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Chapter 157: Raising the Curtain for the Academy Fantasy Story!

Short Update:

This chapter marks the beginning of a new arc and the end of a benchmark for me.

I have released this series almost daily for half a year now, translating almost half of the entire series in the process.

All to see whether a daily release of a fun, lighthearted series would draw interest.

And while my Patrons seem to like this series, the numbers of public readers it drew is somewhat neglible.

I know that series without franchise support such as an ongoing manga or anime vanish within the flood of novels nowadays, but I think you’ll understand that I, as a fan translator, would like people to read, comment, and like my translations, if available for free without any ads or whatsoever.

Seeing how that doesn’t seem to apply to this series (except for one big fan to whom I’m grateful for their continuous comments and likes), I’ll switch the release rate to twice a week (Monday and Thursday) for now.

If you wish to keep reading it as a daily release, you can do so for the price of a coffee per month by following this link or clicking on the banners.






I was walking through dusty corridors.

…They sure are inattentive when it comes to sweeping.

Why is this country so indifferent to cleaning and hygiene anyway Though I guess I should increase their rating somewhat for using glass windows.

Well, who would open sliding windows without glass anyway With the hallways being so wide, it’d be impossible, right I guess that’s the underlying idea here.

…While thinking about all that, I followed an instructor, before entering one of the classrooms.

Ooohh, how do I describe it It’s a truly fantasy-like classroom! It has that plenary-hall-like structure which I like so much.

“He’s a student who’s going to join us in the special class starting today.

――He has extremely good academic results.

An extremely talented student who passed all subjects, including magic and martial arts, with flying colors.

All of you, follow his example and try to achieve new heights in your learning.”

After being introduced by the instructor, I introduced myself.

“Thanks for this kind introduction.

My name is Indra.

I am pleased to make your acquaintance.”

This spelled the start of my academy adventure arc.



The emergency request delivered by the guildmaster had been forwarded by the royal palace.

『There are rumors about a demon or demonkin having infiltrated the capital’s academy which is managed by the royal palace.

It’s said that a high level of magic elements has been detected.

Find out the truth and the objective of the perpetrator』…is the rather vague request’s content.

Sword and I narrowed our eyes, and then looked at each other.

――Okay, our thoughts are on the same page here.

We’re both wondering what kind of request this is supposed to be, huh

Sword waved a hand, indicating that we’d be turning down the request.

“That’s impossible, no How are we supposed to get in there”

“It sounds like you’ll be officially admitted as a special instructor, Sword, and Indra will be enrolled as a student on a special scholarship.”


In that case it might be slightly fun, no It might be alright to head in there as long as I can go on a rampage as I please.

“I’m against it.

I hate havin’ to deal with **in’ cheeky noble brats.

And I’d hate it even more to clean up after Indra goes berserk.”

This time I shrugged my shoulders, “What, it’s no problem.

You just need to go berserk with me.

We’ll be able to slaughter the demon, demonkin or whatever it is, if we kill everyone, right”

“I’m against it,” repeated Sword.

“…Having said that, is this a request we can turn down Whether it’s a demon or demonkin, no one can take this on now that there’s no A-Rank adventurer around.

If it’s a demonkin, Bloody Witch would be hard pressed to deal with them, and if it’s a demon, Peerless Strength would be ill-suited to handle them.”

“…Tsk!” Sword clicked his tongue.

“Now, now, isn’t it fine to do it since they haven’t added any restrictions to our actions You don’t need to tolerate things.

After all, I’ll take care of all that stands in our way.”

Sword fell prostrate in response to my comment.

“Why must I suffer like this”

The guildmaster looked at Sword with a face full of pity, and caressed his shoulder, “I get your feeling on this, but no one can do it in your stead, right Besides, it’s become an emergency request because the first prince is currently enrolled at the academy.”


“What do they want us to do if that first prince has been possessed by a demon Indra is goin’ to butcher him, regardless of whether he’s the first prince or whatever, you know”

“Bah, isn’t that fine in itself Give up.

All of it will be the fault of the client anyway,” the guildmaster admonished Sword with a face as if he had attained some kind of enlightenment.

“Sword, don’t worry, I’ll protect you.

You said that you decided to have fun yourself as well, didn’t you Let’s enjoy academy life together.

I’ll do everything so we can have some fun.”

Sword screamed while lying on the table, “Don’t wannaaaaaaaa!”

――What should I do Sword broke, didn’t he

…and thus as I soothed and persuaded Sword, who was initially against it, we enrolled at the academy.

Not like I really care, but they sent me a male uniform for some reason.

I wonder why Are they telling me to search while crossdressing as a guy I don’t mind either way, but to be honest, guys smell a lot more than girls, don’t they Let’s stay away from other guys as much as possible.



Okay, we’ve arrived at the Integrated National Academy Farland.

It was located in a relatively classy area of the capital.

As might be expected for a city labeled as capital, it was very huge.

Generally noble children in the range of eleven to fifteen years would enroll at this academy (even if it’s just for making connections or for the sake of social intercourse), but everyone, whose abilities had been approved of (be it through connections or pure talent), could enter this school as a scholarship student.

And after having their abilities recognized further, and passing the academy with excellent marks, divided by field, they’d be able to take relatively important posts at the palace in the future.

――I got such an explanation, but I didn’t care since I’m an adventurer anyway.

――At the classroom I was led to, all the students were staring at me for some reason.

Most of them were either wearing expressions full of ridicule or didn’t seem overly interested in me.

Hmm, but there’s no demon or demonkin in this classroom.

Usually, any being would show interest if they saw me, except for humans…ah, dwarves are around as well, huh…so except for humans and dwarves.

Plana had apparently sensed that I have many magic elements (according to her, she ended up staring at me in surprise when we passed each other at the guild because of that).

She also mentioned that elves, who were a lot more sensitive than her, would show an even stronger reaction.

I don’t know about demonkin, but people should also show interest in me if their amount of magic elements is big.

But, there’s no one like that here.

Sword had predicted that we’d be able to either find such a person in the magician class or the special class, if they were at the academy.

Since the mana of demons or demonkin is thick, they’d stand out if they were in other classes, he explained.

By the way, I can somehow grasp the density of magic elements (the presence of Mr.

Fluff), but I can’t detect anyone with a rich mana in here.

――Aww shucks, no helping it.

It looks like we’re being taught magic together with the magician class, so I guess I’ll take a look at that class then.



The classes were plain normal.

Language, math, history, and manners.

Music as a selective.

Those who had their abilities recognized, had magic and swordsmanship as practical classes on top of that.

I heard a special class that focused on a lady’s training and thus only contained girls also offered embroidery.

The educational material was all stuff I had already finished, albeit only if you also included my self-study.

I was actively called out starting with the first day’s classes, but I answered all of the questions with ease.

When I even gave my opinion on the class, the lecturer became teary-eyed.

Quite bad with being outperformed, aren’t we

――I wonder whether Sword is fine.

That guy always picks up malicious intent right away.

I have the Ryokus follow him, but still, I’m kind of worried.

…just as I thought about that, classes ended.

Good grief, how boring.

There’s nothing new about the lessons, or rather, it’s all stuff that I finished learning close to ten years ago.

This is the level of the special class How laughable.

As I walked through the hallway while thinking that I should quickly wrap up the request and bid farewell to this dull place, several nobles planted themselves in front of me while clearly having scorn color their faces.

…Nice! Maybe things have just become a bit more interesting.


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