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Chapter 115: The Messenger from the Palace Visited once more (I Don’t Mind Going)!

Once again we were visited by someone from the palace.

“Hmm, looks like we have no other choice but to use force to get our point across!”

When I threw my arms in the air full of motivation, Sword and the palace’s messenger stopped me in a hurry.

“I’m an unofficial messenger.”


“…You showin’ up means there’s somethin’ cookin’, huh”

Hmm Is the messenger an acquaintance of Sword

“It is a pleasure to meet you who has become Sword’s partner.

My name is Shadow.

I am His Majesty’s aide, and as such I have been entrusted by His Majesty to lead the discussions whenever it concerns informal matters.”

“My name is Indra.

I am also pleased to make your acquaintance.”

Given that he greeted me in line with a male noble’s etiquette, I answered in kind.

But then he laughed at me, “You are following a male noble’s etiquette despite being a woman”

“Following a noble woman’s etiquette doesn’t suit the occasion if you don’t wear a dress.

The difference between men and women is to be found in how differently they dress.

Hence, it makes more sense for me to use etiquette fitting my current outfit, don’t you think”

The messenger chuckled, “You are quite right.

Very well, then please allow me to insist on you wearing a dress while exhibiting manners that befit a female noble when visiting the palace.”

“After my maids made such a great effort to tailor a dress for me, I couldn’t bring myself to sully it when the palace goes up in flames.

Thus I have to disappoint you here.”

Because Sword sighed deeply, I tilted my head while asking, “What’s wrong”

“I just thought that I truly respect you for that blunt frankness of yours.”


The messenger froze for a moment, but immediately recovered his smile.

As expected, he must be a high-ranking noble.

“Nothing of that sort is going to happen, so please do not worry.”

“Whether it happens or not entirely depends on my mood.

If I fancy annihilating it, the palace will vanish, no matter how you struggle.

Between us both, I believe it is you who should worry.”

Finally, the messenger’s smile froze entirely.

“…That’s why I told you over n’ over ‘gain, didn’t I Since everything’s like that with her, it’s impossible to bring her to the palace.

Doin’ so would inevitably lead to a war with the knight order with the outcome bein’ heaps of corpses strewn all over.”

“I don’t mind going.

Your repeated intrusion here is starting to grate my nerves.

So I’ll go to that palace of yours and make sure that you’ll wish that I never visit again.

While at it, I’ll carve it into your body so that you won’t ever be able to think of anything else.”

The messenger started to lightly tremble.

“Hmm What’s wrong Did you suddenly start feeling cold”

“Thanks to your agitation skills, even this arrogant guy has become unable to rein in his violent rage.”

I didn’t say anything that drastic, though.

“…Are you saying all of this seriously” He mustered his voice to ask.

“Of course.

Or did it sound like a joke to you I’m not fond of joking around.

Lip service doesn’t work on me either!”

“Ah, so that’s why your takin’ everythin’ at face value”

Sword apparently realized only now after all this time.

“Listen, dude, you should also take everything at face value without trying to read the intent and meaning behind other people’s words or picking up on their ill intent each and every single time! Just work with what people tell you! I mean, even if you try to read between the lines, people will obviously shrug it away, saying, I’ve never said anything like that.

So you might as well accept their words at face value since everything else is too much of a hassle anyway!”

“I’ll do just that from now on.”


After getting Sword to agree, I faced the messenger, whose anger had apparently gained in intensity, once more, telling him, “That’s what you want from me as well, right And I’ll gladly answer your expectations.

Sorry, but I don’t approve of anyone being above me.

The only person I recognized as strong is Sword.

But, Sword is my ally.

Therefore, no matter what you might say or do while deluding yourself that you’re standing above me, for me your threat level is equivalent to that of ants…wait, ants are huge and dangerous in this world, aren’t they Then…yes, slimes…your threatening is like that of slimes!”

…Hmm Slimes can be a considerable threat as well, right Moreover, they’re useful.

…Oh well, whatever.

It was a bit disorganized, but I think I got my point across.

“…I see.

Pride and insolence going far beyond any expectations.

So this is your partner, 【Thunderclap Whitefang】”


This is my partner, and we’re 【Allrounders】.

The next time dragons or demons appear, they won’t pose a threat ‘nymore.

This girl can kill ’em in an instant.” Sword took one step forward to cover for me.

“Hehehe…I see.

Certainly, right now you are the 【Patriotic Hero】, but that can also change completely into 【Evil of the World】, can’t it”

Sword narrowed his eyes.

Sheesh, did he pick up malice again


That could very well happen,” I agreed, causing both to look at me.

Apparently not having expected to receive a confirmation here, the messenger guy’s face turned slightly pale.

“Just like Sword had repelled a dragon on a whim, I could massacre all humans in this world when I feet like it.

If you believe that I’m just talking big here, try me.

I’ll prove it to you by eradicating the palace, leaving only you behind.

And then I’ll tell you, 「How about this Did you watch it It wasn’t just talk, was it」!” My mood soared when I got going with my speech.

“…Okay, now I’ve warmed up to the idea! Come on, try me! Hurry! Say it! Well, I guess it’s fine even without you saying anything! Alright, I’ll step out for a bit and slaughter…gyaaa!”

An iron claw!!

“Lettin’ you guys meet was a slightly bad idea.

It’s dangerous to mix two strong poisons.

―This girl here’s an extreme sadist who loves torture and such, so it’ll trigger crazy ** to let her meet a tricky sadist like you.

I beg you, could you go back now Otherwise, this girl’s goin’ to follow through on her words, seriously.”

The messenger guy stared at me as I was complaining, came to his senses, relaxed a bit, and loosened the clothes around his neck.

“…I am terribly sorry for having made a statement that invited a misunderstanding.

Of course I do not dare to think that your words, Lady Indra, Sir Sword, were nothing but bragging, so please forgive me.”

Sword finally let go of me.

My head is tingling~

“…You sure I don’t particularly mind you taking it as me bragging, you know That way it’d be a lot more interesting.”

“No, that has not been my intent in the slightest.”

“…I see.”

How boring~

I’ve accumulated some stress again, so maybe I should visit Sir Dungeon Core for a bit Maybe that spirit world dweller will let me play with him for a bit

“You head into the dungeon and get that demon to entertain you.

That guy’s goin’ to revive no matter how often you destroy him.

Since I doubt that he feels any pain, he can take care of you,” said Sword.

“You’re right, I guess.

Or maybe it’d be fun to meet with Sir Dungeon Core and create dungeon floors that are more brutal and heinous.

Wouldn’t it be great if we made something amazing that would be impossible to clear even for me, unless I cheat”


Both silently looked at me with scary smiles.

“…Say, if I went there, I’d probably die, right”

“It’s okay! If it’s you, it’ll be a walk in the pa…gyaaa!”

Another iron claw!!

“Hey! Give it a rest with constantly overestimatin’ me! I’m a normal human! I’ll die when hit by magma, I’ll die when just one of my feet sinks into a deadly, poisonous swamp! Had I been alone, I’d have died on the last part the instant I entered! Come on, understand it, will you!”

“I-I got it! I’ll make sure that you won’t di-gyaaa!”

The claw’s pressure went up by a notch.

“Your obviously not gettin’ a thing!”

Sword snapped totally for a change.



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