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Chapter 148: I Introduced the Fairies!


While making stopovers for various things, we eventually arrived at our base.

Now then, I wonder whether Mr.

Amato managed to get here.

If not, I’ll go pick him up.

As long as he’s not dead, that is.



…As we entered the grounds, we were greeted by all maids and servants who had lined up in rows.

“””Welcome back, Master, Milady!!”””

“We’re back.

Did Mr.

Amato arrive here”


They have been kind enough to help us out.


Rob as a member of the brewing team and Mr.

Amato as caretaker of the monsters.”

“Oh, so they got here safely, huh Then again, Indra gave ’em some toys, so I didn’t expect ’em to croak easily ‘nyway,” commented Sword lightheartedly.



Still, monster-caretaking Certainly, taking care of the monsters is an important duty.

But, is Mr.

Amato okay with monsters I believe the ones over here can be regarded as the rather obedient types, but they’re still different from cows and chicken, you know


Amato seems to possess a skill enabling him to talk with the monsters, just like Your Ladyship.”

“For real!”

Sword was totally shocked.

“Given that Mr.

Amato has been the only human capable of understanding the farm monsters, we asked him to take care of that side.”

Hee! So that’s his spec as brave As I thought, braves sure are cheats.

I had to put in quite a bit of effort to reach a state allowing me to communicate with monsters.



“Oh well, all that matters is that you can get along well with those two.

――Leaving that aside, we got even more new additions.

The ones we scouted this time will delight the brewing team as they’re ― lo and behold ― crafters who can make your highly expected magic tools to brew distilled liquor!”

The brewing team pumped their fists in the air, loudly cheering out of pure joy and delight.

Plana drew back from that, becoming as white as a sheet.

“E-E-E-E-Ev-Even if y-y-y-you expect s-so much from m-m-me…”

“Live up to the expectations.

I won’t allow you to say that you can’t do it.

You just need to create! No one is telling you to succeed in one go.

Make the magic tools for us, even if you’re going to fail a dozen or a hundred times.

Elves live for a long time…right” I looked back at Sword.

“That’s right.

Or rather, don’t ask me.

It makes you sound disorganized, you know”

I can’t help it, okay! After all, I wasn’t sure!

“If you live for a long time, you just need to capitalize on it and keep testing various approaches.

Don’t fear failure.

Go at it with trial and error.

I’m not telling you to solely focus on making magic tools without taking a breather either.

All I’m asking you is to complete it someday.”

Color returned to Plana’s face thanks to that, “Oki! I’ll do my best!”

She assumed a triumphant pose as athletes would do after winning a competition.

Yep, she’s cute.

And cuteness is justice.

I stroked her head.

“…Girl, you really love ‘nythin’, regardless of gender n’ race, don’t you” Sword suddenly butted in.

All’s fine.

Cuteness is justice after all.



“Okay, on to the next.

I think his work will be mostly related to the restaurant team, the helpers of the cooking team, and a part of the brewing team.

This guy can ― lo and behold ― create beautiful tableware out of clay!”

Everyone remained silent.

……Huh Isn’t that deeply moving

“…You’ve been using silverware, right It must have been a chore to polish the tableware whenever it darkened, no That polishing will become unnecessary with his tableware.

You won’t need to worry about a color and shape change like it happens with wood either.

Moreover, you’ll be able to use tableware with colors and shapes matching the dishes.

In other words, he’s going to make tableware that will make the dishes look even more delicious!”

Apparently I got them to understand.


“I see.

Nothing less of Her Ladyship…!”

Hey, it’s not like I’m going to make them.

“And, this guy can also make glass.

So far you struggled with the covers of bottles, didn’t you It’s been difficult to get your hands on bottles and their shapes don’t match.

We’ll have him resolve those issues!”

Immediately following, the brewing team got all excited again.

“There’s plenty of other things I want him to do for us, but I think we’ll start with getting rid of all the existing issues first.

…Oh Mr.

Rob, you were present How are things going on your end”


Rob was standing at the end of a row.

“Because of the blessings of your wisdom, Lady Indra, I have been allowed to spend very fulfilling and exciting days.”

……Oh Somehow, his atmosphere has changed

“Until now I have not known that such wonderful liquor exists and thus I am extremely grateful to you for allowing me to become one of its producers.

I shall offer my eternal loyalty to your deep wisdom that brought about this liquor, Lady Indra.”

He performed a knight’s bow towards me!

Okay, I see, somehow we’ve got here someone who broke because of excessive love towards liquor! What’s going on How did he end up like this

“Ah……the number of your devotees has grown again, huh…” Sword blurted out dejectedly.

“Come to think of it, what about Mr.


“He is being toyed with…no, pardon me, I meant he is taking care of the monsters right now.”

Hmm Another weird word has come up here Why being toyed with


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