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Chapter 156: All Kinds of New Discoveries

While waiting for Bennyboy’s group to arrive at the base, I spent my time holding preparatory meetings, designing, increasing the facilities, and making all kinds of things.

I also customized the Ryokus.

――So far it has been Sword’s task to carry Char, but keeping it like this would be slightly inconvenient.

Char had been stored away in a super special magic bag, but it only fits in there cause it’s special, and that bag is pretty troublesome because it’s huge.

Either way, Sword kept getting stuck whenever we traveled animal trails.

Therefore I adjusted the Ryokus’s pods so that they’d be suited for stowing away lots of things.

As a gimmick, their rear ends would open up with a yawning like a spiderweb, allowing Char to enter the storage area from there.

I was somehow able to achieve this with expansion magic once I made the front part bigger as well.

The weight was no problem either because of the gravity control.

Sword sighed a “That’s a huge help,” as he apparently also found it inconvenient to carry the huge magic bag all the time.

I’ll leave the capsule with the Poof! as homework for next time, but for now we will have to do with this.



Moreover, I also customized Char.

Since we frequently had Char run on auto-pilot while we drove around on Bronko, I added a function, allowing Char to automatically extend magic cannons from its circular windows to defend itself.

I must increase the offensive options, yep!

Also, I checked the farms.

This world has few seasonal changes, though that observation is limited to the places I visited.

Just like it rains, it’ll also snow, and just like you have periods of cold days, you also have periods of somewhat warmer days, but fundamentally, you could sum up the weather as everlasting spring.

A bit like some island countries.

In this regard, it wouldn’t be weird for the magic cherry bonsai to keep running all the time.

I hear desert areas, tropical forests, and icelands also exist.

I’d love to go there someday.

If I’m not mistaken, I feel like plants bud depending on the temperature…is what I thought, but as far as Ys goes, temperature doesn’t play a role at all.

The problem is the soil! The key point is the saturation with magic elements! It’s no wonder that those are strange chemical elements!

…Wait, those aren’t chemical elements in the first place, I guess.

I mean, I’ve already said that magic elements aren’t tangible.



By the way, our monsters have no gender.

It seems like they suddenly came into existence.

…How were they born I want to watch the moment they pop up.

The propagation of incarnated fairies like Plana appears to be the same as that of humans, but then again it’s different in various ways too, huh.

――Oops, I digressed.

Anyway, since I was asked by the servants, who were growing wine grapes, to provide nutrients to the wine-growing area, I tried to have Mr.

Fluff cover the field as if blending it with the soil.

Thereupon the servants sowed something.

No, they scattered something.


So far I’ve never watched the sowing of seeds, but is that how it works In the first place, can you actually call that sowing seeds

“…Those are…” I asked a servant.

Maybe they’re scattering fertilizer.

“These are grapes!”

……Eh Grapes So it’s a fertilizer after all

“Lady Indra, after we received your advice to make the wine with very sweet and sour, extraordinarily delicious grapes, we searched.

And here are the pieces of the grapes we found!”

Oh, so I was right.

They’re pieces, huh But, those aren’t even seeds.

Just skin and other worthless scraps!

“Because you blessed the land with plenty of magic elements, they should sprout tomorrow!”


I tilted my head in total confusion.



On the next day, the pieces had vanished, just to be replaced by sprouts.

――Okay, this world is a lot weirder and miraculous than I thought!

The pieces transformed into sprouts.

To begin with, they’re being translated as grapes, but you see, there’s no such miraculous produce like otherworld grapes! They’re mysterious lifeforms pretending to be grapes!

…………Thinking up to this point, I noticed it.

……Huh Monsters…are they possibly born if you leave monster pieces in places with a rich magic element saturation………….

――Yeah, okay, now it’s become scary, so let’s shelve thinking about this.



――And thus, as I was working on this and that while also making many new discoveries, I was summoned by the guildmaster.

Rather than him summoning me, he came to our mansion, however.

Well, he’s a guy who would expressly come here to ask for liquor instead of tea.

His aim in wanting to drink liquor is as plain as day.

“…An emergency request has arrived from the main guild.”

I exchanged a look with Sword.

“It’s an emergency, and here you sit carefreely, drinking wine” I retorted, but he waved my remark off.

“Emergency requests are just a means for the client to get hold of you.”

I exchanged another look with Sword.

“…Oi, don’t tell me…”

“It’s just as you think.”



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