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Chapter 132: I Encouraged a Brave!


After we finished dinner, Mr.

Amato and Mr.

Rob tried to leave, but Sword called out to them.

“If you guys got no place to go to, head over to our mansion.

――If your goin’ to be Indra’s manservant, that place will be perfect for you since its full of Indra worshipers.

Especially as a summoned person…as someone possessin’ the same knowledge as Indra, you might be able to capitalize on that.

If the folks back in the mansion hear ’bout it, they’ll probably welcome you with open arms.

If you stop bein’ a brave, my mansion will be safe for you since it’s basically like an extraterritorial enclave.

Even if someone tried to invade that place, it’s bein’ protected by several Ryokus, so I doubt it’ll be that easy to break in.”

I looked at Sword and then nodded, “You got a point.

I became like this through self-study, but Mr.

Amato, as you should have experienced similar to me in the other world, you might one day become able to do the same things.

It’s possible that you own knowledge I don’t, and if it’s our base, you’ll be able to do all kinds of stuff.

Since I think that this world is way too harsh on people who follow the same rules as in the other world, it’d be best for you to go there.

However, we can’t escort you there.

If you manage to reach our mansion safely, we’ll guarantee you the least amount of safety and daily necessities.”


Amato stiffened up, and then looked at Mr.



Rob returned the look.

After they stared at each other for a moment, Mr.

Rob nodded with a smile.

“We should take them up on it.

…Will you be as kind as giving me the same guarantee if I become your manservant as well”

“No, you don’t really need to become my manservant, you know I won’t mind as long as the other servants approve of you.

Sword and I are adventurers, so there will be times when we’re not at our base.

So, if anything, I’d make it dependent on you getting along with the servants.”

“Very well.


Amato, let us go there.

I am certain that you, as someone from another world, will be able to find things that make you feel at home over there.”


Amato fixed his eyes on Mr.

Rob, but he looked increasingly troubled.


I see.

You’re right.

But, I……to be honest, I can’t kill anything.

I came to this town because I thought that fish would be okay.”

“My strength falls behind you, but I have been chosen to accompany you as the brave.

I feel that I have a certain level of skill.”


I guess my feeling on Mr.

Amato being completely unsuited for deadly battles was spot on, just as I thought.

Well, in that case…

“Then I’ll lend you some toys.

You can give them back once you arrive at our base.

I’ll inform the maids of it.”

I took the toys out of my magic bag.

“Eh A water gun” Mr.

Amato asked something rude.

“It’s a stun gun! If you press the trigger, a magic electro bullet will be fired.

Since it only shrinks a target’s muscles and paralyzes them, you’ll be able to easily run away after shooting this.

On top of that, here you have pepper bombs as you’d call them in the other world.

If you throw them into the face of an enemy, it’ll blind them.

Don’t worry, it’s just going to hurt, but there won’t be any harm to them except for them writhing around for several days.”

“That clearly qualifies as harm, doesn’t it” Sword butted in, but I ignored him.

“Oohh! The standard equipment of any self-defense course!” Mr.

Amato was delighted.

For some reason, Mr.

Rob’s face cramped up, though.

“Just a sec, that’s scary **! Is it ‘nythin’ goes as long as you don’t kill in that other world of yours! Wouldn’t gettin’ killed be better than a pain where you writhe ’bout for several days” or some such, was Sword’s comment, but I didn’t hear anything.


Amato and I played deaf.



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