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Chapter 131: I Invited the Brave!

Going with the flow of the conversation, we invited them to the house we rented.

But, moments after Mr.

Amato went to the toilet, he rushed back.

“T-T-Toilet! T-The toilet flushes!!!”

No need to be so surprised about it.

“I’m a clean-freak.

As a former noble, you see.

I cannot tolerate a filthy toilet.”

Toilets were, for the most part, outside the houses.

Or to be precise, they were shared by the commune, but I hated that, so I built them in the garden.

Sli-rin was a very good boy since he started to go to the toilet and clean it up for us after usage at some point.

Sword didn’t like that at first, but because Sli-rin was such a nice boy, he stopped bickering before long.

And then I also caught him secretly feeding Sli-rin while saying, “Here, eat this as well.

Not just our waste.”

He’s really too much of a tsundere when it comes to monsters.

Especially when he considers them as cute in reality.

“But wait, Mr.

Amato, you also lived in the other world before, didn’t you Leaving aside whether we lived in the same place, but didn’t you feel disgusted by the smell and such when only hanging around people who don’t take baths or having to use dirty toilets”


Amato shook with a start.

“Well, hahaha… …I was a programmer, right Since I was a corporate slave, staying at the company for a week was pretty much the norm.

It was just normal for me to suddenly notice that I didn’t know when I had taken a bath last, and since all those around me were the same, I didn’t particularly mind the smell.

And given that I was born in the countryside, I was often taken along on mountain climbs and such, so I was okay with dirty toilets or doing my business outside, you see”

Seriously That’s a huge shock.

Sword laughed while stroking my head, “So it’s just you after all, huh …Indra’s desire for cleanliness is terrifyingly close to an illness.

When I took her along to an inn for average adventurers for the first time, she started cryin’ while tremblin’ all over.

All while tellin’ me that it’s dirty, narrow, and scary.”

“Eh You’d never be able to work as a programmer like that, no Reaching a level where you’d lay out a cardboard under your desk for sleeping and not minding mice and cockroaches racing about is the true challenge of a real corporate slave!”

No, it looks like my otherworld self wasn’t a corporate slave.

Though it seems like she used to be a system engineer.

She took the first train to work and went back on the last train.

When she continued to bring back home work even on her days off, she wrecked her health…is what I just remembered.

“Haven’t you overdone it a bit too much If you continued doing something like that, you’d die.”

“True, at first I thought I might have come to this world after dying.


Indra, does your reincarnation point at you having died over there”

I folded my arms, “I can’t remember that part.

But, I feel like I powerfully wished for something.”


Amato looked at me with an undecipherable expression, “…I see.

Maybe those are memories better left forgotten then.

Yep, it’s better to avoid dragging them out.”

Somehow he’s talking like he’s pitying me



At lunchtime I made a dish using the fish we bought on the way back.

“Holy **, that smells great! It makes me think that it’s going to be delicious for the first time since I’ve come to this world!”


Amato, can you cook as well”

“Reasonably well, I’d say.

Since I was only eating out when staying over at the company, it actually triggered a craving for homemade cooking in me, resulting in me making food myself.

But, when I came to this world, I realized that I could only do it because all seasonings, tools, and materials were easily obtainable back in the other world.”

Hmm, well, I guess that makes sense.

“Did you possibly recreate stuff like soy sauce or miso with your cheat as well”

“I’m sorry to say, but that’s impossible.

I made something similar to them, but…without [yeast plants] it’s difficult to reproduce them.

And the [yeast cells] used in the other world were mastered through the understanding of biotechnology after the techniques have been nurtured over a period of several hundred years.

Besides, if you use soil fungus, it stinks on top of being inedible.”

“For real …Ah, my dearly desired soy sauce…”

“I have something similar.

The taste is different though…”

I grew the enzymes which change proteins and carbohydrates into amino acid and glucose, and supplemented them with digestive fluids of worms, but if you use yeast cells, they release something like a characteristic aroma and the taste is different as well.

At present, I’m using the reproduction coming closest to it, but…

Anyway, I made lots of fish dishes for lunch! But I had to replace rice with bread.

“Argh, what a bummer!”


Amato apparently also thought that it’d have been great to have rice for this.

Once he exclaimed, two people looked at him with confusion written on their faces.

“According to our peddler friend, he seems to have found [rice], but he’s going to procure it on the way back to our mansion.”

“Is it okay for me to become your manservant, Lady Indra” He asked me in the next second.

Another manservant applicant…

“…I don’t mind, but you’ll need to make yourself useful, okay”

A brave as manservant…Mr.

Rob is shocked, you know


Amato put his hands together, and after saying, “Time to dig in,” he immediately placed the grated daikon on the grilled fish and started to eat.

………Then he cried.


……….Incredibly delicious after such a long time.

I’ve missed this so much…”

While he said all that, Mr.

Rob started to look like he didn’t know what to say, hanging his head.

I exchanged a look with Sword, and said, “…You like it”




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