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Chapter 158: Caution! Please Do Not Read if You Are Bad with Cruel Depictions!


Following the usual pattern, I was taken to an empty classroom.

“…Nooow then, I guess we should have a lil’ welcome party.

Right, commoner slave We’re going to start a fun event for you from now on, okay”

The one saying that stereotypical line of a villain noble while looking down at me was a freckled boy with dull ocher hair who seemed to be their boss.

The boys around him laughed scornfully, showing their allegiance.

Since I finally got a rare chance for a fine performance, I tried to go along with them by pretending to be a frail boy.

*tremble* I’m no bad commoner.

“First, take off your clothes.

We’ll mark you as our slave with a hot iron.”

The boys approached me with sadistic smiles on their faces, and just at the moment when they surrounded me, trying to grab me,




I locked the door with magic.

Moreover, I expanded my soundproof magic.

The boys jumped with a start in response to that loud bang.

“Hey, hey, don’t get surprised by something of this level.

Otherwise I won’t be able to enjoy the welcome party you were going to hold for me, right” I kindly informed the boys with a smile.

“A slave mark, huh… You guys sure got a nice taste there.

Recently I was thinking that I’d like to have some slaves myself as well.

Slaves are used as playthings before getting killed and thrown away like trash at the end, no I’ll turn you guys into my slaves.

Be happy.”

The boys’ faces were dyed by shock and surprise due to my sudden change in attitude.

However, only the boss glared at me full of scorn with an expression that made it very clear that he was totally underestimating me.

“Haaah What are you yapping about, you little piece of commoner **”

――Oh my, oh my, it’s wrong for nobles to use such vulgar language, you know

“Back at you, why is the likes of 『noble **』 talking back to me It looks like you need thorough disciplining.”

I closed in on the boss in an instant, and tore off one of his fingernails.

A scream and a spray of blood whirled through the air.

“Hmm, looks like I wasn’t able to tear off the skin as well,” I muttered while placing a hand on my chin.

Then, I guess I’ll go on with the next.

Leaving the bawling boss alone, I looked at the boys around me, and said, “Where’s the hot iron”


The boys cowered in fear although I didn’t even do anything to them yet.

….I wonder why

While tilting my head in confusion, wondering whether it wasn’t the normal procedure for them to leap at me after getting angry, I continued, “Hey, I asked you a question.

Where is the hot iron”

Because they started to run at once, I was sure they were hurrying to the place with the iron, but instead they tried to open the door.

“I-It won’t open!”


“Let me try!”

The boys were kicking up a fuss at the door.

“That’s only natural, isn’t it Didn’t you tell me that you’d hold a welcome party for me You guys thought that you wouldn’t let me get away easily, didn’t you”

Once I spoke to them, they jumped with a start and turned my way.

“Moreover, following that intention, you chose this place so that no one would hear even if I screamed at the top of my lungs, right And thus, out of pure kindness, I added soundproofing magic to this room! No matter how much noise we’ll make inside here, nothing of it will leak outside.

The door won’t open.

I even made sure that it won’t be possible to open it from the outside.”

I slowly walked towards the boys.

The boys were frantically pulling at the door and drumming against it in an attempt to open it, but there’s no way it’d open like that, is there

“…Now, let us continue the welcome party.

I’ve been eagerly looking forward to such a development! No one who would stop me is present either! You guys will allow me to have some fun, won’t you Make sure to not break too easily, okay At last, my long-awaited 『The frail-looking, new commoner student is being bullied by the nobles who love to torment those weaker than them』 standard event has been triggered! In compliance with that event, I must squarely go along with the event as the commoner representative!” I grinned broadly at the boys.

Welcome parties held by nobles for commoners seem to be about branding the commoners with a hot iron.

With that out of the way, I found the hot iron and marked everyone!

――I wonder about the original purpose of this hot iron.

Moreover, they’ve been as kind as making it a magic tool.

You’re not going to say it’s a magic tool for torturing or something like that, right

Unfortunately, I easily broke the boys’ hearts with this and they apologized to me, but as might be expected of the one calling himself boss, he alone had quite the will-power.

“Do…you be…lieve tha…t thing…s will end wi…th this af…te…r having done…a…ll of this!” He told me!

“Yeah, that’s how it has to be! Keep coming at me! I’ll return it hundredfold and add even worse torture…I’ll hold another welcome party! You show quite some promise, boy! Alright, I’ll use torture that’s even more painful…I’ll welcome you properly!”

When I gleefully agreed to his words, he started to cry, “A-As soon…people see these wounds, it…will be clear what you…did, and you’ll be sente…nced to death!”

“Oh…so that’s what you thought Don’t worry.

You see, I can make healing potions, and I can also heal you with magic even without relying on potions, if I feel like it.

…Look, it’s all back to normal.”

I healed him with a snap of my fingers.

And then I cheerfully smiled at the boss, “Okay, let’s start from the beginning again.

…If I remember correctly, you told me to take off my clothes, didn’t you Alright.

Get naked.

I’ll press the hot iron on your prided dick and turn it into a pitch-black lump of meat, okay Cool, isn’t it”

I informed him happily.


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