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Chapter 155: Plain Shock

As I made and produced all kinds of stuff like that, the dress was finished and got delivered.

And now’s the appointed day!



I was put into the bath by several maids and scrubbed with brushes.

With several people working on the scrubbing, no crook or cranny was left untouched.

Somehow, you see, it feels like they’re doing whatever they want at this point.

I mean, even Sword never did anything like that to meee!

…Well, since Sword would get killed if I said that, I kept my mouth shut.

After all, the maids attached to me really hate it when Sword gets too close to me.

In the first place, Sword is a great hero and seems fairly popular, but our maids don’t even spare him a glance.

On the contrary, the impression of Sword being treated coldly despite being their landlord… If you go even further, I get the impression that the whole town of Ys treats Sword in the same way…



After quite a bit of time had passed, the maids finally stopped moving their hands, apparently satisfied with the outcome.

But, once I stepped out of the bath, they immediately applied balm on me and started to massage me…

By the way, I created the balm, so its fragrance was low-key.

The ones sold on the market (for nobles) had a stunningly strong aroma, though I didn’t know whether it was a measure to daub the oxidized odor or to prevent oxidation.

“You are truly and utterly beautiful.

No one other than Your Ladyship has such pretty and unblemished skin!”

They stressed.

Yeah, I got it.

Just do whatever you want.

They put clothes on me, added accessories, and applied light make-up.

After seemingly being satisfied with their work, the maids all sighed in admiration.

“You are so very beautiful!”

“I see.


It might be a bit blunt when being praised with so much verve, but my self of this world doesn’t really like getting dolled up all that much, you see… Rather, I like making the stuff used for dolling up much more.

On my way to Sword, the head maid got startled, and moreover, started to cry.

“…A beautiful appearance just like Milady…Lady Isadolla looked during her youth…”

Whoa, that’s no praise, you know …Still, we look similar, huh That’s a plain shock.

…But, whatever.

It looks like the people around me were happy.

The servants also praised me as soon as they spotted me.

When it came to the seniors, many of them cried like the head maid.

The only one not satisfied was Sword who was pulling a 『Full parade of crossdressing』 face.

Standing in front of him, I offered a hand.

“Sorry for having kept you waiting.”

Sword shrugged his shoulders and grabbed my hand.

“Don’t mind it.

It’s not like you were the one who made me wait.

Besides, looks like the people ’round us are satisfied.

This is yet another duty of a master, right”

I nodded.



After I paraded through the mansion while escorted by Sword ― Mr.

Amato also said, “Ah! You’re crossdressing as a woman!” !! ― we boarded the automobile.

The butler was acting as the perfect driver.

And it also suited him.

The car was extremely comfortable.

Sword seemed to be very pleased with it as well.

After getting in, he examined the whole interior and gently brushed many places.

Though he grumbled, “…You know, if you can make somethin’ like this, there ain’t no need to make everythin’ in the shape of Char, is there!”

It’s okay like that! That one’s a camping car that can intercept incoming attacks!

“…I’ll christ this one Char Non-Violence.

It means it’s a Char without any means to attack.”

“…I see.


I favor Char.”

It sounds like he doesn’t prefer a non-violent approach.



While having his meal, Sword looked my way and smiled bitterly, “You’ve got it tough as well, don’t you Even though you don’t like wearin’ such an outfit, you gotta go along with the maids’ wishes.”

Appreciation Or something like that I was told.


Well, you’re not wrong about that, but it made them look sooo happy, you see.

Originally they’re servants of the nobility.

They might have accumulated frustration as servants of a commoner.

As a matter of fact, they were taken off me when the lover’s daughter showed up and got assigned to her.

…It sounds like things became tough for them afterwards.

I guess they got weird from then on.”

“Whoa, that sounds terrible.

Nobility is an absolute no-go for me.

I’d be troubled if they went crazy on me after they were assigned to me.”

“I think you’d do unexpectedly well, you know After all’s said and done, you can read other’s intentions.

I think you’d be able to handle most passive people with ease.”

Sword drank his booze while pulling a super unwilling face.

A little later.

“Don’t wanna!” He cried out like an unruly child.


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