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Chapter 112: Let Bygones Be Bygones (Sword’s Point of View)

“Ah, you see, I’ve become C-Rank with my current party!”

Karen mentioned cheerfully, getting our talk back on track in an obvious attempt to expel the awkward atmosphere.

“Hoh, then you’ve cleared the dungeon exam, huh”

“Yep! …Well, I’m still no match for you who cleared the capital’s dungeon, am I Hehe,” she smiled wryly.

“For me alone it’d have been impossible.

Especially the last part.

I’d have never managed if not for Indra.”

Karen looked surprised, “…Is that kid strong”

“If we fought, she’d win, so yeah.”

She stared at me, speechless.

“She’s above me in swordsmanship and magic.

On top of that, she can build magic tools.

A genuine 【Allrounder】, I’d say.

…But even a genius like her said that I can do stuff she can’t, you know That’s why we can support each other.

I can do the stuff she desires.

For this reason, I’m the ideal partner for her.”

Of course, she’s the ideal partner for me as well.

She’s quite the diligent busybody, so I’ll do my best to let her enjoy her care-taking.

I’ll enjoy all the food and booze she makes, and I’ll gleefully play with the toys she creates.

I’ll even happily wear the clothes made out of bugs because they’re made by her.

Yep, that’ll definitely round up our relationship perfectly!

A hollow laugh escaped Karen’s lips, “…Somehow, it all sounds like you’re speaking fondly of a lover.”

“No, we don’t have such a relationship.”

She’s a woman, but her body is awfully close to that of a guy.

She’s yappin’ ’bout havin’ small breasts, but in reality she’s as flat as a board.

There’s no bulgin’ to be found there.

None at all.

Can’t think of her as ‘nythin’ but a guy who’s missin’ somethin’ below.

“I know.

…The rumors are saying that 【Thunderclap Whitefang】 has woken up to homosexuality, though.

Haven’t you heard” She laughed impishly.

Such rumors were circulatin’ Still, that’s fine, but…no, it ain’t fine at all.

It’d be a major pain in the ass if guys started to make passes at me as well.

“I don’t have any interest in men or women.

…Or rather, well, I guess your right… No matter how you look at her, she sure doesn’t look like a woman…”


“No, Indra is a woman, you see.

She totally looks like a guy for sure, but she’s a woman.”


Karen’s face became gloomy again.

I held her back with a hand.

“No, don’t say it.

I mean, she’s started to worry ’bout it as well, apparently.

She’s been goin’ on about havin’ some chest and legs bein’ the match winner, but I think only idiots would fancy a brats’ legs.

Still, since it seems to weigh on her mind, I’ve decided to not mention ‘nythin’.”

She herself believes that she’s sexy, but the word sex appeal is completely lost on her.

No, it’s even worse.

Her total lack of any sexiness is actually pitiable.

“A-Ahahaha…what, so she was a girl…”

“It’s easier to assume the opposite.

Even though she’s insistin’ on bein’ a woman, everyone thinks of her as a man, so I can associate with her without any romantic feelings bein’ involved.”

“Oh! So that’s how it is!”

Suddenly her voice bounced and got lively again.

However, then I suddenly noticed and, while scratchin’ my head, I said, “…Sorry.

I’ve been only talkin’ ’bout me all this time.

How are things on your end Have you been long in your current party”

“Huh Ah, yeah.

Let’s see, I think you could call it long…,” answered Karen evasively.

…Are things not going smoothly for her But if she’s C-Rank now, it shouldn’t be that bad, I think.

If you consider her age, she’s a bit of a late bloomer, but on the other hand, if she managed to reach C-Rank at her age, it means she’s in a stable party.

“Things aren’t bad now that your a C-Rank, are they It’s proof of a stable party.

…I also understood for the first time after formin’ a party.

It’s fun and gives you a peace of mind if you complete requests and dungeons while supportin’ and bein’ supported by your peers!”

“……Mmh, that’s true.”


I was finally able to experience it personally and that made me quite happy.


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