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Chapter 142: As for Different Races, It’s Taboo!

“Are the other people fine with such inns” I tried to ask Sword.

“Whether they’re or not, they got no choice.

Besides, you shouldn’t use your standards here.

Other folks aren’t as fussy ’bout cleanliness as you.

I mean, no one with such a clean freak attitude would go on a journey in the first place.

Your ’bout the only adventurer who’d start cryin’ over dirtiness!”

Is that so Well, now that he mentions it, it might be just as he says.

“It’s alright.

I got Char with me.

And Slirin, too.”

When I clapped my chest in pride, it earned me a glare from Sword.



We went to the guild.

It felt the most snugly among the guilds I’d seen so far.

…Once we entered, I saw someone leaving in passing, and got startled.

It’s because that person was so delicate and beautiful that I immediately thought they’re no human.

Moreover, they had a tear-stained face, and their ears were tapered.

Is this possibly…

As I wondered, our eyes met, but immediately afterwards she left the guild.

When I looked at Sword, he was surprised as well.

“…That just now was an elf Why’s an elf here…”

Ah, so dwarves and elves are on bad terms, just as expected, huh



We talked with the guildmaster (he was a dwarf too!), but…

“We don’t have any requests requiring S-Ranks t’come here.”

…he said.

“I see, that’s too bad.

It’d have been interesting if a rock dragon or some such had shown up, though.

Well, I wanted to see a cyclops at least once, though those might not be as powerful.”

The guildmaster’s face cramped up when he heard my words.

Sword laughed soundlessly, and stood up.

“Anyway, even if a rock dragon or cyclops shows up, it probably won’t be much of an issue.

I mean, it’s a city full of arms, armors, and tough guys, making adventurers unnecessary, right As such I likely won’t be called in either.

I just showed my face at the guild for caution’s sake.

After all, the guild will be pissed if you ignore ’em, even if they don’t have any business with you.”


“Let’s go.

If no interestin’ monsters pop up, there’s less and less reason to stay here.

….Oh, I see, no interestin’ monsters are around, huh What a borin’ town,” commented Sword at last and started to laugh.



After leaving the guild, I wanted to buy kitchen knives and cookware as souvenirs for the folks back at the base, but the town didn’t seem to have that kind of atmosphere.

Accessories are out either, huh… Making them myself and giving them as gifts would make them delighted, wouldn’t it My otherworld self did metal carving in the past, and I’d be able to choose a design I like.

“According to my otherworld knowledge, goblins make jewelry with excellent design.”

“The goblins over at your place are truly incredible.

They run banks and make jewelry! The goblins over here are small, bipedal monsters, you know”

Ah, that type of goblin, huh

“Do they kidnap women for breeding and such”

“The goblins over at your place are scary as **!” Sword yelled.



Going by Sword’s explanation, people of different races apparently didn’t have sexual relationships with each other.

They’d die if they slept with each other, or something like that.

I think that’s actually much scarier, to be honest.

“So, even if a dwarf and elf love each other, they can’t have any children, is what you’re saying”

I guess it’s a world where no halves are born.

“To begin with, those guys were incarnated as fairies.

The concept for them should be as different as the question whether one could have a child with a human-shaped demon.”

Hmm, I see… I thought that men could sleep with anyone they want to as long as they’re human-shaped and that some men with very special fetishes would sleep even with non-human-shaped people, but I guess that’s not the case here.

I wonder whether Mr.

Amato is going to be okay.

He’s someone who’d been summoned to this world from another world.

He shouldn’t know about the rule (you die if you have sex with other races).

Or rather, I wonder whether Mr.

Amato can be classified as human.

If a category for otherworld humans exists, he won’t be able to have any sexual relationships from now on.

Is he going to be alright with that

“Hrm…it’s completely different from the other world’s ruleset.

In the other world, gods had sex even with non-human-shaped beasts, giving birth to all kinds of kin.”

“Whoa! What a terrifying world!” Sword drew back.

Well, it’s certainly terrifying.

It might be a fictional story written up by ancient people, but how did they come up with it in the first place


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