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Chapter 124: Farewell, Royal Capital!

“Thanks for today, ‘kay” Sword told me once more.

“Don’t mind it.

I did it because I wanted to.

But, are you really okay”

At once, depression washed over his face, “Well…… Let me tell you what happened, for starters.”

He concisely recounted all that had pertained during his visit at the palace.

“Hmmm, I see.

I don’t particularly mind looking at it, if it’s just that, but I won’t do it for free.

That much is sure.”

“Whoa, you’d demand cash from the king”

“Of course.

Why would I need to slave away for him It doesn’t have to be money in particular, but I definitely won’t move a finger as long as he doesn’t fork over some kind of reward.”

“Ah yeah, that totally sounds like you.”

“Everyone would demand as much! Even Mr.

Official actively offered us to stay over here because I gave him our leftovers as thanks, you know!”

Sword clapped his hands together, “Now that you mention it, your right.”

Oh well, let’s shelve this issue for the moment.

“If I run into the brave, I’ll torture him, given the state of the building, and the rumors and stories I’ve heard about him.”

“That’s no problem.

I also told ’em, 『She might kill him if she meets him, ‘kay So please take care of the rest afterwards』.”

Yaaay! Then I can go all out without any hesitation whatsoever!

“But, torture would be kinda pitiful, so could you kill him on the spot”

So he’s telling me killing him is alright, but torture is a no-no.



On the next day, after bidding farewell from Mr.

Official, we decided to depart.

In the first place, I’d wrapped up most things until yesterday (including a visit to Sir Dungeon Core and the spirit world dweller to tell them that I might leave the country after annihilating the royal castle out of annoyance).

Well we didn’t bid proper farewell from the folks who drank with us yesterday, but I unloaded all their grudges and hate on the brave by curtly telling them, “Well, that’s the life of adventurers.

Farewell! All of it is the brave’s fault!”, before leaving the capital.

Still, I kinda wanted to meet that brave for a bit, but…I’m with Sword right now.

It’d be quite heartless of me to cause Sword, who accumulated quite a bit of stress yesterday, even more stress.

If I’d been alone, I’d have gladly taken on the brave, though.

…Or rather, by all rights and means I should have normally encountered him, right If I hadn’t come up with the idea of holding a welcome-back party for Sword and rushed out of our rented house…

How to describe it… I definitely have no luck with trouble.

It looks like I don’t possess even the slightest disposition to get rolled up in trouble.

Damn! So I’m the type who can never become the heroine! Disaster keeps avoiding me! Why! Just come at me!!

“What’s wrong” Sword asked just as I was immersed in my thoughts.

“Mmh…I was just wondering why I missed the brave yesterday although I should have met him under normal circumstances.”

After rolling his eyes at me, Sword became super expressionless!

“I know, I know, I’ll refrain from doing anything that would tire you out even more than you already are.” I held back Sword with my hand.

“Oh, really.

Thanks for bein’ so considerate then,” answered Sword in monotone, but then he suddenly relaxed his expression, and chuckled, “…But yeah, even though your always tryin’ to draw trouble upon yourself, it keeps stayin’ clear from you, doesn’t it Now that I think ’bout it, you might be a rather unlucky fellow.”









“……You’re not wrong about that.

I mean, all the standard events that would definitely involve any protagonist completely evade me.

Why is that so”

“Because of your usual antics, I’d say,” he retorted instantly.

But, what does he mean by that

“My usual, good conduct keeps trouble away”

“No, you idiot.

Since your always talkin’ gleefully ’bout how you’d torture ‘nyone messin’ with you, that kind of trouble steers clear from you, idiot.

No one in their right mind wanna make such a painful experience, idiot.”

He called me idiot, over and over again~


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