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Chapter 166: We Started to Gradually Get Chummier!

Damsel Scarlet and I frequently talked after our first tea party.


――I was stopped by Swannyboy and Instructor Sword, but I didn’t give up on parading around.

…is what I’d like to say, but why is Sword stopping me anyway! Has he forgotten about our objective here!


Occasionally, I ran across her during those parades of mine.

Just like today.

We exchanged greetings and started to chat.

“…Still, how were you able to make [Curry Powder]”

“I ate [Curry] when eating out in the past, so I reproduced it by combining the spices myself.

Well, I did buy the spices whole and not as powder.

That’s why I know about the shape and color of the ingredients.

I also adjusted the spices used and their apportionment in various ways depending on my mood.”

“Whoa, I now understood just how important your original specs are when it comes to a cheat,” she told me something that could have come out of Mr.

Amato’s mouth.

And then she returned to her usual, polite way of talking.

“I would like to request you to sell me the soap and scalp shampoo.

I shall willingly buy up everything while freely using the assets of the ducal house.”

“No, trade me for black tea.

I’d like to also buy up the black tea while using Sword’s fortune.”

Damsel Scarlet blankly stared at me, puzzled.

“Eh What might be your relationship with Instructor Sword”

“At the academy, he’s officially my guardian.

That guy’s an S-Rank adventurer, and a whimsical, unmarried wanderer.

He possesses mountains of cash, and on top of that, we cleared the capital’s dungeon the other day, obtaining so much riches that we won’t be able to use them up in a lifetime.

He’s such a rich guy that some average noble can’t even begin to hold a candle to him.”

“Ohh, as I expected, adventurers are dreamy after all.

It would have been wonderful if I had been reincarnated as someone connected to that field, but…,” she said while keeping the rest ambiguous.

“Hmm What’s wrong If you want to leave your birdcage, I’ll gladly help out, you know”

She shook her head, “I do not particularly mind being a young noble lady of a ducal family.

I could not rely on my knowledge from before the reincarnation like you did, Lady Indra, but even so, I changed things quite a bit.


“Lady Scarlet, what are you talking about with that commoner”

The one calling out to her was the second shiny guy.

“Oohh, you’re the prince’s lackey, aren’t you”

“Who’s a lackey!”

“You,” I exclaimed while thrusting a finger at him.

Damsel Scarlet, who had donned a sad expression, was taken aback.

I tilted my head in confusion and looked at Mr.


“What’s wrong The one calling out to us was you.

Alright, I’ll follow you anywhere in light of your courage.

You know some good, deserted place, don’t you You may bully me to your heart’s content with a face full of disgust! I’ll gladly turn the tables on you! Yahooo! My blood is pumping!”

When I pumped a fist in the air, everyone in the hallway simultaneously drew back.

“Don’t cause any weird misunderstandings! Besides, I’ve got no business with you! Don’t make up things on your own while getting all heated!”



What How boring~!


“…I’m telling you that I’ll come along with you, okay”

“NO THANKS! Rather, stay away! I don’t ever want to have anything to do with you again!!”

How terrible!


Lackey faced Damsel Scarlet, “Lady Scarlet, why are you talking with such a freak!”

Oh, so he had business with Damsel Scarlet, huh

“…Certainly, he is a rather peculiar person, but…since he possesses an extremely wealthy trove of knowledge, I felt very interested in listening to what he has to say.

It looks like it could be very well connected to the future development of my house, you see”

She smiled sweetly.


Lackey cast a glance at me.

“…Certainly, it sounds like his marks are outstanding.

But! His character is the worst!”

How awful.

“It’s not as bad as that of nobles, you know”

“I don’t want to hear that from you! You won’t find anyone as arrogant and heinous as you, even among the nobility!”




“I just live my life freely.

Besides, I only retaliated after being offended first, okay While it may be true that the folks, who picked a fight with me, got paid back double, the character of someone speaking for the offenders is much worse.”

“You made them pick a fight with you on purpose, didn’t you!”

“A life without any thrills is boring.”

Putting on airs, I brushed away my forelocks.

Damsel Scarlet burst into laughter.

This caused Mr.

Lackey to flare up at Damsel Scarlet next, “……Lady Scarlet, was there anything funny about what I said”

“Oh my, forgive me.

I just thought that Sir Indra is amazing for making 【Genius of the Frozen Smile】 change his expressions so rapidly.”




…….What What’s that Frozen-something


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