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Chapter 139: (Gossip) Brave Amato’s Adventures 5

I left the brewery.

It was weird how I wasn’t drunk despite having consumed so much alcohol.

Is it because I’ve obtained a high-spec body after coming to this world, after all

As I pondered about this mystery while walking, I came to a farm with deer Cows No, those gotta be deer.

A deer looking my way said, “Hello,” causing me to become extremely startled.

“Holy smokes! Deer talk in this world!”

“I’m no deer.

I’m a monster called Charge Cow!”

I got scolded.

“Hee…a cow, huh”

You look like a deer, though.


Look, Master said I’d look cute if she added this, and gave it to me as a present.

An accessory usable for cows!”

Oh, certainly, a cowbell is hanging around his neck.

That means Lady Indra is his Master

But wait a moment, I mean seriously…I was told this is Mr.

Sword’s mansion, and yet everything inside the mansion cries Lady Indra, doesn’t it

“Was Master doing fine”

“Hmm Ah, yeah, she was fine.

I came here after receiving help from her.”

“Ehh! We’re the same then! I also came here after receiving her help!”

So I’m on the same level as a monster, eh No, I think I should simply consider Lady Indra to be a broad-minded person, yep.

…As we chatted like this, the monsters in the vicinity gathered around us.


…Nothing less you’d expect of the cows kept by Lady Indra.

Being able to talk with cows and chicken.

That’s a different world for you.



When I came back to the mansion after chatting with the monsters for a while, Ms.

Maid called out to me.


Amato, how about you become the caretaker of the monsters”


“Eh Such a job actually existed”

“No, it does not.

Until now those who were free took care of them, but…for you to possess the ability to talk with monsters; as expected of the gentleman invited by Her Ladyship.”


“Those monsters talked normally, you know”

“I could only hear mooing and clucking.”

………For real!

A cheat like that……is it of any use Well, it could be depending on how you use it, but…

“Lady Indra can, of course, talk with them, but no one else is capable of it.

The Ryokus can also talk with them since they were built by Her Ladyship, but they cannot handle the finer parts of the care-taking, and since they are mostly in charge of patrolling the grounds, they are not quickly available either.

Therefore it would be a huge help for us if you could take over the care of the monsters, Mr.



That makes me a bit happy.

My value after coming here has finally risen! I had worried what I should do, seeing how Mr.

Rob was already energetically working.

I was anxious about being useless with my half-assed knowledge and lack of his enthusiasm.

“I’ll do it! Please let me do it!” I declared while raising a hand.



And with that, I was inaugurated as the monster caretaker.

Once I started to experience it, I found out that it was fairly difficult.

After all, the monsters pushed me around without any reservations.

………Just what does that make me as the one being pushed around by monsters No, it’s going to be my loss if I dwell too deeply on it.

I’ve obtained a position allowing me to eat the milk and eggs produced by these guys.

“Haaah You don’t have enough food Now listen, if you eat too much, you’ll become fat, you know …Hey! Wait! Don’t charge at me! Don’t tell me that I’m unpopular because I lack delicacy! I got it! I got it! I’ll bring you your food!”

――Come to think of it, what was a brave again No clue! I forgot about it!

Right now I’m in charge of the animals!


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