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Chapter 154: The Method of Producing a Car is Simple (Limited to this World)!


Since Sally said that she “wants to doll” me up, I’m currently in the middle of making accessories for myself.

If anyone else wants to have these as well, I’ll put them up for sale.

Because I also got gems, I challenged myself to do some glasswork in order to become capable of swiftly bringing out a twinkly cut for gems.

It’s that one.

You know.

Kinda like Swarovski.

Since I was able to satisfy the maids with that, I dubbed it fine to go with those imitations.



“Does it look okay like this”

“Yes! Aaahh…wearing these…Lady Indra…oh my…”

……Why is she getting so excited about this I mean, look, don’t you have a pretty elven girl as material to work with nearby! Of course I’m a pretty girl as well! But, Plana’s shape is more beautiful than mine!

…is what I thought, but since this was what she had hoped for, it can’t be helped.



Once I’d get dolled up, Sword would escort me and we’d take a meal at my restaurant.

When I told him that he’d be able to drink as much as he wanted, he told me that he’d tag along.

By the way, I prepared a car for that sake! A carriage-styled automobile! It’s moving without any horses! is what you’d expect people to wonder about, but…only the newcomer adventurers among the people of Ys would actually think something like that.

Now that they’ve seen the Ryokus, Chars, and Bronkos, I guess a horseless carriage isn’t anything that would draw their attention anymore.

It’s a digression, but the horses of this world are, naturally, monsters.

Bicorns and unicorns who had their horns broken.

I’m told that white ones are rare with only the royal family possessing some.

Or to be precise, you’ll be stuck offering any white ones you possess to the royal family.

That’s all for the digression.

Since this car prioritized appearance, I went with a classic design.

It only had a driver’s seat in front with its rear being like a limousine.

I made the tires big like those of a carriage, but a bit thicker.

Given that it was for formal occasions where traveling was required, the sheets were ultra-luxurious.

I even made the driver’s seat extravagant in order to trick people.

Because it was for putting on a show, I colored it with Sword’s white and my blue-green, used lacquered wood for some parts, and spent quite some money to make it look as pompous as possible.

The driver’s seat could be set to fake a coachman stand thanks to sliding doors and a convertible roof.

All for the sake of appearance.



Our butler volunteered to drive this car.

The butler actually seemed to like new stuff.

Seeing how the old earl shared the same preference, the butler may have been influenced by him.

“Nothing less of someone who has inherited the Springcoat blood,” he told me, but I did intend to go with a fairly classical design for this…

Wanting to ride Char and Bronko, the butler took lessons from Sword, quickly picking up how to drive.

…Yep, it’s great that he’s having fun after his retirement.

As far as I can tell from our conversations, his success is the result of blood, sweat, and tears.



By the way, Mr.

Amato, who should be familiar with cars, excused himself and instead suggested, “Ah, I didn’t have a driver’s license.

Rather than that, Lady Indra, you made an automobile I’m a fan of bicycling! A bicycle is much easier to make than a motorbike or car, right”

You idiot! Making a bicycle is much more difficult in this world! After all, its parts are staggeringly complicated to make by hand!



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