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Chapter 110: Old Friend (Sword’s Point of View)

She told me that she wanted to have a chat since it’s been a long time, and I had no reason to refuse.

Well, in the past I’d have probably turned her down, tellin’ her that we’ve got nothin’ to talk ’bout.

…But, if it’s 『now』, I’ve got no problem with it.




Still, I gotta admit, it’s fun to be with Indra.


That girl’s instigation skill is nothin’ to scoff at, but she’s capable of ignorin’ malice, and goes even as far as usin’ it against ‘anyone givin’ her beef.

I, on the other hand, am very sensitive to ill intent, and immediately end up becomin’ servile, don’t I Then again, I’ve been definitely called a successful person, and in fact, I’m 『now』 succeedin’.

Bein’ on the receivin’ end of jealousy would be no wonder, 『now』 that is.

I mean, 『now』 I have a Ryoku, Char, and Bronko.

On top of that, I’ve got a cool watch and glasses with incredible functions.

Moreover, a sword that cuts through everythin’ and even ranged weapons capable of penetratin’ ‘nythin’.

And as if to round it all up, I’ve acquired stacks of gold coins through the auction, and possess booze that cannot be bought with money.

It really wouldn’t be odd for me to draw envy.



I put on the clothes Indra had made for me and went out.

Once I bought cloth woven out of bug threads, that bug-lovin’ girl leaped in joy, immediately sewin’ all kinds of stuff.

One of her creations was a shirt for me.

…Sure, it does feel nice on the skin.

In addition, she also made a jacket and pants, both tight and stylish, for me.

The pants were affixed to the waist with a button instead of a string.

The entire outfit is similar to a noble’s attire, but it’s much easier to move in.

Because she also added pockets at various places, it’s possible to walk ’round empty-handed.

——Seriously, if not for her bug obsession, all the stuff she’s sewn is really awesome.

But, why is she so particular ’bout bugs

Man, I’m reeeally glad she didn’t turn Bronko into a locust.




As I thought ’bout all that while walkin’, I arrived at our meetin’ place.

It looked like Karen just got here, too.


She sure has grown old.

Well, I’m no exception to that, though.

If you get used to Indra’s youthful, smooth and springy skin…ah, yep, let’s not go there.

Once I get back, I’ll carefully apply Indra’s direct application pack or whatever it’s called.

She’s grown old, but she’s also become taller.

Indra probably wants to grow as tall as her.

Her chest also became somewhat bigger, it seems.


What’s going on Am I bein’ influenced by Indra

Given that thoughts teemin’ with the stench of an old lecher started to pop up in my mind, I stopped thinkin’ altogether.

“Right on time, huh”


…As always, you’re a punctual man.”

Hmm Was I always like that I didn’t carry a clock for most of my life, so I couldn’t have determined whether I was on time or not, kinda




We went to the pub Karen had recommended.

It was certainly a dim and cozy place, apparently frequented by many couples, so I was grateful to her as I wouldn’t draw any attention to myself.

I ordered ale.

…Ah, I had an urge to pay for the ale, sayin’ that it’d be my treat.

But, the last time I did that, I was told that I’m treatin’ people with the money I got for turnin’ folks into debt slaves.

That’s why I’m not doin’ it ‘nymore.

Still, if it’s ’round this much, it should be no problem.

When the waitress brought the ale over, Karen tried to pick up the glass, but I stopped her and chanted in a whisper.


The glass froze over, coolin’ the ale down.

“It tastes better when cool.

Recently I’ve gotten really hooked on that, y’see.”

After being confused for a moment, Karen laughed and said, “Using offensive magic in such a way is so like you.”

But, it ain’t my idea.

After all, I ain’t lackin’ common sense.



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