’d love to meet them.”

He was saying something in the same direction of what Sword had said.

But, that’s only reasonable! I mean, this world has genuine seals! But, in this case it’s about something else!

“The current generation of braves seems to have someone afflicted by that kind of illness.

I think it’ll be very interesting when I meet him,” I said in total monotone.

“Sir Indra, you are truly overflowing with knowledge.

For you to even know about the braves.”

“Ah, the house we rented during our stay in the capital got pulverized by the brave.

He apparently wasn’t happy about us not being present at the time of his visit.”

Silence dominated the hallway.

The second shiny guy said, while looking dumbfounded, “…As expected of a brave.

For him to take such action against you…”

“Indeed, he’s the very definition of a 【Brave】.

I won’t be able to meet him unless I happen to come across him for some reason, but when I do encounter him, it’ll definitely be his end.”


Both stared at me blankly.

【Genius of the Frozen…ugh, I’m getting the chills! Mr.

Lackey who seems to freeze others with his name, now Sir Genius, cleared his throat, and then looked at Damsel Scarlet while knitting his eyebrows.

“Lady Scarlet, I am well aware that you are putting in all effort into developing your ducal house.

But! I would like you to refrain from doing anything reckless! You are…”

“Oh my, but it looks like Prince Elias has become fairly close to Lady Primrose, the younger sister of Sir Indra, you know Is it not fine for me to also befriend her elder sis…err, brother”

“No need to correct yourself there.

I’m her ‘sister’,” I corrected.

Why did you correct yourself anyway Just follow through with Big Sister! It’s not wrong in any way!

“…This guy…is Rose’s…no, Lady Primrose’s elder brother No way, something like that is…”

“You’re absolutely right! It’s wrong.

I’m her ‘elder sister’!” I emphasized.

Genius shook his head unnaturally, “I heard about Rose having an elder brother.

She mentioned that they had been separated for life… For that to be this guy…such a freak…for Rose’s elder brother to be such a…”

I swiftly retorted, “You’re wrong! I’m her elder sister! SISTER!”

I’ll say it as often as necessary!


“Isn’t there some mistake here” Genius continued with the conversation without even sparing me a look.

The two were talking while completely ignoring me!

“Lord Genius, you must have heard about the rumors and name of Indra Springcoat, the noble daughter…err my bad, son of the Springcoat family, right”

It wasn’t bad!

“…Somewhat, but…still, you’re saying such a broken commoner…such an arrogant man is the missing son of the Springcoat family …Ah, but, that’s why his manners are flawless, huh… His speech as well.

I already wondered why a commoner had reached such a grade of perfection, but…as a former noble son, he must have received a special education in his childhood…”

“Hey, why are you going out of your way to make up ** The rumors were about a 『Tragic noble daughter』, weren’t they! I know that those things had also been said at the auctions in the capital!”

Even though I tried to interject, the two ignored me unnaturally.

Gaaaaah! It pisses me off so much!!!

Genius looked at Damsel Scarlet while grimacing.

“Ugh…in that case, it can’t be helped.

I shall pass on to the prince what you told me just now.

But, you should refrain from acting imprudently, nonetheless.”

“I believe I should return those words right back at you and the prince.

Do you not think so”

Both smiled at each other.

Yet I was being left completely outside the loop! Gaaaaaah!!



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