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――And then, just as I was planning to strip the boss of all his clothes, my wireless peeped, even though the timing sure was cruel.

『Indra! Just what are you doin’!』


Sword, huh

“The number you have dialed is currently not in use.”

『What are you blatherin’ ’bout, you moron! One of your classmates visited me ’cause they were worried ’bout you! Your in the middle of torturin’, aren’t you! …Ryoku, is this the place!』


Ryoku, you betrayed me

“It’s all fine.

I’ve healed up everything.

Besides, they said it’s a welcome party.

It looks like you keep pushing hot irons on people at the welcome parties around here.

Since I was taught so, I just tried it out myself.

I’ve been just affirming my friendship with everyone!”

『Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu idiot!!!』

I was told, just for the sake of it.




I dropped my shoulders, feeling disappointed.

“…No choice.

It looks like we’re going to break up the welcome party at this point.

It’s extremely saddening, don’t you guys think so as well”

Everyone felt lonely as obvious from their crying.

“You’re totally right.

I’m sad as well.

But, it can’t be helped.

After all, Sword…Instructor Sword is strong, so we can’t go against him.

Okay, let’s go then, shall we”

When I opened the door while feeling dejected, I ran into Sword standing there dauntingly.

And at once, I received an iron claw!!


“N-O-W L-I-S-T-E-N!”

“Look, they told me that they want to hold a welcome party for me! And they taught me what a welcome party was about! It’s not my fault! Right, you guys”

Once I sought the agreement of the boys, who streamed out of the classroom while crying, they got startled, just to immediately nod while quivering.

“…Well, you guys got your just deserts.

You can be happy that you didn’t die after messin’ with Indra.”

The boys became ghastly pale upon Sword’s murmur.



It had been decided that I’d stay at the boy’s dormitory.

Just for sleeping!

I exchanged the sheets and everything else with my own stuff, and cast sterilization, cleaning, and sweeping magic on the room.

It looked like I was sharing my room with another boy, but since he was out to class when I was taught about welcoming parties, it should be safe.

I think.




I took a bath in Char and ate dinner, and when I returned to the room after receiving Sword’s sermon, my roommate was present.

“You were safe, it seems,” he told me with relief coloring his face.

“Safe In regards to”


We stared at each other.

Not romantically, however.

“…You weren’t called out by Viscount Yearner and his friends”

….I see, so this guy tattled on me to Sword, eh

“Yeah, they held a welcome party for me.

I enjoyed it since they came up with some nifty stuff.

Sword…Instructor Sword stopped it, though.”


We stared at each other once more.

“I love such elaborate welcome parties.

You might have troubled Instructor Sword with it as you misunderstood something, but such things don’t apply to me.

You can inform him when another child gets invited to a welcome party.

Ah, I wouldn’t mind accepting the invitation in their stead, though,” I said with a broad grin.

In response, he got all timid, “A-Aahh, I see….


I did something unnecessary.”

“You intended to be helpful, right So you don’t really need to apologize to me.

But, I’d be grateful if you could stop relying on Instructor Sword when it comes to matters concerning me.

That instructor is quite strict, so I’ll suffer a fairly harsh punishment.

I can endure his punishments easily, but anyone else would break if they were punished in the same way, you know”


He, who initially interjected with “Eh”, also ended the conversation with “Eh”



On the next day nothing happened to me, although the boss boy had apparently filed a complaint about me.

I hear he was told that there was no proof as he was completely unhurt on top of the other boys all saying that nothing happened.

How boring~

The usual procedure would be me ending up stuck in an inescapable situation after getting framed with false accusations!

“…That’s so dull.

Hey, couldn’t you have put in a bit more effort in your complaint I couldn’t even get my fill of joy out of this, you know The standard for situations like this would be me getting caught in a dilemma after being falsely accused of a crime by you, wouldn’t it”

Once I bickered with the boss, the boys with him all furiously shook their heads.

“”Nothing happened!!””

They said…

By the way, these guys have started to address me with 『Sir Indra』, and would greet me with a knight’s bow whenever they ran into me.

But honestly, I don’t need any of that.

Rather, I’d prefer it if they were to underestimate me and pick a fight.

“Those aren’t any false charges! Do you have any awareness of what you did!” The boss flared up at me.

“What, compared to what you guys have done until now, my actions could very well be labeled as gentle stroking of your cheeks.

――I mean, you’ve never considered your actions towards commoners as wrong up until now, have you I let you go while even patching you up properly, so I believe I’ve been much gentler with you than you had been with your past victims, don’t you think”

Once I told him so with a broad grin, he shuddered with fear written all over his face.

“Don’t be so afraid.

You’re the only one whose mind didn’t break.

I’ll admit that you’ve got some backbone.

Hence, let me have a lot more fun, okay”

“…Give me a **ing break! Like hell I’m going to come anywhere close to you!” He screamed just like a little brat and ran away.

…How boring~



Once I enjoyed myself a bit, I got scolded by Sword.

“Hey Can’t you understand my feelings of wantin’ to quickly find out the intention n’ truth behind this case”

My temples were ground again.

“I know, I know.

But, it’s been just a few days so far, no The Ryokus and I are properly searching.

The map of the academy and its surroundings is completely done.

There are several suspicious places, but there are no hints of shady ceremonies being performed at any of those.”


Absolutely and utterly nothing.

So dull.

――That’s why I’ll pep up things from my side!



“Well, it might be difficult for the other side to move about after we’ve come here.

In the meantime, I’ll take over the control of this academy as the strongest.

I’ll become the strongest of [Suzuran]! …Ouch!” 1

I received a fist the instant I declared my determination.


“I’m reeeally envious of your ability to amuse yourself so easily under any circumstances.”

Sword acted envious while his face made it very clear that he didn’t feel so in the slightest.

While stroking my own head, I asked him instead, “Are you alright Your side is a lot more worrisome than mine.

It’d be fine for you to also let loose as you want, but if you act so obediently, it’ll only invite the nobles to take advantage of you.

Don’t allow 『the likes of nobles』 to push you around as they please.

You’re much better than them, in every aspect.”


He hugged and caressed me.

“I’m pretty sure it’d have been lots of fun to be with you back when I was allowed into this academy as a student.”

When he was allowed into this academy …Ah, he means what he mentioned before…back when the royal prince pulled some strings, huh

“If you were a student, you’d have competed with me for the seat of strongest!”

When I told him so, he responded, “Nah, I got no interest in somethin’ like that,” with his 『Don’t confuse me with you』 face.

What was that!

“Every man wishes to be the strongest, no!”

“Don’t make up rules as you please.

Also, you seem to forget, but your a girl.”

Baaah~ Even though it’s always Sword who forgets about me being a girl!



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