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Chapter 127: If anything, It’s a Wakeboard

I made a toy since we’d be fighting out on the sea.

Sword didn’t stop me either.

Far from it, he butted in.

“What you goin’ to make”

“I’ll build a board that slides across the water.

You can ride any kind of vehicle, and I won’t have any problems either.

I’ve added a spell to the Ryokus’s repertoire that allows them to float temporarily.

The Ryokus back at the mansion can’t do it yet, but I’ll treat it like an option.

As soon as we get back to the mansion, all of them will be able to use it.

Also, I’ll add ice magic as an option.

It’d be impossible to eat the target if we destroy it with explosion magic, and that would be a waste after I finally found it.”

Sword rolled his eyes at me.

For some reason.

“Whoa, your obstinacy with food is really incredible, to say the least.”


Why does he think we came to a port town

While planning a prototype, I groaned in worry.

“The speed regulation…if I install it near the hands, one hand will be occupied, won’t it”

“How ’bout puttin’ it at the feet”

“Oh! That’s a great idea.

I’ll take it.”

Deciding on the board’s size and shape as well as the location of the brakes and accelerator, I built a prototype, tried to get on it, further adjusted it, finally completed it, and built another one.

It looks like Sword has finally grasped the fun of building stuff, too.

“The excitement ’bout what your goin’ build next sure is nice, but it’s also fun to build it together,” he told me.

――Now then, since we’re done with this and that, let’s go defeat the octopus while testing out the boards at the same time.

When we stopped by the guild on the way, we were asked whether we wanted to rent a boat, but I shook my head.

“You’d be troubled if the boat got destroyed because of the battle, right”


“It’s no problem.

Indra built somethin’ amazin’, so no need,” Sword refused with a wave of his hand.



Once we went to the port with everyone, a crowd of people formed for one reason or another.

…They said they gathered after hearing the rumors.

I see, so basically, they’re bored.

“Okay, we’re off.”

I took out the boards and we leaped into the sea.

As soon as we stepped on the accelerator, the boards gained in speed.

It feels really great.

Yep, it rocks!

The Ryokus also jumped into the sea and started to race after us.

“Wai-! Aren’t those [jet boards], no [reef boards]! Or rather, those spiders look just like Ta-….” is what I could hear in the distance.

…Those terms…

“What’s wrong” Sword looked at me quizzically as I was pondering.

“Just now someone among the people watching us used words from the other world.”

Sword froze and then became unsteady.

“Hey! Stay focused!” I reprimanded him in a hurry.


Sword fixed his posture in a fluster.

“No, I’m also sorry for surprising you like that.

…Anyway, we can worry about that later.

We’re touring the sea at long last, so let’s enjoy ourselves.”

Sword pulled himself together.

“Your right, I s’pose.”

Once Sword tapped his foot, he leaped up like a jumping fish.

Just for your information, it’s no reef board, okay I don’t really know reef boards, but you regulate this one with your forefoot, kinda like a car.

Well, since it uses wind magic, it can also fly in the sky, though…



Oh, I spotted the octopus!


“Octopus, Octopus, so tasty! Octopus, deliciouuuuus!

If you fry them crispy, it’s going to be yummy fried octopuuuus~~!

If you add wasabi to it, it’s going to be takowasaaaa~~!”


Since it looks so delicious, I couldn’t help my hunger and started to sing.

The octopus apparently discovered us as well, seeing how it launched tentacle attacks at us.

The tentacles shot out of the sea accompanied by loud splashes.

But, we nimbly dodged all of them.

“Haha! This really rocks!”

Sword enjoyed it the most, playing around while having a blast.

“Sword, the legs are super tasty, so don’t cut them off!”

“Whoa, you just raised the bar by a lot! As usual!”

Just don’t pick the option of lopping them off after you’ve been dodging them tentacle attacks.

For a while, we played around by evading all its attacks.

Sword kept delivering small slashes against the octopus, but his attacks lacked fatality, and thus they didn’t manage to kill the octopus.

“Do you know of its weak point!” Sword shouted, apparently having grown tired of this game.

“Between the eyes!”

If I remember correctly, they’re being killed by stabbing them between the eyes in fish tanks.

After hearing my answer, Sword jumped.


When he skewered it with his sword, I applauded.

Then I froze it with ice magic, and we headed back to the shore with the octopus in tow.

It looks its eyeballs, suction pads, and ink sac count as materials, but either way, it won’t serve as any proof for the request if we don’t bring it first.



Once we landed, people were still waiting at the port, kicking up a fuss.

I jumped off the board, and went ashore while carrying the board.

Immediately following, the crowd broke out in cheers.

Sword did the same.

Well, there was no other means to get back on land, so yeah.

The Ryokus also jumped and landed in the port.

Just as I wondered what we should do next, the guildmaster rushed over to us.

“Nothing less of 【Thunderclap Whitefang】.

That was quick.”

“Allrounders!!” Sword corrected him.

“We don’t need the suction pads, but we’ve already cut off all the lower legs, so we’re going to take them.

Moreover, I want the magic stone as well.”

“…Your really goin’ to eat it”

“Yeah, all of it is edible…supposedly, but the octopus is quite big.

The tentacles are the tasty part, I’d say.

But, since the root is too big, we’ll settle for the tips.”

“…I see.”

Somehow he’s looking at me with eyes full of disbelief, but octopuses are delicious, you know”

“Whoa, it’s frozen solid.”

“What we gonna do with this”

“If you leave it like that, it’ll melt sooner or later.

You can give it time till tomorrow, I’d say.”

After telling them so, I entrusted the rest to them.

Now then, I got my hands on an octopus, but I’d like to procure other ingredients, too.

The highest priority would be seaweed, but I wonder whether they have that

…As I walked while pondering about that, I noticed us being tailed.

Sword had already noticed, asking, “What are we goin’ to do ’bout it”

“Let’s see.

I’d like to try having a talk with them.

Can you sense any malice from them”

“No, not at all.”

“In that case, the other side probably wants to have a chat as well.”

We entered a random alley, and ambushed them once they came along.


Apparently they realized that they had been ambushed.

They froze on the spot.

I also realized at a glance.

This guy is…

“Your…a brave, aren’t you” Sword kicked off the conversation.


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