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Chapter 146: I Invited a Shota-Dwarf!

We headed to the workshop where Plana and Sahad lived.

Even while on the way, the two kept having a serious conversation every once in a while.

Well, if he hates it that much, you don’t really need to force him or anything, you know…



The place we arrived at was a small hut at the town’s edge.

However, it was still properly equipped with a blast furnace and so on, even if a number smaller than usual.

Tentatively I told them in advance, “If you don’t feel like coming along, I won’t force you, okay After all, you’d just become a bother for the guys over at our base.”

Plana jumped up in surprise, violently shaking her head.

“T-T-T-T-Th-That’s not i-i-it at a-a-a-all!!”

…Oh really If you say so…



Plana seemed to have almost no personal belongings.

I heard she had Sahad let her freeload at his workshop.

Since Sahad told me that he wanted me to take a look at his creations, I did.


“Eh This is…tableware”

He had produced earthenware tableware, something I hardly ever encountered in this world so far!

You see, somehow, all of it was made out of silver.

Maybe because nobles are worried about poison or because it doesn’t sell otherwise.

Rich folks actually use tableware made out of gold, too! But, silver is soft, gets damaged easily, and rusts if it comes in contact with acid.

In short, it’s not really suited for being tableware.

Why don’t they make tableware out of ceramics, was something I had already wondered beforehand.

“Hmm! I see! I see, I see!”

“Do you like it” Sword asked.

I nodded, causing Plana and Sahad’s faces to bloom.

“However, I’d like it to be a bit more gorgeous.

Have you worked with overglazes Do you know about ceramics painting Also, the shape.

I want it to be more elaborate, and a bit thicker.

Though I also want thin ceramics,” I rattled down all I dreamed of.

Both nodded vigorously.

But then Sword stopped me.

“Calm down! You get really scary when excited!”

I took a deep breath.

“…Forgive me.

Oh right, you don’t happen to have a glassmaker as an acquaintance We’re brewing liquor at our base.

Of course it’s fine to fill it into ceramic bins too, but if possible, I’d love to use bottles where you can tell the liquor’s color.”

“A-Ah, in that case I can make glass as well.

I’m capable of using earth and stone magic, that’s why.

Since glass didn’t really sell while I could sell earthenware goods to curious collectors, I’ve focused on the latter.”

I grabbed the dwarven boy’s hand and said, “Won’t you come to our base, please I don’t know whether you’ll find soil that can be used for ceramics near our base, but I’ll help you with the search for the right soil, and I’ll also pay money for that sake.

You might want to do your own creations, but I’ll have you first finish the things I order.

But afterwards you’ll be able to do as you please.”

“O-Okay! I’ll go!!!”

He decided immediately.

“Yahooo! Sahad, we’re going to be together from now on as well!”

Plana put on a display of beautiful friendship.

…Aahh, I get it.

Her hesitation stemmed from her unwillingness of being separated from him.

It’s really disappointing that they can’t sleep with each other.

No, wait.

Maybe they have no sexual desires because they’re fairies


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