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Chapter 114: A Messenger from the Royal Palace Visited (I Won’t Go)!

After sorting the loot we obtained in the dungeon, we sold off the unnecessary items (together with Sword’s junk).

As we were waiting for the guild’s appraisal, a messenger from the royal palace arrived.

Sword became terribly worried, firmly resolving himself to go to the meeting himself.

“…I’m scared imaginin’ what you, as someone who doesn’t kneel to anyone, would do in front of the king, so I won’t take you with me.”

Or so he said.

“Oh I’m sure the people will live on without much of a problem even if the palace perishes, you know”

“Seriously, please don’t.

The king isn’t such a bad man,” remarked the master at sensing evil intent.

Hmm Can good people actually survive kingship Oh, right! If the people around him are evil, it should work, I guess.



Even after Sword went himself, it turned into an argument.

If it’d end up like this anyway, we might as well have gone together.

No helping it.

Time for me to make an appearance.

“What are you arguing about so loudly”

Spotting my approach, Sword sighed.

“As you can see, she’s a kid.

Moreover an insolent and arrogant kid.

It’s impossible.

I mean, I’m a rude fellow as well.

But, if things go south, it’ll turn into a battle between us and the knight order.”

I immediately objected, “Don’t worry.

It won’t be much of a battle.

With your and my powers, we’ll transform the palace into ash in the blink of an eye.”

Sword slapped his forehead.

“As for the survivors, hmm, let’s see…oh, how about we toss them into the last area of the dungeon No normal person will be able to endure that place.

But if they persist, allowing them to see that spirit world dweller down there, it’ll mean they got some promise and as such they’ll serve as a great way for the spirit world dweller to stave off some boredom.

And even if they cause some kind of issue, Sir Dungeon Core can slaughter them all in an instant, I’m sure.”

Just as I finished commenting in a good mood, Sword’s fist came down on me.


“…She’s someone who would carefreely yap ’bout all that in the palace, and on top of that, in front of the king without givin’ a damn.

Are you sure you want me to take her with me By the way, what she said just now wasn’t a joke.

She’s also got the strength to put it into practice.

She’ll be a lot more troublesome to handle than the demon and dragon who attacked the capital in the past.

――Even if those two were to come ’round ‘gain, I’ll win.

But, I can’t even imagine me winnin’ against his one here.”

And so the messenger went back after casting a glare at Sword and me.

“If they still try to push their will through, it’d be better to just march into the palace and slaughter everyone, no Let’s go to the demon country next after bidding farewell to Sir Dungeon Core over here! We could also take everyone from the mansion with us.

I’m going to build a large Char with all the materials we obtained in the last dungeon run, so it won’t be such a bad idea to go on a journey with everyone, right”

Kinda like a wandering circus troupe.

Just when I started to wonder why Sword was looking at me expressionlessly, he broke into a broad smile.

And then he caressed my head.

“Your right, that’s a nice idea.”

Looking at his face, I thought that my beauty products were obviously showing effect.

He’s started to look much younger again.

His skin has recovered and improved visibly.

His current face looks like that of a slightly older boy!

“Mmh What’s up”

“Your face right now looks like that of an 18-years-old.

So I got happy over seeing how my beauty products are showing effect.”

“…I see,” said Sword with a laugh.

“Down to eighteen from forty in one breath, eh I kinda feel like that might be a bit too much rejuvenation, but well, it ain’t ‘nythin’ bad either, so why not.”

I mean, regardless of gender, it’s always better to look young.

Also, there’s a big difference between growing old properly and looking old because of a bad lifestyle.


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