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Chapter 130: You Shan’t Use anything Starting with Ta!

How great for them, was my impression while treating it as someone else’s problem as I met eyes with Sword.

“Okay, looks like everythin’ got resolved, then we’re…”

When Sword bid a farewell while keeping his words ambiguous, Mr.

Amato detained him, exclaiming in a hurry, “A-Ah! Not yet! There’s still more! Yeah!” and then he pointed at my Ryoku, “…That’s a Ta-”

“He’s Ryoku!” I interrupted him to prevent him from using that name.

“He’s a spider type multi leg combat golem equipped with an artificial intelligence!”

Ta-something is out! It mustn’t be used! But even so, Mr.

Amato grasped it anyway.

“Eh, so it’s just as I thought after all, huh Did you possibly build him while imitating those”

“Of course! I was a huge fan of the combat vehicles employed by Public Security Section 9! It went even as far as me worrying whether I should cancel my time deposit to buy the 1/8th-scale figurine!”

I carelessly went along with him, running my mouth as I pleased.

And yet, you shan’t use the Ta-word! The Ryokus are spider-shaped golems! They’re spider types, that’s why!! They have two arms, six legs, and three joints! Also, they got four eyes, lined up side-by-side.

Their eyes are black, round, and cute!

“Whoa, for real And then you built them, in this world! What cheat is that! Please teach me how to do it as well! I beg you!”

But, it looks like that was his main issue.

“That earlier too.

A jet board  No, since it can’t fly, I thought it might be a reef board, but dashing across the sea on a board…isn’t that almost like out of anime Maybe you also know how to show a status screen”

“Don’t be unreasonable.

If a status screen existed, this world definitely wouldn’t be real, don’t you think We’d be beings who would only perceive to be 『alive』 while actually being data.

That’d be the very definition of a digital world.

Then again, I could make 『something akin』 to a status screen, but the data shown wouldn’t be correct.

It’d display fake values.”

“…Well, now that you mention it, it does make sense…”

“By measuring kinetic vision and physical strength, calculating the magic elements inside a body, and recording chanted spells, I could draw the results up as a status screen.

But, all of those values would be quite apart from the real values owned by the people of this world.

Sword’s and my values shouldn’t be anything incredible, if you express them as numbers.

But Sword, you see, has his admired detection ability.

He’s a superman who can detect enemies while unable to see and hear anything, you know On top of that, he can perform a genuine seal! Apparently he’s done it in the past!”

“Eh! Seriously! I thought he’s a lamer who uses some chuuni-like show-off nickname, but it sounds like he’s totally incredible.” 1

Sword seemed to get deeply stabbed by Mr.

Amato’s words.

By now he was hunching.

“……It ain’t like I chose that nickname, ‘kay……”

He was getting emotionally hurt while not picking up any malice.

Circling a finger, he opened a hole in a nearby wall.

Stop! Learn how to moderate your own strength! Don’t damage the building! Besides, you obtained the respect of everyone, didn’t you Mr.

Amato and Mr.

Rob are staring at you with sparkling eyes, don’t you see




Translation Notes:

Last time I bypassed using chuunibyou, but this time the sentence is so full of JP net slang that I’d need to completely rephrase the thing, thus killing its tone I think.

If any of you got a better idea how to localize it without using a JP term while keeping a casual slangy way to phrase it, I’m open for suggestions.-

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