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Chapter 121: Number One for Me (Sword’s Point of View)


After lookin’ at the faces of Arkhide and Shadow for a while, I turned my face away.

“…Then it’d have been better if you’d simply come clean on that,” I sighed.

“Do you really believe that she’ll readily agree to help you after you took such an attitude with her You think a person, who can use divine magic, would simply obey after havin’ been treated as inferior by a mere human Wouldn’t that be equal to makin’ a god do your biddin’”

The two froze.

“I’ll tell you once more: I’m Indra’s ally.

Don’t try to use me, ‘kay I’ve got no plans to shackle her down.

Then I’d rather break that magic circle of yours, blow up the capital, and leave this country for good with her.

For me, she’s my number one priority.”

Sayin’ just that, I got up from my chair.

“Bye bye.

Don’t call me ‘nymore.

I’m an adventurer while you guys are the boss of a evil den with the name royal court and his right-hand henchman.

Since the old days, both of us had different roles to play.

I’ll gladly take the information ’bout the brave along.

You should tell him that he might end up dead in the worst case, in case we run into him.

Take the wine over there as payment for today.”

Once I opened the door, I ran into the knight leader.

“We’re done talkin’ so I’m leavin’.”


He ain’t feelin’ like movin’ outta the way

With a cheerful smile, I slipped past the knight leader as he stared at me with what you could call a glare.

“Sorry to say, but someone like you is no threat to me whatsoever.

You won’t be much of a roadblock either.

You gotta train yourself a lot more, ‘kay”

Once I started to walk away with a wave of my hand, that idiot loudly ordered, “Arrest him!”

…Come on, man.

You gonna treat me like a criminal

“You sure got guts to treat me like some lawbreaker after havin’ called me over on your own accord.

Well, that’s also the reason why I didn’t wanna come to a **hole like this, though… Rather, it was totally correct that you didn’t summon Indra.

In her case, she’d be gleefully tearing your skin off ’bout now.”

Just as I clicked my tongue and was about to get ready for going on a lil’ rampage, the king ordered, “Knight Leader, step back!”


“Haven’t you heard my order …Shadow.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

“No, I did not intend to defy you by any means!”

Some horseplay has apparently started behind me, but I don’t give a damn.

But, when I remembered, thinkin’ Oh, **!, the wall got blown away.

I slapped my forehead.

But, I s’pose it can’t be helped.


Sword, is it an emergency”

“Yes, because of what you’ve done,” I spat out with a sigh, “Well, whatever.

Let’s go back together then.”


I jumped on one of the Ryokus which had shown up.

Or rather, why are there two of ’em here Did Indra send ’em over to stand guard

“Goodbye! If you don’t want your castle t’be destroyed any further, don’t call us ‘nymore!”

After I waved a hand while biddin’ farewell to the folks starin’ at us flabbergasted, the Ryokus went outside.

They shot something similar to a rope from their hands, continuously hoppin’ ’round between roofs and walls.

“Haha! That’s damn incredible!”

“Is it more amazing than Bronko”

“…Ah, so you’ve heard me after all, eh”

“I did.

Sword, you were such a meanie!”

They repeatedly chanted, “Meanie, meanie!”

Okay, these guys are already livin’ beings.

No doubt ’bout it.



The Ryokus brought me to a place with a crowd of people who seemed to be awfully excited.

“Oh, you’re back!”

When I got suspicious of the whole situation, someone called out to me.

…Umm, what are they doin’

Just as I wondered ’bout that, the crowd split and Indra came over to greet me.

“Ah, did everything work out …Or not.

You coming here on Ryoku means that you ran into some kind of trouble, huh”

Whoa, she’s a sharp one.

The Ryokus headed over to Indra, causin’ her to stroke ’em.


Sword, state of emergency.”

“It’s because you blew away a part of the wall.

…Well, not like it matters, though.

It allowed me to see ’em lookin’ dumb and the folks of the knight order will likely receive a severe scoldin’ for the wall havin’ been broken through.

But, rather than that…what’s goin’ on with the uproar over here”

I scanned the surroundings after retortin’ at Ryoku’s claim.

It’s turned into somethin’ like the festival of a small village, kinda

“I imagined that you’d return after being mentally worn out from getting showered with sarcasm and malice by the devilish nobles over at the palace, so I made a stall together with everyone to reward you for getting through the ordeal!”

The crowd cheered loudly.

…Wait, aren’t they already drunk

“You’re overdoing the good boy act way too much.

There’s like no reason for you to silently listen and obey to what they tell you, is there Come on, everyone.

You tell him as well!”

“Now, now, I also think that 【Thundercla…ah, no, Mr.

Sword is a bit too inflexible, but either way, let’s drink!”

“You did well to return from such a dreadful nest of snakes like the royal palace.

Here, eat some.”


“Haha!” I burst into laughter.

…Seriously, my partner is an idiot, cheerful…and a gentle girl.

“Alright! I’m totally pooped after havin’ to deal with that super formal place, and I got flooded with plenty of sarcasm and insults too! Shit! They even treated me like a criminal despite havin’ called me over from their side in the first place! I’ll drink plenty and forget all ’bout the nasty stuff!!”


After loudly shoutin’ out my complaints, I toasted with everyone.


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