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Chapter 136: (Gossip) Brave Amato’s Adventures 2


Hero was obviously from the same place as me.

No, seeing how his face and hair color differed, he might be from a different nation.

The huge big robots with him, which looked like spiders at a glance, were spider-shaped, but he clearly used those as reference, didn’t he Also, the boards he used to travel the sea were definitely references from anime too.

I’m slightly jealous, but that cheat! I’ll get him to teach me how to make those by talking it over for a bit!



When I chatted him up after making up my mind, I almost got killed.

That was friggin’ scary!

――This world is kinda frightening.

Is it normal here for people to get killed on the spot

…But, when I talked to them, they were nice people.

It sounds like the other guy already caused trouble for them back at the capital.

…Just what the ** is that guy doing anyway I almost got killed because of his shenanigans!

Once I asked, the reincarnator was the kid with him and not Mr.

Hero! She seems to have an incredible cheat.

But figures.

I mean she built those awesome robots.



(T/N: Amato regards Indra as a boy here.

Build up for the reveal at the end of the arc.

I’m tired of that gag, so I’m scratching it.

An otherworldler wouldn’t be so prejudiced about boys having to be brawny anyway)

I immediately found out that it’d be impossible for me to imitate her when I asked about the details.

There was a difference in the amount of basic knowledge between us.

I know how to build a PC to some extent, but if I were to be told to build it from scratch, like even drawing up the parts for the motherboard… Even when it comes to cooking, it’s limited to me knowing how to make mayonnaise (though I never made it myself)…ah no, making it entirely out of the raw materials is a no go.

If it’s just the ingredients, I vaguely remember them, more or less.

However, she knew a lot.

Of course she also knew the correct recipe for making mayonnaise.

Apparently she even made soy sauce and miso.

According to her, she had some interest in fermented food, and thus investigated various foodstuffs and made them, driven by her curiosity.

Oof, that’s the kind of person you’d call a cheat protagonist, no

She explained she created fake butter, cheese, and white roux out of beans when she couldn’t get her hands on milk, all of it based on her knowledge on making lactose-free foodstuff.

…For me, that cheat is absolutely impossible.



When she made some of the dishes for me, I unintentionally broke out in tears.

…Just as she said, they had a somewhat different flavor.

But, so what These dishes tasted just like the food I ate before I came here.



Afterwards, Mr.

Hero told me that they’d shelter me at their base if I managed to get there by myself.

I immediately went along with that offer.


Rob would apparently come with me as well.


Hero had been kinda fed wrong information about the other world by Lady Indra (I added the title to express my respect).

Well, the things Lady Indra said weren’t wrong.

Yes, they weren’t wrong, but it’s nothing you’d tell people not from that world! When I told her that, Mr.

Hero asked me to provide him with the correct information.

…Certainly, spider-shaped, talking tanks didn’t exist in my world.

Though I just might not know about them.

Flying brooms…did they build something like that No, brooms don’t fly, I’m sure.

What flies are helicopters, airplanes, and drones.


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