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Chapter 122: I Opened a Stall!


According to Ryoku’s information, Sword had tons of insults hurled at him – as expected – then had a friendly chat in a private room with the king, and when he eventually tried to leave so as to cover for me, he clashed with the knight leader and came back here after being rescued by the Ryokus.

“You’re really good boys.

Well done, you two.”

“”Yaaay, we got praised!””

The rejoicing Ryokus are sooo cute.

My nose almost started to bleed.

As everyone else apparently considered them adorable as well, they continuously approached them for a talk.

Given that their way of talking had evolved into lovely, fluent speech instead of the previous stiff and mechanical one, it made them even more popular.

I mostly handled the bills (a stall isn’t for free, so it’s only natural), but also made new food whenever we ran out or helped out when we were short of hands.

The majority of those helping me were the shop owners who I had often visited for my shopping.

Just when I thought that I needed to pay them wages, they told me that they were helping while drinking and eating themselves in exchange.

I love that kind of attitude! It’s kinda like a cultural festival at senior high or a festival in a small rural shopping district, isn’t it




……And then today’s guest of honor approached me.

“Yooo! Indra, your gooooin’ to drink!”

…What Is he drunk Isn’t he unusually cheerful

“There’s no way I’d do that, is there Drinking alcohol before the age of twenty has a bad influence on one’s growth,” I replied with a serious expression.

In response, Sword became serious as well, looked at my chest, looked at my face, and then blurted out, “Aren’t you unreasonable there”


“Youuuuuuu!! Come on, tell me, what exactly is unreasonable! Hurry, give it your best shot!!” I grabbed his collar, shaking him violently.

“Stop, stop! I give up! I’m goin’ to barf any moment!”

I stopped.

“Ah, it had such a gentle taste, but that’s also why I downed ’em bottles.”

I sighed, “Just for today it’s fine even if you drink too much.

But make sure to drink your medicine, okay”

“I know, I know.”

Is he really alright I mean he’s obviously reeling.

Since the Ryokus started to sing in the middle of the party, I joined them, and things got really lively.

“Sword, you sing as well!”

Hearing my order, the drunkard began to sing as well, heating up the party even more.




…….Things got very exciting, but since it soon became dark, we broke up the party.

We collected the trash in one spot and left it there.

It looks like garbage collection is a job around here.

My helpers left after telling us that they had a blast and that it was very educational for them.

I had them take the leftovers with them as souvenirs.

We also took the stall apart, so I guess it’s about time to go back, huh

“Good work.”

When I looked back, Sword stood right behind me.


…You got nicely drunk, didn’t you It’d be better to drink some water, you know”

“I did so earlier.

Together with the medicine.”

That’s great to hear.

….Sword stroked my head repeatedly.

“I’m really thankful, ‘kay”


“………This much is only normal.”

“I see.”

“………Did you enjoy yourself”


I see.

Then it’s fine.




When I returned to our house while holding hands with Sword…












Only rubble was left of it.


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