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Chapter 133: Don’t Be so Fussy over that Part!

“Which reminds me, was flyin’ on brooms or some such a normal occurrence in the other world” Sword asked Mr.

Amato at our parting.


Rob blinked his eyes in surprise.


Amato lightly answered, “Ah, flying brooms You mean the ones in fairy-tales Or the courier service ones”

“Both,” I butted in.

“They were a common thing, right”

“”Right~”” Mr.

Amato and I playfully answered as fellow other world friends.

“…Wow, that other world is really incredible.

It’s got golems like the Ryokus, you can do whatever you want as long as you don’t kill, and people fly ’round on brooms, eh”

Ah, Sword’s image of the other world is completely twisted.

“No, not really Golems like the Ryokus are just owned by Public Security…I guess you can describe them as knight order…in other words, very few people.

Even people flying on brooms isn’t something you’ll see normally.

It’s more like a legendary means of transport.

Also, the part about anything goes as long as it doesn’t kill is the same here and over there, but in the case of the other world, you’d get caught by state officials.

Public order in the other world is much, much better, and no monsters wander the lands over there.

That’s why Mr.

Amato is unable to kill.

He lived in a world where it was unnecessary to kill.

I gave the toys to him for the sake of self-defense.

By the way, anything goes as long as it doesn’t kill is my own rule for the sake of surviving in this world, regardless of my otherworldly knowledge.”


“Lady Indra, in the first place, Ta-…oops, I gotta watch out…the Ryokus and flying brooms come from fantasy stories like anime.

They don’t exist in reality, even in the other world.”


As soon as Sword’s eyes became narrow, his iron claw lunged at me!!


“Now I’ve got it.

Amato, you teach me the common sense of the other world.

I was taught everything I know ’bout it by this girly here, but your explanation just now told me that it might actually all be bogus.

I’m gonna write a few lines down so that your travel goes smoothly.

Anyway, arrive safely, and then tell the folks at the mansion what’s common sense in the other world of all the stuff installed over there.”


Amato became flabbergasted.

By the way, Mr.

Rob had been staring at us vacantly for a while now.

It looked like he couldn’t keep up with the conversation.

Since Sword finally let go of my head, I caressed it.

“…It’s not that different, you know I built transport vehicles and bikes, but those are…a bit flashy, however it’s not like they don’t exist.

Even this existed in the other world, right” I held out my wrist to Mr.


“Ah! A smart watch!”

“This existed over there, didn’t it”

“Yes, it did, it did.

I didn’t own one myself though.

Did you also make a smartphone”

“No, I didn’t.

Smartphones require both hands to be operated.

We’re adventurers, so we must keep our hands free in case of attacks.”

“I see.

I really want a smartphone.

I made apps for smartphones, you see.”


I never created smartphone apps.

“If you have an idea, think it over on the way and pass it on once you arrive at our mansion.

So far as it goes, you were summoned as 『Brave』, so you gotta have some cheat specifications, no Even if you being a weakling can’t be helped, but if you throw you’ll hit what you wanted to hit, if you shoot you won’t miss, and as long as you’re fast at running away, you won’t die, right …Ah, come to think of it, here is a first-aid kit.

Just in case.” I handed him a kit.

“The healing potions are from this world.

But, take them only if you’ve got a serious injury.

Make do with the medicine for normal stuff.”

“Hee! So healing potions do exist after all.” He looked at it with curiosity twinkling in his eyes, and then stored the kit away.

Afterwards, he bid us farewell while waving a hand and walking away.

I’d like him to reach our place safely, but I’m not as kind as taking him all the way back there.

I mean, he’s a guy I met only today.

I’ll simply pray that he doesn’t become disheartened by the harshness of this world.



“Oi,” Sword called out to me with a scary voice just as I was brooding.

“What’s up”

“Did you truly teach me ’bout the other world properly!”

“Of course.

Sure, some things come out of fantasy stories, but the knowledge itself is correct.

I mean, the Ryokus exist in reality, don’t they That guy might not have known since he wasn’t that much of a fan, but I read an article about a fan building a Ryoku and putting it on exhibition! Putting the exterior aside, Char’s interior is like that of a tank…a carriage without horses used by the self-defense forces…folks similar to a knight order.

I told you that I rode a Bronko myself to begin with, didn’t I Even if it might not be typical, I’ve been building stuff based on proper knowledge!”

In the first place, what’s the idea with him doubting my information of the other world, despite not showing an ounce of interest in the structure of this world.

It’s not like he’ll ever be able to go there, even if he knows all about it.

And even if he managed to get here, he won’t be able to survive.

What’s he going to do as jobless, broke, homeless visitor with no passport in a world without magic elements

“What ’bout the flyin’ brooms”

“……” I averted my face.

…Just why is he fussing so much over the brooms Sure, I’ve never seen any myself! But, it’s still the way it should be! Yep! I’m 100% sure that some people riding brooms exist in a major country of Western Europe!

“Flyin’ brooms!”

He firmly grabbed my head.

Another iron claw!!!!

“Gyaaa! …I’ve never seen any, but I’m sure they exist! Definitely!”

“As if!”



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