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Chapter 162: Waging the Seat of Academy’s Strongest (During Magic Class)

And here comes magic class next~!

“It’s time for the duel!”

“Seriously, can you give it a rest Your gonna die, you know Do you wanna die” Sword asked the shouting prince dejectedly.

“It’ll be okay, Sword! …Instructor Sword! I can hold back if it’s magic!”

With magic, it’s possible for me to make minute adjustments!

“In short, your sayin’ you won’t kill him, right On the verge of death is not an option either, ‘kay Rather, don’t injure him at all!”

“I know, I know.

…Ouch! Yessir!”

I was bonked on the head when I gave a half-hearted reply.

Sword sighed deeply, “…Whatever, have it your way.

I won’t give a damn even if you die.”

Instructor Sword has become apathetic!



“Now then, we got permission, so let’s get this started.

Come at me as you will.”

“Hah…how assertive of you.

Certainly, you’re superior when it comes to the sword.

I’ll admit that.

But, magic is my forte!”

After acting all cool, he started to chant something.

So long.

“Sword, err, Instructor Sword, your chant is much shorter, isn’t it Why is there such a difference between you and him”

“You finally realized that part I chant abbreviated spells.

By the way, the only ones capable of that are people at the level of 【Bloody Witch】.”

Hoh, I see, how fascinating.

As I thought, Instructor Sword is an amazing guy after all!

“Ah, it finally activated.”

The prince finished his chant at last, and the spell got invoked.

Any enemy can definitely escape this, can’t they It’s pointless if it’s not at least as fast as Sword’s, you know

What he shot at me was water.

I disassembled its chemical elements.


“……Eh” The prince cried out, dumbstruck.

With his arms folded, Sword looked in my direction and asked, “How did you do that”

“Water is something that comes into existence by combining elements that are included in the atmosphere.

That’s why I dissolved the binding and thus returned it to being part of the atmosphere.”

“…Somehow that’s a logic I feel I can understand and then ‘gain not.

As always with your theories.”

Certainly the canceling of atomic bonds is complicated, I guess But, that’s because all the Mr.

Magic Element are so outstanding!



“What’s wrong Keep going and come at me! If you’re done, it’ll be my turn next!”

The prince looked incredibly frustrated when I challenged him to more.

“…That’s unfair! You had Instructor Sword assist you, hadn’t you!”, or some such he said.

“There’s no way I’d get Instructor Sword involved in this, is there It’d just earn me another iron claw or fist, right I just want to try enjoying myself! …Anyway, if you really think so, should I attack from my side Since my and your magic are different, I doubt you understand why your water vanished just now, but maybe you’ll be able to understand if I come at you”

“…Hey, seriously, don’t kill him, ‘kay”

Sword, you don’t need to look at me with a face full of worry.

“I know.

It’s not like the prince attacked me with the intent to kill, so I won’t kill him either.

I possess at least that much kindness.”


Instructor Sword, that’s terrible!

“Okay, then here goes nothing.”

The instant I said so, I activated blast magic.

It caused loud banging sounds right next to the prince.

Since it’d make noise from below and above as well, even if you tried to take cover, it was impossible to avoid.

“I think the injuries will be few with that.

Well, he might have received a certain amount of burns, but he’ll immediately heal up thanks to my healing magic.

Since I’ve been using it simultaneously just now, he probably healed in an instant.”

Instructor Sword was speechless.

Our surroundings as well.

“He hasn’t died, okay If we leave him like that for the entire magic lesson, he’ll probably understand my true strength.

Once that happens, he won’t ever trouble you again, Instructor Sword.

After all, he’ll realize his own position!”

I’m such a kiiiind woman!

I put on airs towards Instructor Sword.

“……Yeah, just as I thought, your an extreme sadist.”

Just when I thought that he might praise me, Sword responded with this, his voice sounding distant.



“Stop it already! If you go any further, I’ll take you on!”

The other shiny guy planted himself between the prince and me.

“Sure, but do you really believe that you’ll be a match for me if the strongest is such a weakling”

“Who cares! Just give it a rest!”

He tried to shield the prince from my eyes by spreading his arms.

“Hmm It sounds like you’re misunderstanding something.

I haven’t released any magic from my own palms.

I can cause the effect to manifest where he’s lying right now, so it’s pointless for you to block my way.

…By the way, since I can see in ways other than the naked eyes, he’s still in my sight even if you shield him like that.

That’s why I can clearly see how the prince started to bawl.”

The second shiny guy looked back in a fluster as I took a pose of clenching my hands and not showing my palms.

“Just for your information, I tried to stop ’em, ‘kay He’s payin’ for his own mistake.

You should have warned him to not do it as the prince’s attendant.

Thus you also bear responsibility for this havin’ happened.”

Sword gave it the finishing blow.


Stop it already!”

The super-shiny, second guy prostrated himself on the ground in front of us.

While looking down at him, Sword told me, “…Indra, stop.

If you don’t, you’ll eat a double fist bonk.”


I stopped.



The attendant-like guy rushed over to the prince.

“Are you okay, prince!”


He was staring blankly at the ground while heaving with sobs.

They left while the attendant guy protected him.

Or rather, they skipped class.

Instructor Sword clapped his hands, and brought the lesson to a close by saying, “Okaaay, I think this showed you guys how much of a sadist Indra is.

Don’t ever pick a fight with this guy, ‘kay It ain’t like I came here to be called out for stuff like this each n’ every single time, got it”


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